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Tessa And Scott Share Their Deepest, Darkest Food Secrets

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir attend 2018 Canada's Walk Of Fame Awards held at Sony Centre for the Performing...

George Pimentel via Getty ImagesTessa Virtue and Scott Moir attend 2018 Canada's Walk Of Fame Awards held at Sony Centre for the Performing Arts on Dec. 1, 2018 in Toronto, Canada.

Canada's favourite ice-dancing duo, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, have taken a break from competing, which leaves them with more time to share their thoughts and dreams with us. Ahead of Mother's Day, the stars talk about family traditions and all things food. Mostly because food is life, and family is life, and these figure skating life forces also happen to be spokespeople for the food delivery service, HelloFresh. So, there you go.

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Do you have a Mother's Day tradition you remember fondly?

Scott: We like doing big family dinners at home with the entire family including all the nieces and nephews. Since there are a lot of us, we normally do a roast beef or a whole chicken. We're an old Scottish farm family.

Tessa: My grandmother used to make the most incredible chicken divan, and my mom has carried out that tradition. It's my comfort food. It's amazing how you can almost taste the memories with a dish like that! And the more leftovers, the better.

Between both of you, who is the better cook?

Scott: That depends! I'm better at doing the prep. Tessa chopping things up is a little scary! But Tessa is very detail-oriented, plus she is a perfectionist, so she is really good at putting (things) together. I have always enjoyed cooking, so I'd like to think I have the advantage.

Tessa: I leave the cooking to Scott. When I do make something, though, he has to hear all about it because I'm quite proud of myself.

Since you have stopped competing, what do you do with your saved time?

Scott: Since we have stopped competing, I have less time (because) I'm taking on more things. Being an Olympic athlete is a "selfish" thing where you only do things that help you be the best athlete possible. Now I am trying to be a more well-rounded person, a contributing member of my family. Being a part of their lives is super important to me so when I'm home, I want to make it count and spend more time with my family, connect with the people I love.

Do you cook for anyone else in your life?

Scott: I do! I don't have a ton of time at home, but when I'm home, I've really enjoyed being able to cook for my parents. The biggest thing for me is cooking for my girlfriend. We don't get as much time together as we like so if I can show up with a home-cooked meal, it's a nice moment together. It shows how much I care. It's also super fun to cook the meals together.

Tessa: I try to cook for family when I'm home, but I'm not yet confident enough to throw big dinner parties.

What do you usually drink with your meals? What's your summer drink?

Scott: Depends. I try to pair wines. By that I mean I follow the old rule: if I have red meat, I'll have a glass of red wine, and white wine with fish or chicken. I'm getting back in shape so I am trying not to drink. (Everything) in moderation! I'll have a glass of wine while cooking, but with my meal I'll just have water.

I'm getting more into refreshing cocktails. In the summer, a nice gin and tonic or vodka soda infused with something. I also really like iced tea. Like old-fashioned ones without sweetener.

Tessa: Now that I'm not competing or training so much, I'll have a glass of wine, or maybe a gin and tonic (especially in the summer). It always makes the process of cooking more relaxing!

Do you ever compete with each other to see who's the better cook?

Scott: Tessa is getting more confident in the kitchen, so I think she'll be anxious to step up and prove herself.

What food-related fact about you would shock your fans?

Tessa: Given my travels, I've learned to be more open and feel much more comfortable experimenting with food. Often when I'm in Japan, I'll just sit at a sushi bar and have them bring whatever's fresh. Recently, I started liking olives and oysters (not together, haha). That makes me feel much more mature!

What advice do you have for fans trying to eat a more balanced diet?

Tessa: Setting attainable goals from the start really makes a difference. I always feel like when I start my day with that kind of purpose, things fall into place more naturally. I drink hot water and lemon every morning. Generally though, I like to give myself the ability to be balanced and avoid total deprivation of any kind. After all, we all deserve some treats every now and then!

Favourite snack/meal for ...

The beach

Scott: I'm a sandwich guy.

Tessa: Fresh fruit.

A picnic

Scott: I like a charcuterie board and a nice bottle of wine.

Tessa: Cheese and crackers.

Before competing

Scott: Something bland. Chicken taco or chicken sandwich. I like to feel the heaviness of the protein, so I will keep it bland.

Tessa: Toast with peanut butter.

The movies

Scott: I'm not a snacker at the movies. I like dinner before. Candy and popcorn make me feel sick, so I guess I'm not very much fun at the movies! I can fake it though, for the first date!

Tessa: Milk Duds.

A first date

Scott: Maybe BBQ or Ribs? Food is such a big part of my life, so I need to be with someone who also enjoys food. Someone who is adventurous and will try as many things on a menu.

Tessa: Pizza.

A dinner party

Scott: I like dips, apps. Nothing specific, but a buffalo chicken dip is fun.

Tessa: Champagne.

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