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Men's Everyday Carry: 7 Items I ALWAYS Have On Me

Every man has his go-to gear; those key essentials that he feels naked without.

They vary slightly from man-to-man, but most of us rely on a similar arsenal.

Men's Everyday Carry: 7 Items I ALWAYS Have On Me

Gents, that's the topic of today's article – 7 everyday carry essentials for men that I just can't function without.

This article is brought to you by MAHI. MAHI's high-quality, full-grain leather bags are made to order meaning you can customize size, style and even have your initials embroidered. MAHI ships directly to their customers – this means no middlemen or expensive storage and the savings are passed on to you with no overspending.

MAHI bags will serve you for 50+ years if looked after properly. The full-grain leather duffel in my video is just $151.50 and that includes free shipping! And to show how much MAHI are confident in their quality, they give you 70 days of usage to report any fault or quality issues. Don't overspend for quality, click here to check out MAHI.

Click Here To Watch The Video – 13 Daily Essentials I Can't Live Without (Antonio's Every Day Carry)

My Smartphone Men's Watches My Keys A Quality Gym Bag Bluetooth Headphones Sunglasses A Tactical Pen

Ready, gentlemen? Let's get into it.

1. My Smartphone

This first men's everyday carry tool I've got to mention is something I seldom see people without.

Since their introduction in their early 2000s, smartphones have taken the world by storm as a truly universal tool. You'd be hard-pressed to find anybody without one, regardless of income or age.

cool short words phone call

Click here for some tips on cell phone etiquette.

What makes mine even more convenient is what I added to it.

I use a Rhino cover and, more importantly, a wallet attached to the back.

It holds everything I need; from my credit cards to my personal ID. The slim profile allows it to slip right into my front pocket with ease.

2. Men's Watches

Gentlemen, you've heard me go on about the importance of watches, but it just can't be overstated.

Watches are about as timeless as it gets.

From the first line of pocket watches in 1524 to the advent of wristwatches in the early 20th century, they've remained a key indicator of a man who is conscious of his look.

A wristwatch is also the perfect way to express your personal style, even in formal settings. There are so many variations that the possibilities are practically endless.

The watches that I have worn all through this summer have all been dive watches. Why? They were originally built for braving the seas, and their nautical heritage is appropriate for the season.

men's dive watch

My everyday carry for the summer includes a Dive Watch. Want to learn more? Click here to check out the ultimate guide to watch styles.

The bottom line is this – a man might be wearing shorts, sneakers and a T-shirt but if he's wearing a stylish men's wristwatch, then you can bet he cares about how he looks.

3. My Keys

As far as everyday carry essentials for men go, the house and car keys are essential. If you're not taking your keys with you, it's a wonder you get around!

It's a safe bet that most, if not all men carry their house and car keys, but whatever else they add to the set is up to them.

Keys to your house and car are critical everyday carry items for every man.

So, what's on my keyring?

Besides my truck and house keys, I have my office key on hand. I keep my P.O. Box and Gym keys handy. I also make sure to have my YMCA  and gym cards attached.

4. A Quality Gym Bag

I try to hit the gym about 5 times a week, so my gym bag comes with me.

Since it's carrying my exercise essentials, it can't be a dainty bag. For that reason, I've opted for a quality full-grain leather bag.

mahi duffle bag

Click here to check out the MAHI duffle bag – perfect for the gym!

There are plenty of reasons to invest in a bag like this.

Not least of which is the durability you'll be receiving.

It might sting your wallet at first, but a bag that'll last you at least 50 years will save you loads of money in the long run.  Just like a watch, it's a timeless item that you can pass down to your kids.

5. Bluetooth Headset

As far as everyday carry essentials for men, you'd think that a guy like me is using a Bluetooth headset because I'm constantly making calls.

You'd be wrong!

man wearing earbuds in train

I find any excuse to listen to one of my audiobooks.

In fact, I only use my headset to listen to audiobooks – whether I'm lounging around or grocery shopping.

I'm always trying to learn, and audiobooks have grown to be a consistent source of inspiration. I strongly recommend that everyone develop a routine around them.

6. Some Stylish Shades

Recently, I've been wearing Enemy Eyewear – a new company whose shades I've been having fun with.

The right pair of shades can do wonders for a man's look and there are several styles embraced by numerous brands around the world.

Do you admire military heritage? Aviators might be for you.

Are you more for suave style? Clubmasters may do your outfit justice.

The best part is that even those broad categories come in a myriad of expressions, and you really can't go wrong.

sunglasses on beach in sunset

Never underestimate the power of a quality pair of shades.

It's why I highly recommend this men's everyday carry piece.

7. A Tactical Pen

Some of us carry pens, but who among you carries a TACTICAL pen?

This tool – also known as an EDC pen, is an often forgotten piece of everyday equipment with considerable utility.

It could also save your life.

Unlike your everyday writing utensil, EDC pens are often built with a titanium shell along with a pressurized ink cartridge. They come with a host of tools ranging from a puncher to break car windows in an emergency, to a blade for self-defense.

tactical pen

My EDC pen reminds me of my time in the US Marine Corps, which helps me to focus and strive for more.

I lean toward Gerber as my go-to brand. Their pens stand out as being designed under the advice of law enforcement officials, so I prefer what the pros go after.

Gerbers are able to write in all weather conditions. They also feature a steel-tipped window puncher to deliver maximum strength, as well as a machined steel build.

What could inspire more fear in a wrongdoer than being impaled with a hunk of titanium?

Summary – Men's Everyday Carry My Smartphone Men's Watches My Keys A Quality Gym Bag Bluetooth Headphones Sunglasses A Tactical Pen

Are you wrong if you don't use the same tools? Absolutely not. Every man has his own arsenal at his disposal. This was merely a glimpse into my favorite tools that I use to dominate each and every day.

MAHI leather

Click here to check out MAHI.

This article is brought to you by MAHI. MAHI's high-quality, full-grain leather bags are made to order meaning you can customize size, style and even have your initials embroidered. MAHI ships directly to their customers – this means no middlemen or expensive storage and the savings are passed on to you with no overspending.

MAHI bags will serve you for 50+ years if looked after properly. The full-grain leather duffel in my video is just $151.50 and that includes free shipping! And to show how much MAHI are confident in their quality, they give you 70 days of usage to report any fault or quality issues. Don't overspend for quality, click here to check out MAHI.

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