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I Watched the Season 2 Premiere Of ‘Big Little Lies’ & I Have So Many Questions

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The Monterey Five are back, and this season, their past secrets and lies just might bury them all alive. These Big Little Lies Season 2 series premiere spoilers will reveal everything that’s happening to our favorite ladies. A new school year has begun, and new characters will infiltrate Monterey. During the Season 1 finale, the women witnessed Celeste (Nicole Kidman) being tormented and physically abused by her husband, Perry (Alexander Skarsgård). Rushing to defend her, Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz) accidentally pushed Perry to his death while the other ladies, Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) Jane (Shailene Woodley), and Renata (Laura Dern) rushed to her side to cover up the crime.

Summer has passed since we last saw the ladies and while Madeline, Jane, and Renata seem determined to put the past behind them–the arrival of Perry’s grieving mother, Mary Louise (Meryl Streep) threatens to expose them all. Meanwhile, Bonnie is now a shell of the vibrant spirit she once was. Unable to cope with her role in Perry’s death, she’s wholly retreated into herself disconnecting with her family and the women who are implicated with her.

The Season 2 Big Little Lies opener, “What Have They Done?” picks up just a few months after the Season 1 finale, and  I have a slew of burning questions.

SPOILERS, OBVIOUSLY [embedded content]

Let’s get into them, shall we?

big little lies season 2 I Watched the Season 2 Premiere Of Big Little Lies & I Have So Many Questions

Image: Jennifer Clasen/HBO.

Are the Monterey Five friends now?

It’s the first day of second grade for the kiddos, and though we were used to seeing Jane, Celeste, and Madeline together, it looks like the trio now has mutual respect for or at least a unique understanding with Renata and Bonnie. The fivesome is no longer at odds with one another. Instead, they are navigating the school like a lioness pack. (Except for Bonnie, who is barely even functioning.)

meryl streep big little lies I Watched the Season 2 Premiere Of Big Little Lies & I Have So Many Questions

Image: Jennifer Clasen/HBO.

Does Perry’s mom know something about his murder?

First and foremost, Perry’s mom Mary Louise is utterly terrifying. She’s moved in with Celeste and the twins from San Francisco to try and help out. But it also appears that she has some ulterior motives to weaseling her way unto her dead son’s household. She’s a bit harsh when it comes to disciplining the twins. She’s downright rude and nasty to Madeline, and she seems utterly suspicious about Celeste who keeps having dreams and nightmares about her marriage and Perry’s death. Perry was violent and diabolical, and it’s looking more and more likely that those are traits he mirrored from his mother.

perry big little lies I Watched the Season 2 Premiere Of Big Little Lies & I Have So Many Questions

Image: HBO.

Speaking of Perry, is he actually dead?

Though it appears that Perry is actually bludgeoned, dead, and buried, his presence is still very apparent on the show. Celeste is always thinking about him, reflecting on the good and the bad times, Bonnie is haunted by the fatal shove she gave him, and Jane is still plagued by the fact that her son is a product of Perry sexually assaulting her.

reese witherspoon big little lies I Watched the Season 2 Premiere Of Big Little Lies & I Have So Many Questions

Image: HBO.

What is Madeline up to these days?

If there is anyone who seems to be acting normal its the neurotic and overly dramatic Madeline. With a new role as a top realtor in Monterey, Madeline is still trying to be the Queen Bee of Otter Bay Elementary School, while taking charge of her friend group and the life of her oldest daughter, Abigal. Though it’s her senior year in college, Abigal has no interest in attending college and Madeline is horrified.  Though she wants to continue on as if nothing happened and she wasn’t involved in Perry’s death, we all know that Madeline can spiral off the deep end at a moment’s notice. So we’re just waiting for it.

nicole kidman big little lies I Watched the Season 2 Premiere Of Big Little Lies & I Have So Many Questions

Image: Jennifer Clasen/HBO.

Does Celeste blame herself for Perry death?

Though Mary Louise is curt and pretty freaking scary, she is a big help to Celeste who seems to be sleepwalking through her life. Most days, it’s Mary Louise who drags Celeste and the twins out of bed. Thankfully, Celeste has returned to her therapist. Unfortunately, as it can happen with domestic violence survivors, she also seems to blame herself for trying to leave Perry and the events that followed. It also doesn’t help that Mary Lousie is watching every single move she makes.

zoe kravitz big little lies I Watched the Season 2 Premiere Of Big Little Lies & I Have So Many Questions

Image: Jennifer Clasen/HBO.

Why is Bonnie acting so strangely?

After returning home from a summer in Tahoe, Bonnie is still emotionally unavailable. She refuses to speak to her husband, Nathan, about it. Bonnie is avoiding the rest of the ladies, and she is angry with herself for not revealing the truth about Perry’s death. It seems to be eating her alive. With so much weighing on her, it appears she might snap (or turn herself in) at any moment?. This season is supposed to dive into Bonnie’s past, so we expect to learn a lot more about her and why she’s reacting in this manner.

jane big little lies I Watched the Season 2 Premiere Of Big Little Lies & I Have So Many Questions

Image: Jennifer Clasen/HBO.

Does Jane have a new love interest?

Jane’s life has been consumed with being attacked by Perry and raising her son. However, with a new role at the aquarium and potential love interest on the horizon, Jane is trying (at the very least) to move forward with her life. With Perry gone, Celeste has also been giving Jane checks from his estate. But, Jane refuses to cash them. Money is always an interesting bedfellow.

laura dern big little lies I Watched the Season 2 Premiere Of Big Little Lies & I Have So Many Questions

Image: Jennifer Clasen/HBO.

Where does Renata fit into all of this?

Though Renata and Madeline were at each other’s throats for the majority of the last season, everything is different now. Renata rushed to help the women when they needed her most, and now it looks like they may have to return the favor. Though she’s still a boss in the boardroom, Renata’s marriage might be on the fritz, and it appears that she has her eye on her daughter’s new teacher at Otter Bay in more ways than one.

season 2 big little lies I Watched the Season 2 Premiere Of Big Little Lies & I Have So Many Questions

Image: Jennifer Clasen/HBO.

Will the Monterey Five get away with murder?

So far, it looks like the investigation into Perry’s death has calmed considerably. However, with Mary Lousie’s prying, and the heavy guilt weighing on Celeste and Bonnie, we’re sure some secrets will come bubbling to the surface before we say goodbye to Big Little Lies for good.

Big Little Lies Season 2 premieres tonight at 9PM on HBO.

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