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Anthropologie’s Home Sale Is the Perfect Excuse to Refresh Your Apartment

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The holidays are officially—sigh—over, and now we’re just left with cold weather and resolutions we may or may not keep. It’s too cold and we’re too tired to do anything super productive. But in this period of winter hibernation, there arises a perfect activity that allows you to stay the hell inside. Anthropologie’s home sale is the perfect excuse to refresh your apartment decor while keeping that post-holiday budget. (Yes, I did deserve all the gifts I bought myself, thank you very much.)

Anthropologie is blessing us all with 25 percent off tons of aesthetically pleasing home furnishings. We’re talking furniture, bedding, mirrors, lighting, decor—seriously everything you need to make your home look perfect so you never have to leave ever again. This sale is the ultimate new-year-new-me refresher. Out with the old, and in with the new (and on sale)! Basically, what I’m saying is that you can accomplish your new year’s resolution to redecorate your home without ever having to leave your warm bed—unless, of course, you’re in the market for some new bedding, in which case, you might have to get up for a few minutes.

Not only is Anthropologie’s home sale perfect for shopping for yourself, it’s also a fun way to buy something for someone who you totally forgot over the holidays. The cute throw pillow you definitely bought super early for your friend Karen got lost in the mail, right? And you’re just now getting it, right? It happens to be on sale now, but that’s totally just coincidence because you bought it a long time ago, like way before the holidays when you were supposed to buy it, right? Sorry for the delay, Karen! (Let’s be real, you probably wouldn’t have bought that throw pillow when it was full price anyway, so Karen’s getting a pretty good deal on this one.)

To make things even easier for you, we’ve rounded up 27 of our favorite sale items so you can get a head start on that re-decorating.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingMirana Sheet Set, $58-$158 $43.50-$148.50 at Anthropologie

Would never leave my bed.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingWinding Course Table Lamp, $248 $146 at Anthropologie

Copper and marble might just be the ultimate combo.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingAll Roads Texture-Striped Flatweave Rug, $68-$1,628 $51-$1,221 at Anthropologie

This rug is so pretty I’d probably never walk on it if I owned it.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingMairava Pillow, $88-$128 $66-$96 at Anthropologie

Do it for Karen!!

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingSubmarine Hook, $14 $10.50 at Anthropologie

Never losing my purse or keys again.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingMabel Doorstep, $78 $58.50 at Anthropologie

Look, if you’re gonna buy a pretty doorstep, you might as well go all out.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingTala Rounded 6W LED Bulb, $28 $21 at Anthropologie

This light bulb reminds me of Einstein. (I feel smarter just looking at it.)

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingCecilia Curtain, $68-$98 $51-$73.50 at Anthropologie

These curtains are so whimsical some quirky fictional character would probably make clothes out of them.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingVelvet Thelma Pillow, $58 $43.50 at Anthropologie

These are so ~luxurious~.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingOptical Inlay Nightstand, $648 $486 at Anthropologie

Just looking at this nightstand makes me feel ready for bed.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingBrewer Bath Towel Collection, $18-$36 $13.50-$27 at Anthropologie

In the words of Salem from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, “So cuddly soft!”

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingAngelica Lamp Ensemble, $198 $148 at Anthropologie

This lamp is literally prettier than I am.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingMaison Storage Bath Caddy, $148 $111 at Anthropologie

Because no home is complete without a bath caddy—there, I said it.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingEstella Mirror, $98 $73.50 at Anthropologie

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. YOU’RE the fairest of them all.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingAtria Rug, $348-$1,798 $261-$1,348.50 at Anthropologie

Someone you know will claim they could’ve designed this, but they definitely could not have.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingStrawberry Pillow, $36 $27 at Anthropologie

Cute enough to eat. (But like, don’t.)

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingTufted Ayla Throw Blanket, $148 $111 at Anthropologie

Hi, this is the coziest blanket I’ve ever seen.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingLeopard Sheet Set, $168 $126 at Anthropologie

It’s a jungle out there (and in your bedroom).

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingTufted Aria Bath Mat, $54-$98 $40.50-$73.50 at Anthropologie

The cutest thing to stare at while you poop.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingPari Rattan Chair, $98 $73.50 at Anthropologie

I imagine myself sitting in this chair sipping lemonade on a warm summer day. (Let me dream.)

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingLightbearer Sconce, $498 $373.50 at Anthropologie

Because you know you’ve always wanted to say you have a sconce in your home.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingBrass Mirror Shelf, $38 $28.50 at Anthropologie

It’s fancy, but easy to assemble. Thank you, Anthro.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingAgneta Shower Curtain, $88 $68 at Anthropologie

Shower in flower blossoms.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingKitula Quilt, $178-$228 $133.50-$171 at Anthropologie

Not your grandmother’s quilt.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingTufted Ayla Pillow, $88-$128 $66-$96

This pillow is my dream aesthetic.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingMatilde Monogram Hook, $18 $13.50 at Anthropologie

Finally I can spell out TIMOTHEE CHALAMET with wall hooks!

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingFeather Collection Dining Chair, $698 $523.50 at Anthropologie

These might be the classiest dining room chairs to ever exist.

STYLECASTER | Anthropologie's Home Sale Is AmazingTasseled Border Duvet, $228-$268 $171-$201 at Anthropologie

Catch us under those covers 24/7.

Our mission at STYLECASTER is to bring style to the people, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale. 

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