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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 25


I’m a handgun owner living in the city of Toronto. Recently it was stated that a nationwide gun buy-back would cost between $1-$2 billion. Thing is, I don’t ever remember anyone asking me if my guns were for sale. I can assure PM Trudeau and Mayor Tory that they are not. From my cold dead hands!

Thomas Dodson

North York

(We don’t have a second amendment right in Canada, but legal gun ownership is still just that – legal. If politicians really want to make a difference, then advocate for sentence reform and harsher penalties)


Re “Maxime Bernier tells party faithful he will make it into leaders’ debates” (The Canadian Press, Aug. 18): Mad Max is absolutely right when he says, “While the other parties look at polls and focus groups to decide what they stand for, and pander to every special interest group, we follow our principles.” Some say that a vote for the PPC is a vote for Trudeau, but I don’t want Scheer any more than I want the Boy Blunder, and the fight-back against the pair of them has to start now.

Jeff Goodall


(Bernier should be heard from so Canadians can decide if his policies are what they would like to support)


Re Disgusting front page headline on Aug. 18: Since the first print of the Toronto Sun, I have been a faithful reader. I had to endure bourgeoisie comments about the Toronto Sun and I would mention to them – does the Toronto Star have a “Worthington/Margolis” and many other great writers who helped start the Toronto Sun. I am sure if the originals were still alive, Mr. Creighton et al, I am sure they would have been disgusted as well. It looks like your paper only survives on car dealership advertising, as there is no direction on decency. I mentioned to a friend of mine of the front page caption, and it is like the “Flash,” and he informed me that I was dating myself.

Bill Long


(Would it surprise you to learn that very few people complained? Thanks for reading)


A huge thank you to Jim Warren for Aug. 18 column (“No, Trudeau shouldn’t apologize and here’s why”) which outlined exactly why Justin Trudeau does what he does. All of Justin’s actions and words (mumbles and ums and ahs) can be attributed to his desire to remain in power. Lie about budgets? Assume his Aga Khan vacation was “acceptable”? Speed up the voting eligibility for immigrants? Interfere in the SNC-Lavalin prosecution? Put Vice-Admiral Norman through the wringer, then pay him off to keep him quiet? The reasoning behind all of these decisions and his non-apologies are summed up by Mr. Warren when he states: “Canada’s most apologetic politician would not score any political points with an apology.” His followers (votes) are loyal to a fault, and those against him would not be fooled by his crocodile tears. I sincerely hope Jim Warren is also correct and that the issue will be settled at the ballot box in October, with Justin kicked to the curb.

Rick Fess

Port Dover

(Trudeau is a good campaigner, he’s been at it for nearly four years since the last election. But this is about the future of our country and who is competent to lead it. It isn’t Trudeau)


I’ll keep this short. I am so glad that I do not have any Liberal ideologies. After reading “No, Trudeau shouldn’t apologize and here’s why,” I cannot grasp how Mr. Warren can look in a mirror without laughing and say to himself, I just made the political world a better place. Shameful.

D. McArthur


(Liberals have their spin in things too and all perspectives should be heard)


Mr. Warren shows exactly what the Liberal brand is: Politically opportunistic. He says that Trudeau shouldn’t apologize because it isn’t politically expedient or advantageous. There is no mention of ‘right or wrong.’ Those words aren’t in the Liberal (or Mr. Warren’s) lexicon. Just what will win them an extra vote. Doesn’t seem very sunny to me!

David Woodley


(Quite cloudy with a chance of being tossed from office is the long-term forecast)

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