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David Beckham Style: 7 Secrets To Steal From An Icon

It's hard to find someone who hasn't heard of soccer (football outside the US) legend and style icon David Beckham.

Though he's retired from the sport, he is deeply involved in men's style – whether he's dressing great or helping to produce his own clothing lines.

David Beckham Style: 7 Secrets To Steal From An Icon

There is so much to take away from his principles and personal look, that it was quite a challenge to condense it all in one brief article.

Nevertheless, I've consolidated 7 David Beckham style tips you can steal for yourself.

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Your Style Can Evolve Embracing Manhood Find Your Style Icon Wearing A Timeless Suit Leverage Your Colors Finding A Signature Hair Style Listening To Your Woman 1. Your Style Can Evolve

If we look at the Beckham from the late 90s and that of the 2010s, they look nothing alike. In the former period, we saw him sporting some aggressively urban outfits.

david beckham old style

This photograph from 2003 shows Beckham in baggy jeans, a wrinkled t-shirt, and bared underwear. Click here to find out some simple things you can do to look better. 

We've seen him wear durags, sleeveless shirts, baggy jeans showing underwear, and tacky sweaters. He's even worn such amalgamations during formal occasions!

Even his most casual outfits today are entirely different. He is held up as a pillar of classic menswear, and he is constantly looking to contribute to its cultural advancement.

2. Recognize Your Manhood – And Embrace It

You'd think that such a master of menswear has a profound philosophy as to why he loves style so much.

You'd be wrong.

david beckham suit 2

Embracing your own style philosophy and manhood is key to keeping a great look.

As he said in a 2018 interview with GQ, it boils down to two things: manhood and age. The most important year of his life, according to him, was 1999. It was the year he had his son, won the treble and emerged from some hard times in '98.

He said that '99 was when he realized he was a man at last, and it's remained the most important year in his life. It's even reflected in the name of his grooming line, House 99.

David Beckham also realizes that, as a man in his 40s with a family and a public persona, he really needed to up his style game to fit the stage he's in.

3. Finding A Style Icon

I've spoken about finding a role model to emulate, and David does it too. During interviews he's mentioned how his main style icon is Steve McQueen, saying that if he could be anyone, it'd be him.

david beckham peak blinders

Always find a hero. Click here to see some modern style icons.

Have you ever heard of Peaky Blinders? The hit BBC show has a big fan in Beckham. He identifies with the characters as working-class urban men with a taste for three-piece suits. For that reason, his newest Kent & Curwen line draws on a partnership with Peaky Blinders to deliver style based on the show.

4. Knowing How To Rock A Timeless Suit

One key David Beckham style tip is to know the basics of a classic suit. Early on in a style journey, a man should have at least two fitted suits in his closet.

Beckham has no shortage of appearances in suits, but one particular case stands out: his outfit during the 2012 Olympics.

david beckham suit

David Beckham nails classic suits. Click here to check out 10 rules to know before buying a suit.

Let's break down the details of his outfit:

Jacket Details Notch lapel Collar Single Breasted Jacket Closure Two-Button Front Single Welt Pocket Two Jetted Pockets Four Buttons at Cuffs Dual Vents Trouser Details Hook and Button Closure Flat Front Slim Fit Pattern Two Side Pockets Two Back Pockets Other details Contrasting Collar Dress Shirt Tie Bar Lapel Pin White Pocket Square

When combined, these factors invoke unquestionable professionalism while the smaller details like the tie bar add appropriate pop.

5. Leverage Your Colors

Even when there's not a call for a formal suit, he takes full advantage of a myriad of colors and patterns to make a powerful statement.

An excellent case study for this David Beckham style tip comes from the 2014 Wimbledon tournament – while attending the Mikhail Kukushin Vs. Rafael Nadal match.

beckham wimbledon

Want to master the use of colors like David? Click here to learn more about leveraging color.

He wore a Ralph Lauren suit with a mustard-colored jacket bearing a glen check pattern. The ensemble was amplified by a regimental tie with novelty patterns, a lapel pin, and a pocket square.

It was balanced out with a pair of charcoal trousers – showcasing a colorful interchangeable wardrobe in action.

6. Find A Signature Hair Style

An integral facet of Beckham's style is his hair. While he's worn numerous styles over the years, he's consolidated a few signatures.

Among them are the comb-over, the undercut, and the quiff. Beckham's favorite? The quiff.

david beckham quiff

David knows exactly which hairstyles work for him. Click here to learn more about finding the right hairstyle.

The reason he loves it is because it adheres to his age-based style philosophy. He feels that it's a timeless and reliable style to be sported on many occasions.

As a result, it's a style he returns to often.

7. Take Style Advice From Your Woman

The simple fact is that your girlfriend, fiancee, or wife doesn't want to be seen with a slob. If she gives you style advice, then she has your best interests at heart. Plus, her opinion should supersede most others.

In David Beckham's case, his wife Victoria led him to be passionate about beard oils and balms.

The lady in your life only wants you to look your best.

He wore a scruffy look long before he started using beard products. Without them, his facial hair was coarse and dry – a fact Victoria picked up on. Finally, she advised him either to shave or to moisturize.

Now, beard oil is an essential part of his grooming routine. His House 99 line even includes them.

Summary – David Beckham Style Tips Your Style Can Evolve Embracing Manhood Find Your Style Icon Wearing A Timeless Suit Leverage Your Colors Finding A Signature Hair Style Listening To Your Woman

You don't have to be a world-renown soccer star to look like one. With these simple tips, you can be a master of style as well.

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