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21 Men's Style Hacks That Are Guaranteed To Work

Why do you need men's style hacks? Several reasons, most likely.

Yes, you want to look good, to show the world your best self. But you’re a busy man. You're hustling, working hard, always on the move. You don't like to be behind schedule, and you hate wasting time.

But it happens. You forget your best watch, your dress shirt buttons come loose and to make things worse – your shirt gets wrinkled.

What can you do to avoid this?

Gents, you’re in luck today. I'm giving you the 21 Real Men Real Style tested men’s style hacks you need to know.

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Click Here To Watch The Video – 21 GENIUS Men's Style Hacks That Actually Work! (100% RMRS Tested)

Without further ado, let's get into 21 genius men's style hacks every man should know!

Men's Style Hacks 1. Wearing Two Watches While Traveling

As a general rule of thumb, it’s good to have at least two watches to go with most of your menswear. It’s no surprise then that our first style hack for men is to wear them both. (Yes – at the same time!)

When you’re traveling, wearing two watches at the same time guarantees that you’ll have both of your favorite men’s watches while on the move to match with anything. Most importantly though, you can’t lose them on the journey.

2. Shoes Too Tight? Try a Shoe Extender or a Blow Dryer

Did you love a pair of dress shoes too much to leave behind, even if they were just short of your size? The solution is simpler than you might think.

A Shoe Extender is perfect if that new pair is just a little too tight. It works best with men’s dress shoes made of leather or suede. By saturating the shoes with the right liquid and turning the knob until you feel some resistance, the shoe can expand a half-size.

Make sure to consult your local cobbler about expanding your shoes.

A blow dryer on shoes may sound unusual but it’s perfect for men who just have a problem with certain tight spots in their shoes. To do this you just need to slip on some thick, wool socks and wear the shoes. Use the blow dryer to blow heat directly into the tight spot for five-ten minutes.

The heat from the dryer together with the thickness of the wool work to shape your shoes to your feet.

Behold, you don't regret that purchase anymore!

3. Going Through Security? Use Removable Belt Buckles To Save Time

Click here to check out Anson's versatile selection of belts & buckles with free US shipping and a lifetime guarantee!

4. Take Your Own Water Bottles To The Airport

Why spend a fortune on bottled water at the airport when you can easily fill your own bottles from the restroom taps when you've cleared security.

5. Freeze Your Water So It Can Pass Through Security

This is one of my favorite hacks. Sure, we can't take many liquids past security at the airport, but did you know you could taken frozen water bottles through?

Homeland Security in the US explains that ice is allowed through so long as it's solid when presented for screening.

We've even tried this style hack here in RMRS. It works. Awesome!

6. Avoiding Damage To Your Shoes – Use Your Belt

Every men’s style veteran knows that a shoehorn is essential for preventing long-term damage to your footwear. But as a man on the move you might forget it from time to time.

Fear not, here’s a style hack that’s always on you.

On the move? Your belt makes the perfect shoehorn substitute.

Most leather belts fit right up against the back of shoes, allowing you to slide your foot right in.

7. Protect Yourself AND Your Shoes – Try Rubber Soles.

As stylish men, we love fine leather soles on our shoes. Once you run into a bit of wet and snowy weather though, things can get slippery fast.

Click here for more on how to make your shoes weather-proof.

Invest in some shoes with rubber soles for those cold winters and wet summers. This small style hack not only saves you some balance in the long run, but your wallet too.

A rubber sole also keeps fine leather from wasting away, saving you an expensive trip to the cobbler.

8. Loose Threading on shirt or button?

Dab a drop of superglue or clear nail polish on the buttonhole to prevents further unraveling.

9. Learn How To Sew On A Button

While using superglue and nail polish makes for a quick fix, take some time to learn how to sew a button on properly.

Click here to learn how to sew on buttons by hand.

It may take a bit of patience to learn learn, but this style hack will give you the most permanent solution. And let's not kid ourselves: it's a skill every stylish man should know.

10. Save Money On Your Socks By Repairing Them

It’s happened to all of us. There are few things less comfortable in menswear than your big toe sticking through a hole in your sock.

Luckily, sewing is a style hack that can apply to your socks as well as your buttons. By sewing shut the holes in your socks with a matching thread, you’ve saved your favorite pair as well as an extra ten dollars.

11. Couldn’t Travel With The Tools? Ask Your Hotel For An Emergency Sewing Kit 12. Alternatives To Shaving Cream

As men on the move, sometimes lugging a can of shaving cream around isn’t practical.

Luckily there are several useful alternatives to traditional shaving cream that make this style hack invaluable.

Click here to learn about a few shaving secrets that every man should know.

Most natural oils are effective alternatives to shave with. These include vegetable oil, coconut oil, and baby oil. Try to steer away from facial creams as they’re usually designed to be absorbed quickly into your pores. Even women’s soap bars make useful substitutes.

13. Store Shaving Cream or Lotion in Your Contact Lens Case

Every new bottle of contact solution tells you to throw away your old cases.

Doesn’t that seem like a waste? That’s where this men's style hack comes in.

Whether you’re staying the night at a friend’s house or traveling overnight, contact lens cases make the perfect storage for a single day’s supply of shaving cream and hair product. No need to take jars with you on short trips.

14. Color Code Your Keys. Use Nail Polish, Paint, Or Tape 15. Want Stiff Collar Stays? Try Plastic Cards

As stylish men one of the last things we want is a flimsy collar. There are certainly men’collar stays for sale out there, but they can range anywhere between $10 and $20.

Still have that rewards card that you never use?

Click here to learn more about making your shirt collars look exceptional.

Any plastic card you have on hand can be just as effective at keeping that collar stiff as an overpriced set. Plastic is overall a much better alternative to metal stays, which can damage your shirt if you happen to leave them in while washing.

16. Hiding Money While Traveling? Use An Empty Chap stick Container

If you're like a lot of men who travel and you worry about keeping your cash safe, there’s a simple way to hide those emergency funds.

Empty Chap Stick containers make perfect compartments for money. For this style hack, all you need to do is roll up your cash and stick it in.

Don’t worry, no one is going to try to steal Chap Stick.


17. Ironing Tips For Men On The Move

Never got around to ironing your shirts? Have a job interview in an hour, followed by a date? Fear not! You can still make your shirt look sharp on the fly.

Click here to learn why it's essential for you to know how to iron a dress shirt.

Gents, you do not need to iron your entire shirt to look your best. Picture yourself in a jacket, what’s visible? The collar, chest, and cuffs.

Ironing these areas and keep your jacket on. No one will notice that your shirt is wrinkled elsewhere.

18. Double Your Closet Space Using Sodapop Tabs

Building a formidable men’s wardrobe can mean running out of space quickly.

Luckily, this style hack comes in a can.

Using soda pop tabs to create offset hangers is an effective way to double your closet space.

It can even help you organize your wardrobe. It’s the perfect way to put together your go-to outfit and have it ready for the next day.

19. Love Your Haircut?  Take Pictures & Video

This one is pretty straightforward, gents. If you love what your barber did, a good style hack is to keep a record of it for the future.

Barber Shaving A Man's Head

Click here to learn how to get the perfect haircut and choosing the right barber for the job.

Make sure to take a few pictures, even asking your barber to record a simple video of your new look from a few angles while explaining key aspects of it.

20. Eliminate Odors By Leaving Dry Teabags in Shoes & Gym Bags 21. Save Space By Creating A Sock/Underwear/Undershirt Pack

An excellent style hack to save space is to package your underwear, socks, and undershirt as a single item.

To do this, simply place your underwear on the shirt, fold over the sleeves and place the socks over them. Then simply roll the whole thing up from the top, stretching the socks over the undershirt to finish the package.

Sometimes it can seem difficult to look excellent and stay efficient at the time.

Thanks to these 21 proven men's style hacks can save you space, time, and money without sacrificing what matters most – the style that helps you become the man you know yourself to be.

Anson Belts are the perfect compliment for men looking to build a streamlined wardrobe. Their belts are made using a wide array of materials that range from premium leather and suede to flannel and micro fleece. Even vegan options like cotton are available. 

Not only do they offer free shipping in the US, but refunds are available at any time. All shipping costs associated with refunds are also covered in the unlikely event they make a mistake with your order. With such a robust selection and deals to match it, it's definitely a good idea to check out Anson Belts. 

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