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8 Sex Positions to Do Anywhere But in Bed

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Look, I realize that sometimes adventurous sex and trying sex positions in unusual locations can seem a little overrated. Is it really worth putting in all this effort for a questionable outcome (like a twig in my thigh)? Am I really going to have a better orgasm—or any orgasm—in the shower? Maybe not. But there’s still damn good reason to get outside your sex comfort zone (read: mattress) every once in awhile. (Because newness can be hot.)

Research shows that new things literally trigger activity in a part of our brain that makes us feel good and releases the happy hormone, dopamine. And sex itself causes a surge in oxytocin, the warm-and-fuzzy hormone that makes us feel close to our partners. In other words, sex in a new place (read: unfamiliar, possibly unusual location) creates ideal chemical conditions in your brain and body. It’s a recipe for fun and a natural high—orgasm aside. Our go-to sex guru, Marissa Nelson, LMFT, will tell you that while orgasms are obviously important, they shouldn’t be the end goal of sex every single time. It’s about the sexual journey, people, not just the destination!

Lucky for you, warm weather is finally here, which means that we’re not stuck inside all the time—and getting some action in places like a pool, beach or car isn’t something that would put you at risk of hypothermia. Plus, there are plenty of indoor places where getting busy is just as safe, but way more exciting than between the sheets.

Ready for some “sex-cursions?” Check out eight fun, hot and off-the-grid sex positions to try in weird and unusual places.

STYLECASTER | 8 Sex Positions to Do Anywhere But in Bed

Jenny Yuen.

1. Stand and Carry

“The standing partner will be doing most of the work in this position, but being in a pool will definitely ease some of that burden,” says Nelson. *This sex position works for all gender pairings!

Pro tip for couples where there’s a penis and vagina: The vagina-owner should squeeze their vaginal walls tight and do kegel exercises while the penis-owner is thrusting. This will add tightness and pleasure for both parties.

STYLECASTER | 8 Sex Positions to Do Anywhere But in Bed

Jenny Yuen.

2. Modified Standing Cunnilingus

“This position is all about communication and letting your lover know how you like to be pleasured,” says Nelson. “If the top partner is on the edge of a kitchen counter, for instance, you can modify by putting your legs over [their] shoulder while being eaten out. You can also put your hand on [their] head and grind your pelvis to orgasm.” *This sex position works for all gender pairings!

STYLECASTER | 8 Sex Positions to Do Anywhere But in Bed

Jenny Yuen.

3. Frog Leap

“You can modify this one by dropping down to your knees if your arms get tired and spreading your legs wider for maximum satisfaction,” says Nelson. “If it’s not a totally spontaneous romp, it helps to bring towels or blankets for under your knees.” For two vagina-owners, this sex position can be done using a strap-on or other toy. *This sex position works for all gender pairings!

STYLECASTER | 8 Sex Positions to Do Anywhere But in Bed

Jenny Yuen.

4. Pirate’s Bounty

“This is a great position for people who have a hard time orgasming, as it gives [a vagina-owner] the chance to have a blended clitoral vaginal orgasm,” says Nelson. “Make sure you’re using extra water-based lubricant, as you need more thrusting at this angle. Ideally, the partner on the bottom can self-pleasure, while being penetrated and bring [themselves] to orgasm. The sensation of coming while thrusting is amazing and has the potential to give you a G-spot orgasm, as well as a clitoral one.” *This sex position works for all gender pairings!

STYLECASTER | 8 Sex Positions to Do Anywhere But in Bed

Jenny Yuen.

5. Bodyguard

“Since this position can hit your G-spot at a different angle, this could be extremely pleasurable for the receiver and super-tight-feeling for [penis-owners],” says Nelson. “If there’s a height difference, you’ll have to work to align your genitals or strap on for maximum pleasure. Lesbian [vagina-owning] couples can use the tip of the strap-on to stimulate the clitoris to make [their partner] orgasm, and go back and forth between penetration and clitoral stimulation.” *This sex position works for all gender pairings!

Pro tip: Receivers, arch your back and get on your tippy toes, or put a foot up on the edge of the tub, shower, or on an ottoman or edge of the bed.

STYLECASTER | 8 Sex Positions to Do Anywhere But in Bed

Jenny Yuen.

6. Dancer

“Whether you’re in an airplane bathroom or somewhere else that’s enclosed, staying balanced and lining up your genitals is the most important challenge of this position,” says Nelson. “It’s great for stimulating the vulva and clitoris.” *This sex position works for all gender pairings!

Pro tip: Hold onto your partner’s butt, or around their neck. You can also try this position in a pair of high heels, so it’s easier to bounce up and down.

STYLECASTER | 8 Sex Positions to Do Anywhere But in Bed

Jenny Yuen.

7. Lotus

“This position, even in close quarters, like a car, results in deep penetration for both partners, especially if you’re working together to grind in unison,” says Nelson. “Both should hold on and move their hips in a circular motion. The partner on top can grab the back of the car seat and bounce up and down to control the degree of penetration and bring themselves to orgasm.” *This sex position works for all gender pairings!

STYLECASTER | 8 Sex Positions to Do Anywhere But in Bed

Jenny Yuen.

8. Prison Guard

“Prison guard provides some of the deepest levels of penetration, perfect for G-spotting,” says Nelson. “If you want less intensity, you can bring your legs closer together. For more intensity, spread them farther apart and bend at the knee, while arching your back and putting your butt in the air.” *This sex position works for all gender pairings!

A version of this article was originally published in April 2017.

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