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21st of May 2018


How To Stop Being Late? | 7 Tips To Be More Punctual

You’re sweating.

Your lungs are burning.

You want to sink through the floor.

You’re late. AGAIN.

Sound familiar?

WHY can’t you just stop?

According to a study at San Francisco State University, 17% of people are chronically late.

Most of them are struggling with other self-control and attention issues.

And most of them are DESPERATE to be punctual.

Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t just an issue of selfish inconsideration. Chronic lateness is a legitimate challenge. But you CAN overcome it. If a single mother with 4 kids can be on time, so can you.

Already tried the popular wisdom on the matter without success? Don’t give up. That doesn’t mean being punctual is impossible for you. It just means that you need to be smarter about it than the average man.

Today I’ll give you 7 science-based hacks to help you do just that.

Click Here To Watch The Video – How To Stop Being Late?

Click Here To Watch The Video – 7 Tips To Be More Punctual


#1. Do Your Research

Keep a record of WHY you’re late. You’ll start to see patterns and learn to prepare for them.

Keep a record of HOW late you are. If you’re always late by the same amount, that indicates psychological issues. If it varies, it indicates time management issues.

If It’s A Time Management Issue #2. Know That You SUCK At Estimating Time

Don’t worry, it’s not just you. On average, people underestimate how long a task will take to by up to 40%. Do you run chronically late? In your case, it’s probably more then.


The solution: time your routine tasks every day for two weeks. Use RescueTime for computer tasks. Yes, it’ll be boring. It’ll also be SHOCKING when you realize how much you’ve miscalculated.


For non-routine tasks, breaking down an activity into very detailed steps can help you estimate more accurately how long it will take. A 2012 study found that mentally picturing a task before you do it also helps.

#3. Check The Clock

Clock-checking predicts punctuality. Scientists at Washington University gave people a distracting task and asked them to press the Z key every 5 minutes.

Younger people did better because they checked the clock more frequently as the target time approached. Older people tended not to increase their checks.

Takeaway: if you think you’re old enough to know how long 5 minutes is, you’re wrong. Swallow your pride and check the clock.

man-looking-watch#4. Wear A Watch

A 2015 study in the journal PeerJ showed that watch-wearers are more conscientious (defined as being driven, hard-working, and reliable) and arrive significantly earlier for appointments. Why?

– The science of enclothed cognition means that you think and act according to how you dress. If, for example, you’re wearing a watch, your brain says, “I must be a man who’s conscious of time.”

– Watches make it easier to check the time, so you’re more likely to do it. If you’ve recently bought your first watch, do you still check the time on your phone? If so, train yourself to look at your wrist. Unlike your phone, a watch won’t distract you when you check the time.

Warning: setting your watch early DOESN’T WORK. You’ll always know it’s ahead and you’ll compensate. If you want to get around this, set your phone and computer clocks early too, and change their times every week so you’re never sure HOW early they are.

#5. Set a SWEET

If you’re always running late because you can’t stop working on something, you need a SWEET. No, this doesn’t mean go to the vending machine for some candy. It’s an acronym that stands for Stop Working On Everything Else Time. 

Figure out how much time you’ll need after a task in order to make your next commitment on time and subtract that amount from your leaving time to find your SWEET. Set a phone alarm for this time.

Use at least one warning alarm 10-30 minutes before the SWEET as well so you can wrap up what you’re doing. It’s called “Stop Working On Everything Else Time”. If you treat it as “Start Wrapping Things Up Time”, you’ll be late.

Don’t do anything engrossing after your first warning alarm goes off. No deep work, no Twitter feuds, no cat videos. Pick a task you can easily drop.

If you feel the urge to do one more thing just before leaving, remind yourself that it can wait. Take last-minute tasks with you and complete them on the journey or after you arrive. Imagine the satisfaction of arriving early enough to do that!

If It’s A Psychological Issue dangerous-sport#6. Know Your Personality Type

Psychologist Dr. Linda Sapadin identified four chronically late personality types, offering fixes for each of them:

The Perfectionist: Can’t leave the house before checking that everything is right.Fix: Set realistic goals and accept imperfection. Become an “optimalist” instead of a perfectionist.

The Crisis-Maker: Thrives on the adrenaline rush of pressure, including time-related pressure.Fix: Get your adrenaline rush elsewhere. Take up a dangerous sport.

The Defier: Hates being told what to do.Fix: Pick your battles. Rebel against social norms that are actually harmful. Being on time isn’t one of them.

The Dreamer: Overoptimistic about how long something will take to complete.Fix: Accept that you don’t have super speed. Give yourself plenty of time, even if you’re convinced you won’t need it.

checking-mvmt-watch#7. Change Your Attitude

Learn to say no. We’re often late to places we don’t really want to be. If that’s your job, it might be time to look for a new one.

Activate your reward neurons. Plan to be early and plan something enjoyable to do while you wait.

Make deadlines non-negotiable, like a promise to yourself. When you chronically miss deadlines, you end up on a lateness roll: it’s easier to continue being late than to change direction. Solution: think like a man on a punctuality roll. Be a man of your word. Instead of “Will I hit this deadline for once?”, say”It has to happen and it WILL happen.”

Stop seeing yourself as the late guy. When you allow this, you’re TELLING your subconscious to be late. Instead, consciously tell yourself “I used to be late for everything. I’m working on it.”

Here’s a great way to show yourself you’re not the late guy anymore. Treat yourself to a stylish men’s watch to boost your punctuality.

I want you to succeed and I believe you CAN succeed, so I’m giving you my 65-page ebook on watches for free. Click here to download the Ultimate Guide To Men’s Watches. 

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