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20th of January 2018


Hecklers interrupt Trudeau telling crowd how he deals with ‘haters’ during town hall

As Justin Trudeau answered a young boy’s question about dealing with “haters,” a woman stood up and began hating on the prime minister.

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The third stop on Trudeau’s town hall loop took place at Western University in London, Ont, but the trip hasn’t been a smooth ride so far.

WATCH: Boy asks Trudeau how he deals with ‘haters’

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During the first and second town halls in Halifax and Hamilton, Trudeau found himself facing off against protesters, taking difficult questions about experimental drugs, and inquiries about whether his family’s vacation was deemed a federal crime.

Just under an hour into the third town hall at Western University, two hecklers had already stood up in the crowd.

Trudeau was in the middle of answering a young boy’s question about how he dealt with “haters,” when the first incident took place.

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Just as Trudeau finished saying that “having a strong grounding in who I am allows me to be respectful to people who are not positively inclined towards me,” a woman stood up and began yelling about free speech.

“Democracy is free speech? You have no right.”

The woman — who didn’t have a microphone and couldn’t be heard clearly — barreled through a series of topics before raising her middle finger to the prime minister as he turned around.

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“I am a suffragette,” the woman yelled. She went on to comment on the federal government’s treatment of ISIS fighters and allowing them to return to the country, before pulling a green, purple and white sash over her head.

“Why don’t you go to a town hall where the regular folks can come and see you Trudeau?” the woman asked.

Trudeau ended the engagement by turning to the other members of the crowd and saying, ‘Let’s give this ma’am a round of applause please, for her passion for her country.” She then turned and left her place in the audience.

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Later on in the evening, Trudeau responded to a second heckler, who interrupted a woman asking a question about immigrants who have to re-apply for certification upon entry to Canada.

“Please sit down sir, you’re being disrespectful to this young woman,” Trudeau said, as the man continued to call out.

WATCH: Police forcibly remove heckler at Trudeau town hall in London

The same heckler stood up shortly after, interrupting a woman asking a question about the environmental protection of Indigenous communities versus the interests of Canadian energy projects.

The man appeared to be shouting about the Supreme Court, before he was forcibly removed from the premises by police.

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