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14th of November 2018


The Men's Boot Effect: Why Boots Make Men More Attractive - RMRS

You know Russell Crowe from Gladiator?

Picture him at a Hollywood party, hanging out with Jerry Bruckheimer the producer.

Russell’s got women all over him – UNTIL he takes off his boots…

and loses three inches of height.

Immediately Jerry’s like, ‘Get your boots back on, man! You’re messing up your image!’

Is the story true? I don’t know… but what I will attest to is the power of boots.

Today I’ll give you 5 reasons why boots make you more attractive – and why every man needs a pair in his wardrobe.

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They use water-resistant Goodyear welting, leather from Tier 1 USA cattle that develops a beautiful patina with time, and a cork lining that conforms to your foot for comfort. Click here to find your favorite Thursday Boots.

Click Here To Watch The Video – The Boot Effect: Why Boots Make You More Attractive!

#1. Women Love Boots

A 2016 study out of GQ magazine did in-depth interviews with over 200 women, asking them what they look for in a man – including specific details when it comes to style and grooming.

76% of women said they wanted to see a man wear casual boots on a first date.

Why do women like boots? It comes down to association and status. Let’s look at history.

200 years back, if you were a foot soldier you couldn’t afford boots. You could barely afford shoes. Boots were always reserved for officers – men of status, men of power.


Even now, if you think of a guy who’s going to be an explorer or joining the military, what’s he wearing? Boots. Imagine a rock star up on stage, breaking rules, commanding respect – what’s he wearing? Boots.

It’s all about setting yourself apart. It’s all about status.

#2. Boots Add Height

Women in general like taller men. Even other men ‘look up’ to taller men.

Studies show that the top CEOs of companies are likely to be taller than average.

If you’re shorter, is it a lost cause? Of course not. If you search RMRS you’ll find plenty of tips and tricks – try this article on the best way to wear pants, shirts, and suits for short men.


Click here to stand tall in these stunning black Chelsea boots from Thursday Boots.

But starting it off with a pair of boots is going to help. If you find a pair of boots with two or three-inch heels, you can go from five foot five to five foot seven.

#3. Your Feet Will Look Larger Let’s talk about size. Big shoes mean a big heart, right?

To look more masculine, you need to make your extremities a bit larger in general, especially during the colder months when you’re starting to layer. Wearing extra pieces can throw off your proportions, especially if you’re often wearing casual clothing, which is most men out there.


Click here to upgrade your casual look with these cognac suede wingtip boots from Thursday Boots.

So if you wear boots they add a bit of width, length, and overall size to your feet. It’s not clunky if you get the right style – it just looks rugged and makes you come across as more masculine.

#4. Leather Is Masculine

When you wear leather you come off as stronger. A 2001 study out of the School of Art at Liverpool John Moore University found that certain materials evoked feelings. Tweed made you relax. Whenever they put denim in front of people it made them feel more energetic.

Leather is all about strength and masculinity.

Why? For a start, it’s tough and rugged (just like you). And there’s something primal about it too. We know you didn’t really chase down a cow with a spear to make those leather boots, but the ‘mighty hunter’ vibe remains.


Click here to show your masculinity with Thursday Boots’ ‘Rugged’ collection.

#5. Boots Are Functional

Boots give protection. They’ve got the rubber sole, they cover up your ankles with a good strong leather –  you can walk through the snow, sleet, and rain, and not worry about damaging the boots as long as you take care of them. They’ll keep the water off your feet and give you a good grip.

Boots are functional – and one of my favorite pieces of menswear a man can own.

And they’re not only functional in cold and wet weather – chukka boots are designed for some of the hottest conditions on earth. British soldiers in World War II commissioned Egyptian cobblers to make them because they wanted a boot that would be more functional in the desert. It was such a success that they caught on with civilians.


Click here to check out the chukkas at Thursday Boots.

So if you want a piece of clothing that’ll make you look more attractive to women, taller, and more masculine, make your feet look bigger, AND give you protection in all weathers – get a good pair of boots.

For a GREAT pair of men’s leather boots at a great price, I do recommend checking out Thursday Boots. I absolutely love this company. I know the founders – I’ve spent time with them in New York.

Like I said, everything about the construction is awesome. And they’ve got everything from chukkas to dress boots to exploration boots. Click here to take advantage of the Boot Effect with Thursday Boots.

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