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Federal government invests in small nuclear reactors to help it meet net-zero 2050 target

The federal government says it's investing $20 million in the nuclear industry to help Canada meet its target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions byRead More

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Over 200 evacuated from Neskantaga First Nation as New! 2020-10-22 17:53:36Neskantaga residents say the lack of access to clean water is having a devastating impact on the mental health of community, which has led to suicides

Unsatisfied with PM’s answer, Blanchet vows to press New! 2020-10-22 14:19:28The Bloc Quebecois leader said Thursday he wasn't satisfied with the PM's comment on the controversy surrounding a uOttawa prof's use of a slur.

Coronavirus: Canada’s top election official seeks COVID-19 rule New! 2020-10-22 12:05:01Canada's chief electoral officer has called for changes that would make it easier and safer for the country to go to the polls during a pandemic.

Liberals will not view second Conservative committee motion 2020-10-22 07:04:22The decision averts the imminent possibility of a snap election.

Why the term ‘moderate livelihood’ is at the 2020-10-22 06:25:35A treaty says the Mi’kmaw have the right to hunt, fish and gather for the purposes of earning a 'moderate livelihood.'

RCMP helicopter was undergoing ‘routine maintenance’ during N.S. 2020-10-22 04:00:32The RCMP's only helicopter in Atlantic Canada was unavailable at the time of the shootings. Police also didn't ask the military to help find the gun

How world leaders from Britain to China are 2020-10-22 02:36:38A number of world leaders have a personal stake in the outcome, with their fortunes depending heavily on the success — or failure — of Pre

Trump, Biden set to square off in final 2020-10-21 23:42:19U.S. President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, are set to square off in their final debate Thursday.

Fisheries committee hears from Mi’kmaw experts and commercial 2020-10-21 22:56:19The standing committee on Fisheries and Oceans met Wednesday night to discuss the implementation of Mi’kmaq treaty fishing rights to support a m

U.S. officials say Iran, Russia actively interfering in 2020-10-21 19:45:21The news comes a day before U.S. President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden are scheduled to take part in the final presidential d

Biden seeks boost from Obama while Trump tends 2020-10-21 17:39:13Obama, who has become increasingly critical of Trump over the three and a half years since he left office, will address a drive-in rally, where suppor

Brazil’s Bolsonaro rejects announcement coronavirus vaccine purchased from 2020-10-21 17:33:55Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello had announced the purchase Tuesday in a meeting with Sao Paulo Gov. Joo Doria, a foe of Bolsonaro's whose state is p

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New Conservative motion could trigger 2nd confidence showdown 2020-10-22 08:10:10One day after surviving a confidence vote on a Conservative motion, Justin Trudeau's minority Liberal government faces another Conservative motion th

The Liberals had the leverage this week — 2020-10-22 04:00:00This week's excitement ended quietly on Wednesday afternoon, brought to a formal conclusion by a vote of 180 nays to 146 yeas. But the break in tensi

Military members who report sexual misconduct still say 2020-10-22 04:00:00Five years into the Canadian military's formal crackdown on sexual misconduct, some in the Armed Forces who report sexual offences still report

Deadly day, lasting impact 2020-10-22 04:00:00For some of the Parliament Hill security guards on duty the day a gunman killed a soldier and stormed Centre Block, the trauma of that day six years a

WestJet to provide refunds (not just credits) for 2020-10-21 18:31:14WestJet says it will begin providing refunds to all its passengers whose flights were cancelled due to the pandemic. 

Iran's investigation into Flight PS752's destruction expected to 2020-10-21 18:19:42Ukraine has wrapped up its second round of "difficult and detailed" talks with Iran over the destruction of Flight PS752 and has been told Iran

Potlotek First Nation rallies for return of seized 2020-10-21 16:22:20A few dozen members of the Potlotek First Nation gathered Wednesday in front of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans building in Lennox Passage, N.S

Climate change driving food insecurity in First Nations 2020-10-21 16:01:28The federal government is not doing enough to support First Nations communities contending with food insecurity problems made worse by clima

N.S. judge issues injunction to end interference, threats 2020-10-21 13:03:11A Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge has issued a temporary court injunction to end blockades, interference and threats against Sipekne'katik 

Snap election averted as Liberal government survives confidence 2020-10-21 11:45:11Canadians will not be heading to the polls for a snap fall election after the Liberal government won a confidence vote on a Conservative motion to cre

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki defends conduct of Mounties 2020-10-21 11:35:48RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki today defended the conduct of Mounties in Nova Scotia against claims that the police have done little to curb the viole

EU removes Canadians from list of approved travellers 2020-10-21 10:50:30European Union officials are moving to halt Canadians from travelling to the bloc of European countries amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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The Battle Over Barrett Shows How Life and New! 2020-10-22 16:38:38The following article is sponsored by the Judicial Crisis Network and authored by Mallory Quigley.

Minnesota Poll: Democrat Sen. Tina Smith and GOP's New! 2020-10-22 16:35:12The U.S. Senate race in Minnesota between incumbent Sen. Tina Smith (D-MN) and Republican challenger Jason Lewis is now a statistical tie, according t

Democrat Teacher Accused of Sexual Misconduct Was Crucial New! 2020-10-22 16:29:11Sara Gideon, Maine’s Democrat House speaker and candidate for U.S. Senate, was pressed for Democrat votes in her nearly evenly divided legislatu

Eric Schmidt: Google Isn't a Monopoly Because It New! 2020-10-22 15:41:32At a recent virtual conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal, former Google Chairman and Clinton lackey Eric Schmidt stated that he doesn't

Exclusive: Joe Biden's Ties to China Present National New! 2020-10-22 15:32:16Biden's family members' financial ties to China present a national security risk for America, experts and lawmakers assert.

Biden Whistleblower Emails: Chinese Energy Company Gave $5 New! 2020-10-22 15:30:09A 2017 email from a top official with a Chinese energy firm, provided by a whistleblower to U.S. Senate investigators, demonstrates the terms of an ag

Ann Coulter: Stumper -- Should Trump Mention His New! 2020-10-22 15:07:33Trump’s genius was that he was pushing policies that were popular. Maybe he should try it again at this Thursday’s debate.

Nolte: Biden Sinks, Trump Rises in Rasmussen National New! 2020-10-22 14:55:23The bottom line is that this election is still a jump ball, and as of right now, things appear to be moving Trump's way.

Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo DiCaprio Headlining CBS 'Nonpartisan' Get New! 2020-10-22 14:41:45Left-wing Hollywood stars including Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kerry Washington will participate in an allegedly nonpartisan CBS broadcast

Biden Campaign Claims Hunter Biden Bombshell Is ‘Russian New! 2020-10-22 14:40:40Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden's campaign referred to explosive reporting on Hunter Biden's overseas business dealings as "Russian misinfo

Cardinal Joseph Zen: Renewed Vatican-China Deal Is a New! 2020-10-22 14:23:18ROME — The former bishop of Hong Kong, Cardinal Joseph Zen, has labeled the Vatican’s extended deal with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

12 'Groundbreaking' Pro-Life Accomplishments of President Trump New! 2020-10-22 14:13:24President Donald Trump has achieved more pro-life accomplishments than any modern United States president.

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Justin Trudeau, wondering what he has to lose 2020-10-20 19:11:23Paul Wells: Why is the PM staring down the opposition with an election threat? Maybe because as far as he's concerned, Parliament sucks. The post J

Sick president. Global pandemic. Racial injustice. Welcome to 2020-10-19 15:51:33'America's present need is not heroics, but healing; not revolution, but restoration' said Warren Harding. The parallels to today's campaign are r

A special U.S. Election 2020 Maclean’s Live discussion 2020-10-19 12:11:55A distinguished group of U.S. political observers join the Maclean's senior writer to discuss what's at stake in the upcoming presidential election

Jonathan Wilkinson on Canada’s big new climate change 2020-10-16 18:15:23Canada's environment minister talked to Paul Wells about the fate of the oil sands, cabinet leaks and the country's roadmap for tackling climate cha

The sinking B.C. Liberal campaign: 338Canada election projection 2020-10-16 12:06:56Philippe J. Fournier: Barring a major polling error, John Horgan's NDP is projected to win a comfortable majority in the B.C. election this month The

Beijing’s man in Ottawa ratchets up his rhetoric 2020-10-16 09:04:07Politics Insider for Oct. 16: Cong Peiwu warns Canada against offering asylum to Hong Kong activists, Mi'kmaw fishers plead for help from the feds an

Trump vs. Biden II: Clickers can’t be choosers 2020-10-15 23:12:20Paul Wells: In their duelling town halls, Biden may have got off easy, but he was sharp and well-prepared. Trump's show, meanwhile, turned into a rou

American evangelicals still see Trump as their anointed 2020-10-15 12:56:54Adnan R. Khan: Fundamentalists are readying themselves for a confrontation with liberal secularism, with Trump as their crusading knight The post Amer

Fifty years later, Canada-China relations are chillier than 2020-10-15 07:48:47Politics Insider for Oct. 15: The points of friction between Canada and China mount, Ottawa's poop offers a realtime glimpse into COVID-10 spread and

The stark, unbridgeable divide between rural and urban 2020-10-14 15:07:03Adnan R. Khan: How do you convince rural Americans that the cities are not the anarchy Trump says they are? How do you convince urbanites to engage wi

The odds of a Trump win? 19 per 2020-10-13 13:17:36Philippe J. Fournier: The current map shows a distinct advantage towards Joe Biden. But any victory will ultimately come down to three crucial states.

Gretchen Whitmer, Donald Trump and fantasies of new 2020-10-09 13:31:28Image of the Week: A furious Michigan governor responds to an alleged kidnapping plot by two of the violent fringe groups the U.S. president indulges

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Feds say 100,000 rapid COVID-19 tests have arrived, 2020-10-21 17:47:47Procurement Minister Anita Anand says the first shipment of rapid tests for COVID-19 has arrived in Canada, but their eventual destinations remain shr

Mike Duffy appeals to Supreme Court in bid 2020-10-21 15:24:07Sen. Mike Duffy has filed an appeal to the country's top court in the hopes the Supreme Court of Canada will let him sue the Senate from a years-old

Canada jumps closer to military-spending target thanks to 2020-10-21 12:29:59Canada has taken a big leap closer to meeting its promise to the NATO military alliance to spend a larger share of its economy on defence thanks to an

Trudeau government survives confidence vote 2020-10-21 10:13:00After a day of nail-biting tension and accusations of partisan brinkmanship, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberal minority have survi

One crisis after another for Trudeau since last 2020-10-21 05:02:00One year ago today, Canadians elected to put Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberals on a shorter leash, returning them to government but with only

Canada's bill to outlaw LGBTQ2 conversion therapy has 2020-10-21 04:45:00A United Nations expert says proposed Canadian legislation that would ban forcing children or adults into therapy to alter their sexual orientation or

Is trust in public health guidance eroding amid 2020-10-20 19:05:00As Canadians grow more tired of the restrictions the nearly eight-month long pandemic has imposed on their lives, experts in health policy say so too

Troops ordered to keep guard up to protect 2020-10-20 17:16:00Top defence officials have ordered Canadian troops to keep up their guard against COVID-19 while painting a gloomy picture of how the pandemic could a

Some Canadians never received 'one-time key' for COVID 2020-10-20 14:15:00Some Canadians who tested positive for COVID-19 are reporting that they never received a ‘one-time key,’ a unique code to enter the test r

Trudeau says dairy farmers facing new losses due 2020-10-20 12:05:00Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he is committed to honouring past promises to compensate dairy farmers who have suffered losses due to trade deals.

Commons gives approval in principle to judges' sexual 2020-10-19 16:24:12The House of Commons has unanimously approved in principle -- for the third time -- a bill that would require judges to commit to take training in sex

Opposition parties demand passenger refunds as condition of 2020-10-19 13:28:00The Liberal government should ensure airline passengers receive refunds for flights cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, opposition parties demande

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