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TOYOTA: Car slump overshadows record-high November light-truck sales

Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. posted a 0.6 percent decline in November from the year-earlier month to 190,423 vehicles, despite record-high November light-truck sales.

Toyota brand sales slid 0.3 percent to 163,977, although light trucks including the RAV4 compact crossover and Tacoma midsize pickup achieved double-digit gains.

Lexus sales dropped 2.5 percent to 26,446 as growing sales of the NX and RX crossovers failed to offset plunging car sales.

Brands: Toyota down 0.3%, Lexus down 2.5%

Notable nameplates: Toyota Camry down 30%, Toyota Corolla up 9.4%, Toyota RAV4 up 23%, Toyota Highlander up 5.6%, Toyota Tacoma up 22%, Lexus NX up 4%, Lexus RX up 1.4%, Lexus LS up 152%, Lexus ES up 8%

Incentives: $2,565 per vehicle, down 7.9% from a year earlier, ALG says

Average transaction price: $32,432, down 0.1% from a year earlier, according to ALG

Did you know? Four Toyota light trucks posted best-ever November sales: RAV4, C-HR, 4Runner, Tacoma

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