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Gold Coins from Fatimid Period Unearthed in Israel

Archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority have found a small jar containing four 1,000-year-old gold coins in Jerusalem, Israel. “TheRead More

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Is Space Mining the Eco-Friendly Choice? 2020-11-25 14:00:00Natural resources are being depleted on Earth. But some think outer space may be a vast reservoir that’s ripe for tapping.

What Monoclonal Antibodies Are — and Why We 2020-11-25 12:00:00Monoclonal antibodies are man-made proteins that mimic natural antibodies in the immune system.

What's It Like to Simulate the Next Cascades 2020-11-25 11:45:00We don't know when the next eruption in the Cascades might happen, but we can prepare for one by pretending it's happening.

First Evidence of a Recently Active Volcano on 2020-11-24 12:00:00A region on the Red Planet may still be volcanically active, melting ground ice and creating conditions favorable to life, astronomers say.

How COVID-19 Measures Might Be Impacting Your Microbiome 2020-11-24 11:23:00Do pandemic-spurred lockdowns hurt our ability to develop a healthy immune system? Maybe. But health experts say there are ways to combat potential ne

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The Mystery of Male Pregnancy and Birth in 2020-11-23 19:12:00Nature is filled with fathers who play a bigger parenting role than you might think. But seahorses and their sea dragon relatives take it to the next

Anxiety and Depression Relief, No Therapist Required 2020-11-23 10:54:00Here are some things you can try at home to ease those stress-fueled days, and the red flags that signal it’s time for professional help. 

Best Credit Repair Companies: Top 7 Services of 2020-11-23 01:00:00

Can Cats and Dogs Be Allergic to Humans? 2020-11-22 09:00:00There’s a possibility that your pet is allergic to you — but only a possibility.

The Silk Road Was More Than a Vast 2020-11-21 01:00:00Beyond carrying goods, the Silk Road is important because it enabled religions, new technologies, and ideologies to crisscross Eurasia for centuries o

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Paleontologists Find First Dinosaur Remains in Ireland 2020-11-24 14:57:34Paleontologists have found the fossilized remains of two Jurassic dinosaur species in Co. Antrim in Northern Ireland. These are the first dinosaur rem

Young American Alligators Can Regrow Their Tails, Study 2020-11-24 14:21:20Young American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) have the ability to regrow their tails up to 18% of their total body length, according to a stu

Lightning ‘Superbolts’ Are Real, Two New Studies Confirm 2020-11-24 12:32:34‘Superbolts’ are distinct from typical lightning flashes and can be more than 1,000 times brighter, according to two new papers published

Researchers Create Smallest Memory Device Yet 2020-11-24 11:24:56An international team of scientist from the United States, the United Kingdom and Taiwan has developed the world’s smallest memristor. Their res

Temple Restoration Reveals Previously Unknown Names of Ancient 2020-11-24 09:17:40The restoration of an ancient Egyptian temple in Esna, located about 60 km south of the ancient capital of Luxor in Egypt, has uncovered the original

Curiosity Finds Deposits from Megafloods in Martian Crater 2020-11-23 13:28:49NASA’s Curiosity rover has found a series of symmetrical, 10-m- (33-foot-) high gravel ridges — sedimentologic evidence of ancient giant f

Physicists Propose New Method for Observing Hypothetical Unruh 2020-11-23 11:55:18The Unruh effect was described by Stephen Fulling in 1973, Paul Davies in 1975, and William Unruh in 1976. Sometimes called the Fulling-Davies-Unruh e

MUSE Observes Hidden Depths of Messier 83 2020-11-23 10:49:37Using the MUSE (Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer) instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) at Paranal Observatory in Chile, astronomers h

New Carnivorous Dinosaur Unearthed in Patagonia 2020-11-23 08:49:05A new genus and species of medium-sized abelisaurid dinosaur has been unearthed in northern Patagonia, Argentina. Scientifically named Niebla antique,

Hubble Spots Shadow of Supermassive Black Hole’s Torus 2020-11-23 04:24:33Astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have observed spectacular large-scale dark and light rays beaming out of the bright center of IC

Supercooled Water Can Exist in Two Liquid States, 2020-11-20 15:47:33The usual liquid state of water that we are all familiar with corresponds to liquid water at normal temperatures. However, a new study published in th

Astronomers Catch Radio Jets from Distant Quasars 2020-11-20 14:59:19Using data from the Very Large Array Sky Survey (VLASS), astronomers have detected young radio-emitting jets from supermassive black holes in distant

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Effect of odor on helpfulness in rats 2020-11-25 16:44:55Despite their reputation, rats are surprisingly sociable and regularly help each other out. Researchers have shown that a rat just has to smell anothe

Offshore submarine freshwater discovery raises hopes for islands 2020-11-25 15:48:29Twice as much freshwater is stored offshore of Hawai'i Island than previously thought, revealed a new study with important implications for volcanic

Neutrinos yield first experimental evidence of catalyzed fusion 2020-11-25 15:48:11Scientists report the detection of neutrinos from the sun, directly revealing for the first time that the carbon-nitrogen-oxygen (CNO) fusion-cycle is

Scientists discover a motif that guides assembly of 2020-11-25 15:48:08Researchers have discovered that assembly of the algal pyrenoid, a structure that mediates the incorporation of carbon dioxide into sugars, is guided

Plants: Scientists solve the mystery behind an enigmatic 2020-11-25 15:48:06Researchers have discovered how Rubisco holoenzymes assemble to form the fluid-like matrix of the algal pyrenoid, an organelle that mediates the incor

Specific bacterium in the gut linked to irritable 2020-11-25 13:51:40Researchers have detected a connection between Brachyspira, a genus of bacteria in the intestines, and IBS -- especially the form that causes diarrhea

Community conservation reserves protect fish diversity in tropical 2020-11-25 13:51:34Small, community-based reserves in Thailand's Salween River Basin are serving as critical refuges for fish diversity in a region whose subsistence fi

Ancient blanket made with 11,500 turkey feathers 2020-11-25 13:51:31New research sheds light on the production of an 800-year-old turkey feather blanket and explores the economic and cultural aspects of raising turkeys

New study explains important cause of fatal influenza 2020-11-25 12:23:33It is largely unknown why influenza infections lead to an increased risk of bacterial pneumonia. Researchers have now described important findings lea

A microscope for everyone: Researchers develop open-source optical 2020-11-25 12:23:31Researchers have developed an optical toolbox to build microscopes for a few hundred euros that deliver high-resolution images comparable to commercia

Novel haplotype-led approach to increase the precision of 2020-11-25 12:23:23Wheat researchers are pioneering a new technique that promises to improve gene discovery for the globally important crop.

Researchers uncover the unique way stem cells protect 2020-11-25 12:23:21Telomeres are specialized structures at the end of chromosomes which protect our DNA and ensure healthy division of cells. According to a new study, t

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Biden Names John Kerry As Climate Envoy 2020-11-23 16:38:10It’s not the climate "czar" job advocates want to see, but progressives are hopeful that’s coming, too.

The Pandemic’s Effect On Climate-Changing Pollution Was ‘Just 2020-11-23 05:00:06To the atmosphere, this year’s “return to nature” — a silver lining for some amid a deadly virus — was virtually meaning

AstraZeneca, Oxford University Say Their COVID-19 Vaccine Has 2020-11-23 03:20:17One dosing regimen was shown to have 90% efficacy and another showed 62% efficacy.

First COVID-19 Vaccinations Expected As Early As Dec. 2020-11-22 12:30:23Herd immunity could be reached by mid-2021 if the overwhelming majority of Americans get vaccinated, said Moncef Slaoui.

Christian Songwriter Is Fed Up With Believers Who 2020-11-21 12:44:23Nichole Nordeman, whose aunt died on Thursday after contracting COVID-19, said she's "run out of incredulity and disgust."

Geraldo Rivera Wants To Soothe Trump's Feelings By 2020-11-20 12:45:40One Twitter user snarkily reminded the veteran journalist, "but you, uh, want people to take it right?"

AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Data Shows Promise In Elderly 2020-11-19 09:41:03Researchers said they expect to release their late-stage trial results by Christmas. This would follow rival drugmakers releasing theirs earlier this

Spike Lee's New Viagra Movie Musical Is Arousing 2020-11-18 14:30:20The as-yet-untitled film will be about the discovery and launch of the erectile dysfunction drug.

Pfizer Says COVID-19 Trial Ends With 95% Efficacy, 2020-11-18 06:54:38The drugmaker said the efficacy of the vaccine developed with German partner BioNTech was consistent across age and ethnicity demographics.

'Dueling Dinosaurs' Fossils Donated To North Carolina Museum 2020-11-17 18:01:40The Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops horridus known as the dueling dinosaurs were buried together 67 million years ago on a Montana hillside.

Moderna Says Its COVID Vaccine Is 94.5% Effective; 2020-11-16 12:26:04It’s interim data and needs more review, but experts say the results reinforce last week’s encouraging findings from a similar Pfizer vacc

'Star Wars' Fans Notice An Adorable Addition To 2020-11-16 01:10:55It's as if millions of voices suddenly cried out, "Aww!"

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Irreversible hotter and drier climate over inner East 2020-11-26 00:00:00Researchers warn that heatwaves and concurrent droughts of Mongolia's semi-arid plateau have increased significantly during the past two decades, wit

Keyhole wasps may threaten aviation safety 2020-11-26 00:00:00Over a period of 39 months, invasive keyhole wasps (Pachodynerus nasidens) at the Brisbane Airport were responsible for 93 instances of fully blocked

In temperate trees, climate-driven increase in carbon capture 2020-11-26 00:00:00For decades, scientists have expected that the shedding of leaves from temperate trees will get later and later under ongoing climate change.

A cold-health watch and warning system for cold 2020-11-26 00:00:00A team from the Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) and the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ), led

German researchers compile world's largest inventory of known 2020-11-26 00:00:00Researchers at Leipzig University and the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) have compiled the world's most comprehensive lis

Satellite images confirm uneven impact of climate change 2020-11-26 00:00:00University of Copenhagen researchers have been following vegetation trends across the planet's driest areas using satellite imagery from recent decad

Tree rings capture an abrupt irreversible shift in 2020-11-26 00:00:00The abrupt shift to hotter and drier conditions over inner East Asia is unprecedented and may herald an irreversible shift to a new climate regime for

UCLA study of threatened desert tortoises offers new 2020-11-26 00:00:00A UCLA study publishing Nov. 27 in Science supports a new conservation strategy. Climate change increasingly makes relocating threatened species neces

Study revealing the secret behind a key cellular 2020-11-26 00:00:00New research has identified and described a cellular process that, despite what textbooks say, has remained elusive to scientists until now -- precise

Archaeology: Neanderthal thumbs better adapted to holding tools 2020-11-26 00:00:00Neanderthal thumbs were better adapted to holding tools in the same way that we hold a hammer, according to a paper published in Scientific Reports.

A multidisciplinary policy design to protect consumers from 2020-11-26 00:00:00Legal scholars, computer scientists and economists must work together to prevent unlawful price-surging behaviors from artificial intelligence (AI) al

Scientists develop new gene therapy for eye disease 2020-11-26 00:00:00Scientists from Trinity College Dublin have developed a new gene therapy approach that offers promise for one day treating an eye disease that leads t

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Des coronavirus proches du SARS-CoV-2 isolés au Cambodge New! 2020-11-27 09:01:00Des scientifiques au Cambodge et au Japon ont isolé des nouvelles souches de coronavirus d'échantillons de chauves-souris. Sont-ils li&

Ce VPN est offert à 0.94 euros lors New! 2020-11-27 08:50:00Vous cherchez une offre VPN imbattable ? Ne cherchez plus. PureVPN vient tuer le game en proposant une offre exceptionnelle et en baissant son tarif m

Offre Cdiscount : -499 € sur le PC New! 2020-11-27 08:40:00Vous êtes à la recherche d'un nouveau PC portable gaming ? Sur Cdiscount, découvrez une superbe réduction sur le PC portab

La fonte des glaces fait ressurgir de très New! 2020-11-27 08:30:00Un ensemble de 68 flèches et pointes datant de l’âge de Bronze et du Moyen-Âge a été découvert &agr

Bon Plan forfait mobile : 200 Go à New! 2020-11-27 08:00:05Prixtel baisse à nouveau les prix de ses forfaits mobiles. Jusqu’au 1er décembre prochain, le forfait Giga Série, comprenan

Hawaï : découverte d'un immmense réservoir naturel d'eau New! 2020-11-27 07:00:52Pendant longtemps, le mystère des réseaux aquifères dissimulés sous la surface de l’île d’Hawaï a c

Ce processeur est si rapide et puissant qu’il New! 2020-11-27 06:30:00Le Cerebras CS-1, un supercalculateur conçu pour l’intelligence artificielle, s’est révélé particulière

Un avion de ligne hybride made in France New! 2020-11-27 06:24:57L’avionneur français Mauboussin mise sur l’hydrogène pour commercialiser à l’horizon 2026 l’Alcyon M

Quel est cet étrange monolithe découvert dans l'Utah New! 2020-11-27 05:28:22La division des ressources sauvages de l'Utah a récemment fait une drôle de découverte lors d'un recensement en hélicopt&

Des gouttelettes vivantes produisent de l’hydrogène New! 2020-11-27 05:01:00Par photosynthèse, les algues produisent traditionnellement de l’oxygène. Emprisonnées dans des gouttelettes d’eau su

Forfait mobile : RED by SFR lance une New! 2020-11-27 04:30:05RED By SFR donne le coup d'envoi pour le Black Friday 2020 en lançant une offre folle valable jusqu'au dimanche 29 novembre à min

Obtenez 3 mois gratuits pour le Black Friday New! 2020-11-27 04:30:00Pour le Black Friday, ExpressVPN a vraiment décidé de vous gâter. Une offre exceptionnelle qui ne se reproduira sûrement jam


La NASA et SpaceX lancent leur première mission 2020-11-15 19:00:00

Chine : plus de 2.500 nouveaux produits et 2020-11-15 19:00:00Le 22e Salon des hautes technologies de Chine (China Hi-Tech Fair, CHTF) s'est clôturé dimanche à Shenzhen, une plaque tournante

La Chine en tête du développement mondial de 2020-11-13 19:00:00La Chine a construit près de 700.000 stations de base 5G, soit plus du double de l'installation totale dans le reste du monde, selon les donn&

Départ d'un vaisseau chinois de suivi spatial pour 2020-11-12 19:00:00Le vaisseau de suivi spatial de troisième génération de la Chine Yuanwang-6 est parti vendredi pour plusieurs missions de surveil

Chine : sommet sur l'IA à Nanning pour 2020-11-12 19:00:00Vendredi, le deuxième Sommet sur l'intelligence artificielle (IA) entre la Chine et l'Association des nations de l'Asie du Sud-Est (ASEAN) s

La Chine lance un nouveau satellite de télécommunication 2020-11-12 19:00:00La Chine a lancé avec succès un nouveau satellite de télécommunication mobile depuis le Centre de lancement de satellites

Plus de 3.300 exposants participent à un salon 2020-11-10 19:00:00Le 22e Salon des hautes technologies de Chine (SHTC) a débuté mercredi à Shenzhen, centre technologique du sud de la Chine, en pr

Un submersible habité chinois établit un record dans 2020-11-09 19:00:00La Chine a établi mardi un nouveau record de plongée sous-marine habitée à une profondeur de 10.909 mètres dans la

La sonde chinoise Chang'e-4 redémarre pour son 24e 2020-11-09 19:00:00L'atterrisseur et le rover de la sonde Chang'e-4 ont redémarré pour leur 24e jour lunaire sur la face cachée de la Lune.

Publication des dix principales questions scientifiques de la 2020-11-08 19:00:00Les dix principales questions scientifiques de la société humaine 2019 ont été dévoilées lundi lors du deuxi

La fusée commerciale chinoise CERES-1 achève son vol 2020-11-06 19:00:00Une nouvelle fusée porteuse chinoise CERES-1, conçue pour un usage commercial, a réalisé son vol inaugural samedi, envoyan

La Chine envoie 13 satellites en orbite avec 2020-11-05 19:00:00La Chine a envoyé vendredi avec succès 13 satellites en orbite depuis le Centre de lancement de satellites de Taiyuan, dans la province

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