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First Evidence of a Planet in Another Galaxy 2020-09-24 11:00:00The Milky Way is filled with planets. Now astronomers have found the first candidate planet in another galaxy.

SARS-CoV-2 Infection Can Block Pain, Opening Up Unexpected 2020-09-24 10:00:00The spike protein on SARS-CoV-2 interferes with pain perception.

Keeping Coronavirus Vaccines at Subzero Temperatures During Distribution 2020-09-24 09:45:00Trucks, planes and storage facilities all need to be able to keep a vaccine cold.

Night Slim Pro Reviews – Do Night Slim 2020-09-24 01:00:00

Can Crystals Cure You? Belief in the Power 2020-09-23 17:30:00Crystals have long held an important place in medicine and spirituality of the past. People are again turning to stones for relief from modern ailment

Delta-8-THC Promises to Get You High Without the 2020-09-23 17:25:00A variation of the familiar Delta-9-THC compound is growing in popularity among savvy cannabis consumers. But its legality is sticky.

Racially Biased Policing: Can It Be Fixed? 2020-09-23 14:15:00Start with real-world data. Team up scholars and law enforcers. Focus on behaviors and situations. A coalition’s anti-bias work sheds light on a

Leptitox Reviews: Does This Fat Burner Work? 2020-09-23 01:00:00

Massive Volcanic Eruptions Might Have Opened the Door 2020-09-22 14:30:00Earth's history is littered with extinctions and we keep identifying even more periods were profound changes happened to life on Earth. The Late Tria

What Is Inflammation, and Why Is It Sometimes 2020-09-21 14:15:00The buzzword health condition can help or harm, depending on the situation.

Warmth Pouring Out of Siberia Sends Arctic Sea 2020-09-21 13:40:00Even the normally frozen North Pole had some open water when visited by a historic Arctic expedition toward summer's end.

Has the Stress of COVID Affected Our Brains? 2020-09-19 08:00:00A preprint reports increases in the volume of parts of the brain after lockdown.

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Paradox-Free Time Travel is Mathematically Possible: Study 2020-09-25 15:32:57Time travel with free will is logically possible in our Universe without any paradox, according to new research from the University of Queensland. &ld

ALMA Detects Salt, Water, Silicon Compounds and Methyl 2020-09-25 15:10:46Astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) have detected sodium chloride, silicon compounds, and water vapor in the cir

Scientists Sequence Y Chromosome DNA of Denisovans and 2020-09-25 13:30:56The genomes of our closest relatives, Neanderthals and Denisovans, have been sequenced and compared with that of modern humans. However, most archaic

Archaeologists Find 13,000-Year-Old Engraved Mammoth Tusk in Siberia 2020-09-25 11:47:01The 13,000-year-old partial tusk of an adult mammoth found in western Siberia has four images of two-humped camels engraved on it. The engraved tusk w

Researchers Create Detailed Map of Human Heart 2020-09-24 15:43:22A multinational team of scientists led by Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the Wellcome Sanger Institute, Max Delbrück

Vikings Weren’t All Scandinavian, Ancient DNA Study Shows 2020-09-24 13:31:32In the popular imagination, Vikings were fearsome blonde-haired warriors from Scandinavia who used longboats to carry out raids across Europe in a bri

Asteroid 2020 SW Flew Safely Past Earth Today 2020-09-24 11:37:56A small near-Earth asteroid designated 2020 SW made its closest approach to Earth today at 7:12 a.m. EDT (4:12 a.m. PDT) at a distance of about 22,000

Scientists Sequence Genome of Alexander Fleming’s Original Penicillin-Producing 2020-09-24 10:18:17A team of researchers from Imperial College London, the University of Oxford and CABI has successfully sequenced the genome of Alexander Fleming&rsquo

Venusian Tesserae Feature Layered, Folded and Eroded Rocks 2020-09-24 09:41:14A significant portion of some of the oldest terrain on Venus, known as tesserae, has striations consistent with layering, according to new research le

Paleontologist Describes New Genus of Mosasaurs: Gnathomortis 2020-09-23 16:57:12Gnathomortis stadtmani, the only species of the newly-described mosasaur genus, swam in the seas of North America between 79 and 81 million years ago

Crescent Shadow of Messier 87’s Supermassive Black Hole 2020-09-23 13:04:49In 2019, the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) delivered the first resolved images of M87*, the supermassive black hole in the center of the giant ellipti

Chromium Crucible Steel was First Made in Persia, 2020-09-23 12:19:27An international team of archaeologists from University College London, the Cyprus Institute and the University of Cambridge has analyzed finds from t

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A better alternative to phthalates? 2020-09-25 13:47:25Researchers analyzed urine samples from pregnant women to look for the presence of DINCH, which is short for di(isononyl)cyclohexane-1,2-dicarboxylate

Comparing face coverings in controlling expired particles 2020-09-25 11:36:50Laboratory tests of surgical and N95 masks show that they do cut down the amount of aerosolized particles emitted during breathing, talking and coughi

What new research reveals about rude workplace emails 2020-09-25 11:36:48A new study finds that rude emails at work can lead to significant distress for employees. Researchers say that 'active' email rudeness is overloade

Research challenges conventional wisdom about key autism trait 2020-09-25 11:36:45A new study into the causes of sensorimotor impairments prevalent among autistic people could pave the way for better treatment and management in the

How earthquake swarms arise 2020-09-25 11:36:40A new fault simulator maps out how interactions between pressure, friction and fluids rising through a fault zone can lead to slow-motion quakes and s

Color-coded biosensor illuminates in real time how viruses 2020-09-25 11:36:36All viruses can only do damage by replicating inside the cells of another organism, their host. Researchers have now shown an important mechanism in t

Atom-billiards with x-rays: A new approach to look 2020-09-25 11:36:32Since these early days of quantum mechanics, it is known that photons also possess momentum. The photon's ability to transfer momentum was used in a

Age restrictions for handguns make little difference in 2020-09-25 11:36:28In the United States, individual state laws barring 18- to 20-year-olds from buying or possessing a handgun make little difference in the rate of homi

How do Americans view the virus? Anthropology professor 2020-09-25 11:36:17A new study looks at how Americans' attitudes and responses have changed during the time of the pandemic and how to many people, the virus is not a b

3D-printed nasal swabs work as well as commercial 2020-09-25 11:34:32A clinical trial provides evidence that 3D-printed alternative nasal swabs work as well for COVID-19 diagnostic testing as commercial synthetic flocke

Ultrapotent antibody mix blocks COVID-19 virus attachment 2020-09-25 11:34:27A cocktail of powerful antibodies identified in recovered patients locks the coronavirus infection machinery, inhibits SARS-CoV-2 attachment to host c

The surprising organization of avian brains 2020-09-25 11:33:54Some birds can perform amazing cognitive feats - even though their forebrains seem to just consist of lumps of grey cells, while mammalian forebrains

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COVID-19 Outbreak At SDSU Threatens San Diego’s Economic 2020-09-21 20:00:57The outbreak is large enough to mandate many local businesses close or restrict indoor operations.

Greg Gianforte, Montana’s Pseudoscience Gubernatorial Candidate 2020-09-20 05:45:16From young Earth theory to climate change to COVID-19, the GOP congressman has a lot of ideas that should concern anyone who wants science-based polic

Man Who Made Knife From Frozen Poop Among 2020-09-18 15:40:26Other Ig Nobel winners include world leaders who think they’re smarter than doctors and scientists, and a team of researchers who looked at why

Twitter Users Not Impressed With Van Morrison's Anti-Lockdown 2020-09-18 15:39:08One person said that "writing anti-lockdown protest songs based on dubious viral Facebook posts is absolute peak boomer."

Jupiter And Its Moon Europa Shine In NASA's 2020-09-17 18:13:48Europa, which is smaller than our own moon, appears as a pale dot alongside its giant, color-streaked gas planet.

Fire, Flood, Smoke, Cyclones: The Climate Crisis Is 2020-09-16 18:44:54"It's going to keep getting worse,” one climate scientist warned.

California Church Caves To Public Health Orders After 2020-09-15 23:19:47Pastor Jack Trieber said that he has decided to stand aside and let God lead the fight to reopen North Valley Baptist Church and other churches.

Scientific American Makes First Political Endorsement In 175 2020-09-15 15:48:45“[Trump's] administration has been even worse for science than we feared,” Scientific American Editor-in-Chief Laura Helmuth told HuffPos

UK Museum Removes Shrunken Heads From Display 2020-09-14 14:41:26Oxford University’s Pitt Rivers Museum has removed its famous collection of shrunken heads and other human remains from display as part of a bro

Perfectly Preserved Ice Age Cave Bear Found In 2020-09-14 13:29:44Researchers said the carcass has all internal organs in place -- even its nose.

Warren G. Harding's Grandson Wants President’s Body Exhumed 2020-09-14 11:29:16James Blaesing found out in 2015 his mother was the only child of Harding through AncestryDNA and now wants "scientific certainty”

Astronomers Spot Possible Signs Of Extraterrestrial Life In 2020-09-14 11:12:46There may be bizarre microbes living in the sulfuric acid-laden clouds of the hothouse planet, scientists said.

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New funerary and ritual behaviors of the Neolithic 2020-09-25 00:00:00This finding opens new lines of research and anthropological scenarios, where human and animal sacrifice may have been related to ancestral cults, pro

160 genes linked to brain shrinkage in study 2020-09-25 00:00:00An analysis conducted in 45,000 adults mainly of European ancestry associated 160 genes with brain shrinkage seen on MRI. The analysis included resear

An app monitors cancer patients' health status and 2020-09-25 00:00:00Gamification is becoming increasingly common in educational settings, but can also be used in other fields such as health. Researchers at the Complute

Ascorbic acid-mediated reactions in organic synthesis 2020-09-25 00:00:00In this review, we report ascorbic acid-catalyzed reactions in organic synthesis. Several examples are included in this review to demonstrate that asc

Trends in treatment, survival among women with advanced 2020-09-25 00:00:00This observational study examined survival rates and the use of chemotherapy before surgery among women with advanced-stage epithelial ovarian cancer

COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine 2020-09-25 00:00:00More data needed before the National Institutes of Health COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel can recommend for or against convalescent plasma for the

Ultrapotent antibody mix blocks COVID-19 virus attachment 2020-09-25 00:00:00A mix of ultrapotent antibodies from recovered COVID-19 patients has been shown to recognize and lock down the infection machinery of the pandemic cor

Coldest Northern Hemisphere temperature, first recorded by UW, 2020-09-25 00:00:00Nearly 30 years after recording a temperature of minus 93.2 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 69.6 Celsius) in Greenland, the measurement has been verified b

First measurements of radiation levels on the moon 2020-09-25 00:00:00In the current issue (25 September) of the prestigious journal Science Advances, Chinese and German scientists report for the first time on time-resol

FSU researchers help develop sustainable polymers 2020-09-25 00:00:00Researchers at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering have made new discoveries on the effects of temperature on sustainable polymers. Their findings may

An enhanced ruthenium-based catalyst for primary amine synthesis 2020-09-25 00:00:00Researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) have developed a high-performance reusable ruthenium-based catalyst for the production of pr

Stem cells can repair Parkinson's-damaged circuits in mouse 2020-09-25 00:00:00University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers demonstrated a proof-of-concept stem cell treatment in a mouse model of Parkinson's disease. They found t

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French Days : une remise jusqu’à 70 € 2020-09-25 13:00:05Si vous avez prévu d’acheter un nouveau smartphone, il serait peut-être bon de voir du côté de Bouygues Telecom. Pour

Bon plan : les offres immanquables des French Days 2020-09-25 12:30:00Les French Days battent leur plein chez Cdiscount ! Jusqu’au 29 septembre, vous pouvez trouver de nombreuses offres sur les différen

Bon Plan Samsung : pour tout Galaxy S20 2020-09-25 12:30:00À l'occasion du lancement du nouveau smartphone Samsung S20 FE, profitez d'une offre exceptionnelle. Pour toute précommande, Samsung v

French Days : l’iPhone 11 à seulement 199 2020-09-25 12:30:00Chez SFR, French Days rime avec iPhone 11 pas cher ! Jusqu’au 28 septembre prochain, l’opérateur au carré rouge vous permet

Une « superbatterie » pour voiture électrique promet 2020-09-25 12:09:36Skeleton Technologies et l'Institut allemand de technologie de Karlsruhe se sont associés pour concevoir la SuperBattery pour les véhic

Qui a décimé cette plante rare dans le 2020-09-25 12:05:53Environ 40 % de la totalité des plants de sarrasin de Tiehm ont été arrachés sur un site minier de lithium. Les éco

Volkswagen ID.4 : le SUV électrique qui promet 520 2020-09-25 11:13:42Après l’ID.3, le groupe allemand lance officiellement son nouveau modèle électrique en s’attaquant au segment des SUV

French Days : 430 € de réduction sur 2020-09-25 10:50:00Vous êtes à la recherche d'un nouveau PC portable gaming ? À l'occasion des French Days, découvrez une superbe réd

M51-ULS-1b : la première exoplanète découverte dans une 2020-09-25 10:29:00Ce n'est pas la première fois que des astronomes annoncent la détection de la première exoplanète dans une autre gal

Les plus anciennes traces du passage de l'Homme 2020-09-25 10:15:44Il y a 120.000 ans, se retrouvaient sur les rives d'un lac, les premiers Hommes en partance pour de longues migrations. Dans cette pé

Comment se forme le magma avant une éruption 2020-09-25 10:00:00Le magma est à l'origine de la formation des volcans. Cette roche en fusion, qui bouillonne dans le cratère, provient d’une fusio

Le confinement a changé le chant de ces 2020-09-25 09:30:00Avec la pollution sonore, les oiseaux doivent s'égosiller pour communiquer avec leurs congénères. Mais, avec le confinement, les


Le brise-glace polaire chinois Xuelong prêt pour sa 2020-09-10 20:00:00Le brise-glace de recherche chinois Xuelong est prêt pour sa 37e expédition en Antarctique après avoir subi des travaux de mainten

Chine : ouverture d'une conférence sur la navigation 2020-09-10 20:00:00La Conférence sur la navigation par satellite de Chine 2020 se tiendra du 23 au 25 novembre à Chengdu, dans la province chinoise du Sich

Un fabricant privé de fusées chinois lève 1,2 2020-09-09 20:00:00Le fabricant privé chinois de fusées LandSpace a achevé sa série de financement C+ d'une valeur de 1,2 milliard de yuans

Des chercheurs américains développent une nouvelle méthode de 2020-09-08 20:00:00Des chercheurs de la Harvard Medical School ont développé une méthode rapide et peu coûteuse pour détecter le virus

Un astéroïde nommé en l'honneur d'un célèbre scientifique 2020-09-07 20:00:00Un astéroïde a été nommé en l'honneur du célèbre scientifique chinois Wu Weiren, concepteur en chef du

La Chine prévoit de lancer douze satellites d'IdO 2020-09-06 20:00:00La Chine procédera à des lancements intensifs de satellites pour son réseau spatial d'Internet des objets (IdO) en 2021, selon l

La Chine lance un nouveau satellite de télédétection 2020-09-06 20:00:00La Chine a lancé lundi un nouveau satellite de télédétection optique depuis le Centre de lancement de satellites de Taiyua

La Chine met en place un comité pour 2020-09-05 20:00:00Le Comité pour la promotion de l'Internet industriel a été lancé à Beijing lors du Salon international du commerce

Retour d'un vaisseau spatial expérimental réutilisable chinois sur 2020-09-05 20:00:00Le vaisseau spatial expérimental réutilisable de la Chine est retourné dimanche sur le site d'atterrissage prévu, apr&egr

La Chine lancera une nouvelle puce de positionnement 2020-09-04 20:00:00La Chine lancera une puce de positionnement de nouvelle génération pour le système de navigation par satellite BeiDou (BDS), d'i

La Chine lance un engin spatial expérimental réutilisable 2020-09-03 20:00:00La Chine a lancé vendredi avec succès un engin spatial expérimental réutilisable avec une fusée porteuse Longue Mar

Chine : le Forum de Zhongguancun 2020 se 2020-09-01 20:00:00Le Forum de Zhongguancun 2020 se tiendra à Beijing du 17 au 20 septembre, a annoncé mercredi son comité d'organisation.

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