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Beyond the Laughs, 'The Office' Delivers Some Hard Science. But How Does It Hold Up?

From a lice infestation to rabies, a beet juice diet to stinky feet, here's how the science stacks up in 5 unforgettable episodes of NBC's hit comedRead More

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Physicists Narrow Range of Potential Masses for Dark New! 2021-01-27 15:36:02In a paper to be published in the journal Physics Letters B, a duo of theoretical physicists from the University of Sussex shows that quantum gravity

First People to Settle in Americas were Accompanied New! 2021-01-27 14:57:58A new study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggests that dogs were domesticated in Siberia by 23,000 years ago, po

Paleontologists Find Well-Preserved Skull of Tube-Crested Dinosaur New! 2021-01-27 13:23:36The exquisite preservation of a new, partial skull of Parasaurolophus cyrtocristatus, a species of duck-billed dinosaur that lived during the Cretaceo

Extreme Black Holes Have Gravitational Hair that Can New! 2021-01-27 11:56:15Gravitational-wave detectors can be used to measure gravitational-field hair of extreme black holes, according to a paper published in the journal Phy

Spinosaurus Wasn’t Aquatic Pursuit Predator, New Research Shows New! 2021-01-27 09:50:09The giant dinosaur Spinosaurus acted like modern herons or storks, taking fish and other aquatic prey from the edges of water or in shallow water, but

Musicians, Regardless of Innate Pitch Ability, Have More 2021-01-26 15:51:16A new study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, suggests that long-term musical training is associated with robust changes in large-scale brain

Blue Jet Observed from International Space Station 2021-01-26 14:47:38Using the Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor (ASIM) observatory on the International Space Station (ISS), researchers have observed five intense bl

Three New Species of Extinct Marsupials Identified 2021-01-26 13:48:53Dr. Laura Chornogubsky, a paleontologist in the Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales ‘Bernardino Rivadavia’ and CONICET, has described on

TRAPPIST-1 Planets Have Remarkably Similar Densities, Study Shows 2021-01-26 12:09:07The seven rocky exoplanets orbiting TRAPPIST-1, an ultracool dwarf star located 38.8 light-years away in the constellation Aquarius, are about 8% less

Tyrannosaur Hatchlings Were as Big as Medium-Sized Dog 2021-01-26 11:01:47An international team of paleontologists has examined the fossilized remains of baby tyrannosaurid dinosaurs found in Alberta, Canada, and Montana, th

Nearby Orange Dwarf Hosts Unique System of Six 2021-01-25 16:00:00The TOI-178 planetary system, a 7.1-billion-year-old system of six planets in the super-Earth to mini-Neptune range, five of which are locked in a rar

Israeli Archaeologists Find 1,500-Year-Old Christian Inscription 2021-01-25 14:21:28A 1,500-year-old inscription that reads ‘Christ, born of Mary’ has been discovered by a team of archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities

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Purported phosphine on Venus more likely to be New! 2021-01-27 14:01:47Astronomers revisited and comprehensively reinterpreted the radio telescope observations underlying a widely reported 2019 claim that phosphine gas wa

Diving into Devonian seas: Ancient marine faunas unlock New! 2021-01-27 14:01:29Paleontologists use ancient marine faunas to test long-term changes in our warming oceans.

How heavy is dark matter? Scientists radically narrow New! 2021-01-27 14:01:26Scientists have calculated the mass range for Dark Matter - and it's tighter than the science world thought.

Mira's last journey: Exploring the dark universe New! 2021-01-27 14:00:49Scientists used a supercomputer to perform one of the five largest cosmological simulations ever -- the Last Journey. This simulation will provide cru

Geological phenomenon widening the Atlantic Ocean New! 2021-01-27 12:24:26An upsurge of matter from deep beneath the Earth's crust could be pushing the continents of North and South America further apart from Europe and Afr

Key switchgrass genes identified, which could mean better New! 2021-01-27 12:24:20Biologists believe they are one step closer to a long-held goal of making a cheap, widely available plant a source for energy and fuel, meaning one of

Researchers use car collisions with deer to study New! 2021-01-27 12:24:18By parsing data on weather, deer populations and deer-vehicle collisions in Wisconsin, investigators show spatial synchrony could be driving populatio

Carbon: Getting to net zero -- and even New! 2021-01-27 12:24:10Reaching zero net emissions of carbon dioxide from energy and industry by 2050 can be accomplished by rebuilding U.S. energy infrastructure to run pri

More than just CO2: It's time to tackle New! 2021-01-27 12:23:38Climate change mitigation is about more than just CO2. So-called 'short-lived climate-forcing pollutants' such as soot, methane, and tropospheric oz

Newly discovered fossil, likely subaqueous insect New! 2021-01-27 09:32:17A newly discovered trace fossil of an ancient burrow has been discovered. The fossil has an important role to play in gauging how salty ancient bodies

Genome-editing tool TALEN outperforms CRISPR-Cas9 in tightly packed New! 2021-01-27 08:52:35Researchers used single-molecule imaging to compare the genome-editing tools CRISPR-Cas9 and TALEN. Their experiments revealed that TALEN is up to fiv

Harpy eagles could be under greater threat than New! 2021-01-27 08:52:24New research suggests estimates of the species' current distribution are potentially overestimating range size.

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Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants To Create An Official Bigfoot 2021-01-22 05:00:47It could soon be Sasquatch season in Oklahoma.

Confused Penguin Joins The Wrong Group... Only To 2021-01-22 04:06:25Penguins: They're just as easily confused as we are.

Biden Signs Executive Orders To Battle Pandemic: 'This 2021-01-21 19:11:56The president signed 10 actions designed to focus on mending public trust and overhauling the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Texas Doctor Accused Of Stealing COVID-19 Vaccine For 2021-01-21 17:32:59Mishandling the vaccine can result in a loss of government funding, so the doctor was fired after the alleged theft was discovered.

Scientists Behind Dancing Robots Had To Really Bust 2021-01-21 12:44:44"I think when people see the new things that robots can do, it excites them,” Boston Dynamics founder and chairperson Marc Raibert told reporte

Biden Cancels Keystone XL Pipeline Permit 2021-01-20 18:06:23The 1,200-mile oil pipeline is one of several Trump environmental policies that President Joe Biden is expected to reverse.

The U.S. Is Officially Rejoining The Paris Agreement. 2021-01-20 17:26:42Ramping up domestic climate ambition, greening "green" supply chains, and investing in carbon removal are some ways the U.S. can restore faith in it

We Found A COVID-19 Vaccine In Months. What 2021-01-20 15:07:35There are many theories as to why we have shots for the coronavirus but not HIV. Here's what's really happening.

On Day 1, Biden Is Putting Donald Trump’s 2021-01-20 11:36:03Along with an executive order spree, the incoming president will review and freeze dozens of Trump-era rules and regulations.

Black Americans Are Getting Vaccinated At Lower Rates 2021-01-19 13:20:41Black and Asian Americans are among the most hard-hit communities, but experts are concerned about whether proper resources and information are reachi

Fear Of Deportation Is Keeping Undocumented Immigrants From 2021-01-19 11:44:24Nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants reside in the U.S., and hundreds of thousands of them work in essential services.

WHO Chief Accuses Drugmakers Of Prioritizing Profits Above 2021-01-18 11:42:52"I need to be blunt: The world is on the brink of a catastrophic moral failure," Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Monday.

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Exercise-based cardiac rehab added to stroke recovery improved 2021-01-27 00:00:00In a small study, stroke survivors who completed a three-month cardiac rehabilitation program focused on aerobic exercise significantly improved their

Carbon-chomping soil bacteria may pose hidden climate risk 2021-01-27 00:00:00Much of the earth's carbon is trapped in soil, and scientists have assumed that potential climate-warming compounds would safely stay there for centu

Secrets of traumatic stress hidden in the brain 2021-01-27 00:00:00Study explores lateralization changes in resting state brain network functional connectivity. Among military service members and Veterans with symptom

Study introduces mRNA-LNP as a safe therapeutic intervention 2021-01-27 00:00:00When severely or chronically injured, the liver loses its ability to regenerate. A new study led by researchers at the Center for Regenerative Medicin

Pace of prehistoric human innovation could be revealed 2021-01-27 00:00:00A physics professor has joined forces with language experts to build a 'linguistic thermometer' that can record the temperature of 'hot' or 'cold

Genome-editing tool TALEN outperforms CRISPR-Cas9 in tightly packed 2021-01-27 00:00:00Researchers used single-molecule imaging to compare the genome-editing tools CRISPR-Cas9 and TALEN. Their experiments revealed that TALEN is up to fiv

Harpy eagles could be under greater threat than 2021-01-27 00:00:00New research led by the University of Plymouth (UK) suggests estimates of the species' current distribution are potentially overestimating range size

Ultra-absorptive nanofiber swabs could improve SARS-CoV-2 test sensitivity 2021-01-27 00:00:00Rapid, sensitive diagnosis of COVID-19 is essential for early treatment, contact tracing and reducing viral spread. However, some people infected with

Children can bypass age verification procedures in popular 2021-01-27 00:00:00Children of all ages can completely bypass age verification measures to sign-up to the world's most popular social media apps including Snapchat, Ins

Heart disease #1 cause of death rank likely 2021-01-27 00:00:00Heart disease remains the #1 cause of death worldwide in the latest annual Statistical Update from the American Heart AssociationExperts say the effec

'You say tomato, I say genomics': Genome sequences 2021-01-27 00:00:00A research team led by University of Tsukuba has produced genome sequences for two wild species of tomato from South America, ancestors of the cultiva

How blood stem cells maintain their lifelong potential 2021-01-27 00:00:00A characteristic feature of all stem cells is their ability to self-renew. But how is this potential maintained throughout life? Scientists at the Ger

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La solution de l'énigme de l'allumage des quasars New! 2021-01-27 13:45:27Depuis environ une décennie et grâce aux observations conjointes, notamment de Hubble et du satellite XMM-Newton de l’Esa, on a d&e

Bêtes de science : ces écureuils sont prêts New! 2021-01-27 12:00:00« Bêtes de science », c’est comme un recueil d’histoires. De belles histoires qui racontent le vivant dans toute sa fra&

OnlyOffice Docs : notre avis sur cette suite bureautique New! 2021-01-27 11:30:00Avec la version 6.1 sortie récemment, ONLYOFFICE Docs gagne en popularité et se pose en véritable alternative à Google Doc

Wingcopter espère s’imposer avec ses drones de livraison New! 2021-01-27 11:00:08Wingcopter a développé un drone de livraison type adav (aéronef à décollage et atterrissage verticaux) qui peut vol

Soldes PC portable: 320 € d'économie sur le New! 2021-01-27 11:00:05Un ultrabook à moins de 340 euros, c'est ce que propose le cyber-marchand Cdiscount à l'occasion des soldes d'hiver qui amorcent leur

La pollution atmosphérique accroît le risque de DMLA New! 2021-01-27 10:49:00Dans une analyse récente des données de la Biobank britannique, des chercheurs démontrent qu'il existe une corrélation en

Soldes d'hiver 2021 : tech, maison, électroménager, sélection New! 2021-01-27 10:40:05Si les fêtes de fin d'année sont derrière nous et le froid bien présent, ici on garde le sourire parce que la pério

iOS : pourquoi il faut impérativement mettre à New! 2021-01-27 10:00:00Après la découverte de trois failles de sécurité dans le noyau de son système d'exploitation et du moteur de rendu

Que quelques heures avant la fin de la New! 2021-01-27 10:00:00Pour réduire votre facture mobile, Auchan Télécom a lancé une offre intéressante à moins de 2 euros &ag

Dell fait ses nouvelles gammes et passe au New! 2021-01-27 10:00:00Dell débute l’année 2021 en dévoilant de nouveaux modèles dans ses gammes d’ordinateurs portables Latitude. S&

Combien d'araignées mangez-vous réellement durant votre sommeil ? New! 2021-01-27 09:55:57De nombreuses personnes craignent d’avaler des araignées durant la nuit. D’où provient cette légende urbaine ? Est-il

Volkswagen s’allie à Silent-Yachts pour créer des bateaux New! 2021-01-27 09:51:12C’est une démarche industrielle et commerciale très intéressante qu’entreprend Volkswagen. Le groupe automobile allem


Une chaîne de production intelligente de satellites mise 2021-01-18 19:00:00Une chaîne de production intelligente dotée d'une capacité de fabrication de 240 petits satellites par an a été mis

La Chine encourage la coopération internationale pour l'étude 2021-01-17 19:00:00La Chine a dévoilé lundi des règlements sur la gestion des échantillons lunaires, encourageant la coopération inter

Le navire chinois Yuanwang-7 lève l'ancre vers l'océan 2021-01-14 19:00:00Le navire chinois de suivi spatial Yuanwang-7 a levé l'ancre à destination de l'océan Indien pour sa première mission de

Le fabricant chinois de véhicules électriques Zhiji Motor 2021-01-13 19:00:00Zhiji Motor, une entreprise chinoise de véhicules électriques haut de gamme, a lancé deux modèles de véhicules inte

Le module de base et le vaisseau cargo 2021-01-13 19:00:00Le module de base de la station spatiale chinoise en construction a passé avec succès un examen en usine, tout comme le vaisseau cargo T

La Chine réalise des progrès dans le développement 2021-01-12 19:00:00La Chine oeuvre à la création d'une nouvelle ligne de moteurs de fusée pour ses futures missions spatiales, a annoncé mar

La Chine dévoile un prototype de train maglev 2021-01-12 19:00:00Un prototype de train utilisant la technologie de maglev supraconducteur à haute température (HTS) a été dévoil&eac

Chine : vol inaugural de l'UAV WJ-700 doté 2021-01-12 19:00:00Le véhicule aérien sans pilote (UAV) WJ-700 développé par la Chine, capable d'effectuer des missions de reconnaissance et

La Chine publie quatre nouvelles normes techniques liées 2021-01-11 19:00:00La Chine a récemment publié quatre normes techniques nationales pour le système de navigation par satellite BeiDou (BDS), selon l

Chine : création d'un nouveau centre de protection 2021-01-10 19:00:00La Chine a approuvé la création d'un nouveau centre pour réduire le temps de traitement et le coût de la protection des dr

La Chine renforcera les efforts juridiques pour la 2021-01-10 19:00:00Le Parquet populaire suprême (PPS) de la Chine s'est engagé à donner une meilleure protection des droits de propriét&eacut

La sonde chinoise Chang'e-4 redémarre pour son 26e 2021-01-07 19:00:00L'atterrisseur et le rover de la sonde Chang'e-4 ont redémarré pour leur 26e jour lunaire sur la face cachée de la Lune.

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