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18th of November 2018


Why The Canadian Egg Industry Just Keeps Growing

From the avocado boom to the birth of the cronut, we've seen a lot of food trends come and go in recent years. Some good, some weird, some downright outrageous. One everyday staple that's bucked the trend is the always-in-style Canadian egg. In fact, over the past decade in Canada, egg sales have seen a steady uptick. It's safe to say this popular and nutritious ingredient isn't going anywhere. And that's a good thing, because neither is our penchant for all-day breakfast, thank you very much.

When it comes to cracking down and understanding the country's ever evolving love of eggs, Tim Lambert, Chief Executive Officer at Egg Farmers of Canada, says it's simple: High-quality and local product are paramount to Canadians. In other words, we've got plenty of pride when it comes to a good egg, and rightfully so.

It Comes Down To Freshness

There's no doubt that eggs are loved first and foremost for their nutritional value. Protein-rich ingredients are essential in a balanced diet, and Canadians know they don't have to compromise on high-quality product at home. "In Canada, eggs are produced in every province and territory," says Lambert, "making it possible for us to have access to local eggs all year around, from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island, and even the Northwest Territories. Across the country, Canadians are generally getting regional product." Furthermore, this level of extraordinary access lends itself to an affordability that's equally easy to get behind.

A Commitment To Community

One thing that resonates strongly with a Canadian sensibility, is the idea that buying local means you're supporting the community in which you live, says Lambert. "You support the business owners, your friends and neighbours and I think for Canadians knowing where their food comes from is meaningful." Simply put, it's a transaction of trust and appreciation.

By hosting public meet-and-greets for communities and their local egg farmers, Egg Farmers of Canada take it even further. "We plan events around the country where we have farmers meeting with the public. I think we've really stood up and put our face in front of the product, backing up what we do on our farms," says Lambert.

Environmental Consciousness With Growing Demand

Developing sustainable practices is important to Canadian consumers — and Canadian farmers. Case in point: There are about 1,000 family egg farms in the country that produce the eggs Canadians eat every day. Their supply management system means farmers produce just enough eggs to meet the demand, so that they are always fresh, local and high-quality. "Our eggs are not travelling long distances, and impacting the environment," says Lambert. "Much of the industry growth is coming from existing farms producing more eggs every year. We work together not only on what we need for production, but also on national farm standards and programs which include third-party audits."

Programs specifically designed to bring in new farmers, with a commitment to innovation, productivity and efficiency, is just another example of the forward-thinking attitude of Egg Farmers of Canada. Because working together is what Canadians do best, often over a plate of delicious eggs.

Learn more about how Egg Farmers of Canada is strengthening communities through product donations, jobs and stability here.

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