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19th of December 2018


How To Wear A Watch - Should Men BREAK These 10 Rules?

Not all style rules are created equal.

Take watches – if you’re into them, you’ve heard that certain types of watches go with certain types of clothes.

And that’s true…usually. But what about when it’s not?

Below are ten common bits of advice about wearing a watch that you can feel free to play with – or even outright ignore.

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How To Wear A Watch – Rule 1: On The Non-Dominant Hand

The idea here is pretty simple: if you're right-handed you wear your watch on the left hand and vice versa. The trouble here is that since most people are right-handed, the hardware on watches tends to be placed with wear on the left hand in mind – so if you follow this rule strictly as a lefty, the pushers or crown of the watch could start to get in your way.

how to wear a watch men

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At the end of the day, you should wear your watch where it’s most comfortable and functional for you. That will depend on the particular design you’re wearing as well as plain old individual preference.

2: No Bling Watches

Understated style is often the most timeless style, so it’s tempting to act like this is a hard and fast rule. Fact is, though, an outfit that’s sober and traditional from head to toe leaves little room for personal expression.

If a flashy watch is where you want to flaunt your unique taste, and you have the confidence to pull it off, go for it. Yes, they’re functional, but nowadays especially, they’re also jewelry.

3: Match Watches To Clothes

This infographic has recommendations on how to choose a watch for every level of formality. But these are guidelines. You CAN bend them if you do it for the right reasons.

matching watch rules man

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It’s traditional not to wear a watch with black tie dress, for instance. But if you have an heirloom watch that means something to you and it’s dressy enough to pair with a suit, you might decide to wear it to a wedding or a gala anyhow. At the end of the day the rules serve you – you don’t serve them.

4: Don’t Wear A Watch That’s Too Tight Or Too Loose

Okay, so there’s no real reason to break or even bend this rule. Wearing a watch too loose isn’t good for it – you’re more likely to break the band and bang up the mechanisms. And wearing it too tight just hurts your wrist.

5: Don’t Check Your Watch When Speaking With Someone

Checking your watch is a lot less obvious than checking your phone, but it’s still pretty rude. It sends a message that you need to be somewhere else or that you’re bored.

man checking watch

Style is about controlling the signals you send to the world. That’s one signal most people don’t control.

6: Don't Touch Another Man's Watch

Actually, you can go ahead and break this one… IF he gives you permission. Some guys will just take off their $100,000 watches and hand them to you to hold… it's a little rude to refuse under those circumstances! Just don't touch without consent.

7: Match Metals And Match Leathers

This rule refers to the leather band on your watch matching your belt and your shoes, and the metal matching any other pieces of jewelry, buckles, and so on.

Again, this is a base guideline. It looks good, it's a good place to start – but if you wear a gold wedding ring and you want a steel watch, or a gold/steel blend, you don't have to follow that rule.

how to wear a watch

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Likewise, if you've got a dark brown leather, you could wear black with it.

The key is to understand the rule and to break it by choice, rather than by accident.

8: Wear Dark With Dark, Wear Light With Light

This rule refers to the dial color – it means you should pair a dark dial with a dark outfit and a light dial with a light outfit. This is NOT a rule that you have to follow.

Sure, coordinate your watches with your outfits if you want to. But don't worry if you like that white dial with your navy shirt.

9. Rule Of Proportions – Watch Case Size

The rule of proportions dictates that a man with a smaller wrist should wear a watch with a smaller case. If you have larger wrists you can go for a larger watch case.

In general, this is a good rule, but you can bend and break it. Some watch brands have huge cases but look great on smaller wrists.


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It really comes down to the placement of the lugs and the overall design. The key is that if you find a brand that suits you, you can break this rule.

10. Don't Wear The Same Watch Every Day

Once you start getting obsessed with watches, all of a sudden you start collecting them.

Watches are like chips – it's hard to stop at just one. 

This is not so much a rule as a fact of life. If you're just getting into watches, be warned… it's probably going to happen to you too.

So here's the rundown on these rules: should you obey them?

Wear Your Watch On the Non-Dominant Hand – MAYBE No Bling Watches – MAYBE Know How To Wear A Watch That Matches Your Outfit – MAYBE Don’t Wear A Watch That’s Too Tight Or Too Loose – YES Don’t Check Your Watch When Speaking With Someone – YES Don't Touch Another Man's Watch Match Metals And Match Leathers – MAYBE Wear Dark With Dark, Wear Light With Light – NO Rule Of Proportions – Watch Case Size – MAYBE Don't Wear The Same Watch Every Day – Can you resist?

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