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18th of November 2018


Men's Uniforms | Why Men Need A Uniform - Real Men Real Style

Are you wearing a uniform?

You should be.

Every man should have his own uniform.

You’re probably asking what I mean by this. Why is it so important and how can it make me more productive and more successful?

In today’s article, I’m going to show you.

I’ve partnered with Jeremy Fragrance – the world’s most influential fragrance reviewer and together we’re going to show you why men need a uniform.

Click Here To Watch The Video – Why Men Need A Uniform

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

#1. What Is A Uniform? why men need a uniform

Your uniform projects your image onto the world. What does yours say about you? This photo was taken at last year’s Menfluential event. Click to visit the Menfluential 2018 site and get your tickets before they run out!

We’ll start with what we mean by a uniform. The Oxford Dictionary definition is “a particular set of clothes that has to be worn by the members of the same organization or group of people.”

In this context, “members of the same organization or group of people” are successful men  like you.

Still with me?

I’m not saying all successful men should all dress in the same way. Think of yourself as your own personal brand with your own uniform. Your choice of uniform is personal to you. What you wear depends on the image you want to project on the world.

Highly successful men develop an image which makes them instantly recognizable.

What does Mark Zuckerberg wear? Usually it’s a blue or grey t-shirt. You probably saw him testify to Congress when he was wearing a suit. He looked out of place – even though everyone around him was wearing the same thing. It looked odd because you’re not used to seeing him out of his uniform.

Steve Jobs is synonymous with the black turtleneck sweater, tucked into jeans. I can’t recall seeing him in anything else. Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford are two other examples of highly successful men who seldom wear anything other than their trademark uniforms. In Tom Ford’s case, it’s a black suit.

#2. Why Should I Wear A Uniform? why men need a uniform

Jeremy explains his reasons for wearing a uniform. Click to watch our video – 3 Colognes THAT Guarantee Compliments

Before I go into it, let’s ask the question. Jeremy Fragrance is a successful guy. He won best Fragrance Vlog of the year 2018 and has built up a following of over 450,000 on his YouTube Channel. His trademark uniform is, in his own words, “a dark grey or blue suit, a white shirt and a dark red or grey tie”.

I asked to explain his reasons…

It’s because he’s building a brand; his brand. Jeremy is the guy in the suit. His clothing choice is consistent so people associate it with him and him with it. His uniform is like a corporate identity and he is building his brand awareness.

Some businesses invest in workwear to help build their corporate and brand image so consider how you’re going to build your brand and image.

Ask yourself “What does my uniform say about me?”

Do you know what the best thing about wearing a uniform is?

It saves time.

We want to increase our productivity and a great way to do this is to develop habits to simplify decision making. If you have a uniform, you don’t need to spend time choosing your clothes in the morning and if you have a tried and tested uniform which looks great on you, you know you’re always going to feel great when you leave the house.

Your uniform gives you a sense of power, and when you feel powerful, you’re more likely to be successful.

In Jeremy’s case, he wears a suit to convey authority and integrity. A suit gets you respect and shows respect to those people you are speaking to. Dressing formally can increase both authority and openness which is perfect if, like him, you’re approaching people and asking them for their opinion on something.

But does he always wear a suit? And does this mean you should always wear a suit?

The answer is no. And no again.

Jeremy dresses for his situation and you should to. If wearing a suit projects the image you want to project – great. If not, choose your uniform and stick with that to build your own brand. And if that means wearing a turtleneck sweater tucked into jeans – more power to you!


When creating your uniform, make sure you know where you’re going, what you want to achieve, what your mission is and what image you want to project to the world.

Has Jeremy’s style inspired you? Read our guide on Buying Quality Suits. Or do you want to project a more casual image? In that case, read our guide on How To Dress Sharp & Casual.

If you enjoyed my collaboration with Jeremy Fragrance, you’ll love 3 Colognes That Guarantee Compliments.

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