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18th of November 2018


Fake Rolex Watches - How To Spot Them & Compare To The Real Watch

I bought a fake Rolex watch.

On purpose.

More than once.

Why? I had a mindset you may have experienced yourself – where’s the harm in buying and wearing a fake? It’s all the cachet at a fraction of the cost.

There is a downside, however, which I discovered as soon as I wore mine.

I have two fake Rolexes. And I wish I could say that I stopped there, but no – I also have a fake Patek Phillippe, a fake Louis Vuitton, and a fake Breitling. Do you want to see them? I bet you do. Read on.

Click Here To Watch The Video – My FAKE Rolex Collection 

#1. What’s The Story?

Back in 2007 when I started my first company, A Tailored Suit, I went to Hong Kong – to Kowloon specifically – looking for tailors to partner with.

fake rolex watch

My fake Oyster Perpetual Daytona Cosmograph

I was in Hong Kong, exploring a cool local bazaar, and all of a sudden someone came up and said to me,

‘Hey – are you interested in luxury goods? You interested in a Rolex?’

Well – who’s not interested in a Rolex? So I followed this guy. He led me into a room. Not a shop… just a room. Clearly things were getting a little bit shady.

#2. Why I Bought 5 Fake Watches

I looked around and realized I was SURROUNDED by Rolexes, designer bags, and all kinds of high-end gear. That was when I knew these ‘luxury goods’ were fake and this salesman was going to try and take me for a ride.


My fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual Superlative Chronometer. I don’t think Rolex ever MADE an ‘open heart’ style like this (where you can see the movement.)

So did I leave? No. I haggled. I felt pretty good I was able to talk him down from 150 or 200 bucks down to 50, but I ended up buying these watches. Why?

At the time I thought, ‘If I’m getting into this industry I’ve got to start wearing a nice watch. I can’t afford a Rolex… so I’m just gonna do this.’ #3. Fake Rolex – Worth It?

I’ll tell you straight up – buying these watches was a mistake. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve worn any of these watches. The one I actually did wear a few times was the Patek – I just simply thought it was a stylish looking watch – until I broke the glass.

fake patek philippe watch

My fake Patek Philippe Geneve Calatrava

But the thing is, every time I wore that watch I never felt good about it. I always worried about what would happen if somebody recognized it for what it was. Would they question me? Would I have lied to them?

Thankfully, I never got stuck in that situation – but that’s the issue with counterfeits.

If you’re wearing something that’s not real, you are never confident about it and you actually feel bad about yourself. #4. Experiment 1 – Use Cheap, Feel Cheap?

This goes back to a 2011 psychology study on cheap products and self-worth in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Scientists did two experiments to see if name-brand products had a different effect on people than generic knockoffs of the same products.

fake breitling watch

My fake Breitling for Bentley Special Edition, failing to make me feel special

In the first experiment, they pretended they were evaluating people’s job qualifications. They sat the test subjects down at a computer and asked them to type up a resumé.

Half the subjects got an authentic Apple keyboard and mouse and were told, ‘We bought them just for this experiment.’ The other half got a generic keyboard and mouse and were told, ‘Sorry, the budget wouldn’t stretch to the real thing.’

People using a generic keyboard and mouse rated themselves as deserving a lower salary than people using an Apple keyboard and mouse. #5. Experiment 2 – Fakes And Attraction

In the second experiment, they lent people an iPhone to call a potential romantic partner, but the battery was dead. The scientists replaced it with either a generic battery or a genuine name-brand iPhone battery.

STYLE VIDEOS fake louis vuitton watch

My fake Louis Vuitton Tambour Chronometer

Those using the generic battery rated themselves significantly lower on self-worth and thought their partner would find them less attractive.

In other words – when people buy generics or counterfeits, their self-confidence actually drops. Bonus: How It Feels To Wear The Real Thing

Guys – I have to agree with this study. I now own the real thing.

rolex explorer i

My REAL Rolex Explorer. Click here to see me nerd out about it.

The first Rolex I bought was a Yacht-Master. I’ve had it for almost a year now, and I absolutely love wearing it. I’ve got a beautiful Rolex Datejust, which is my go-to dress watch. And then for everyday wear, I’ve got my Explorer – a hearty, very tough, and practical watch that looks great.

When I wear these watches I feel confident. They’re authentic. Yes, I paid a pretty penny for them, but you get what you pay for.

The $50 I spent on those counterfeits was 100% wasted. I never wear them. The only thing they’re good for is to warn you all off buying a fake Rolex.

Now you know the story of how I ended up with five fake watches. For a story with a more satisfying ending, click here to find out how I chose my first Rolex – the Yacht-Master.

And if I’ve put you off buying a fake Rolex – but the budget won’t stretch to a real one just yet – click here for my in-depth guide to watch buying and choose something in your price range that’ll make you feel GOOD.

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