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17th of December 2018


Gifts For Men - 25 Best Men's Holiday Gift Ideas 2019

Gift shopping for your fellow men – your dad, your best friends, your father-in-law – can be tricky.

You want to get them something they'll actually use, but the market is never more flooded with cheap gimmicks and passing fads than during the holidays.

Below are a few of the most perfect gifts for men. Although these brands have sponsored RMRS before, they didn't pay to be featured here – these products in particular have withstood the test of time. And at the end of the day, isn't that what makes a gift really memorable?

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A good pair of dress boots can take you almost anywhere. They're one of the most versatile items a man can have in his wardrobe – yet they're not as widely known and worn as they deserve to be. Thursday Boots makes a whole range of shoes that are both styled and built to last.

thursday boots

Click here to grab these boots from Thursday Boots.

If you're looking for a classic men's luggage piece that won't break the bank, Mahi Leather is a great place to start. This is an Indian brand turning out beautiful leather products at very affordable prices. Check out their weekender bag – these bags make perfect gifts for men who are new to style or anyone who appreciates good value and craftsmanship.


Click here to check out Mahi Leather.

Use code RMRS5 for a great discount – or RMRSBULK for a larger 12% discount with FREE SHIPPING if you're buying more than 4 items.

This is a brand for those who are ready to dive into high-end leather goods but still want to get every penny's worth. They cut no corners on quality – their bags are handmade in Italy using the best materials and hardware available – and they create accessories that are distinctive and yet timeless.


Click here to grab this bag from Carl Friedrik and use code RMRS15 for an exclusive discount.

Colonel Littleton’s distinctive luggage offerings are perfect gifts for men who travel or who like to stand out from the commuter crowd. The subtly unique hardware and old-school designs are compliment magnets.

colonel littleton gifts for men

Click here to grab this bag from Colonel Littleton.

First things first: this isn’t a tech review site, it’s a style site. That said, if you’re the guy who loves high-tech gifting, this is both a great value computer and a stylish design that will integrate nicely into a classy gentleman’s aesthetic.

gifts for men spectre x360

Click here to get the Spectre X360.

No word on whether the name of the model is a deliberate James Bond reference – as if you needed to be reminded that gadgets need not be geeky while looking at this thing.

6. Leather portfolio

The leather portfolio – which holds a pad of paper and a pen in a sleek, elegant package – was once a staple of any man’s workday equipage. These days it lends extra cachet to everything from meeting notes to simply writing down a phone number.

leather portfolio gifts for men

Click here to get this portfolio from Carl Friedrik and use code RMRS15 to claim a discount.

7. Mont Blanc Starwalker Pen

You don’t have to be into expensive pens to appreciate this elegant utensil, which includes some bonus gadgetry (a flashlight and multitool) and is perfect for carrying with your leather portfolio. It’s one of those nice everyday-carry objects that can become part of a stylish set of habits.

mont blanc starwalker pen

Click here to get the Mont Blanc Starwalker pen.

There’s a lot of multitools out there, particularly wherever you’re shopping for holiday gifts for men. But some stand out from the pack. Gerber’s been making some of the best multitools you can buy for over 20 years. The Gerber Shard is inexpensive and extraordinarily useful, while the Gerber Dime is a step up the ladder and even more so.

STYLE VIDEOS gerber shard gifts for men

Click here to get the Shard.

Another favorite multitool brand is Leatherman, whose tools have a sleek, refined aesthetic. These three represent multiple levels in terms of expense and number of functions. The Rebar is particularly great as a starter multitool, and very affordable.

You may not be in a place in your life to pick up a Rolex for everybody on your list, but you don’t have to be to give a high-quality, elegant watch. Vincero’s choices are especially perfect gifts for men who are just starting out with style and could stand to get used to wearing an investment accessory.

vincero watch blue

Click here to grab this watch from Vincero and use code RMRS for a great discount.

If it’s a functional watch you want, you can’t get much better than Casio’s G-shock line. They’re high quality, borderline indestructible, and come in a number of equally exciting style choices. Don’t be surprised if the guy who receives one ends up a collector.

The shirt stay or shirt garter is an unsung style hero. The top part connects to your shirt, the bottom part connects to your socks – so it keeps your socks up and, more importantly, your shirt tucked in all day.

shirt stays kk and jay

Click here to get these shirt stays from KK and Jay and use code RMRS for a great discount.

KK and Jay took this design and improved on it, making shirt stays that don’t twist while you’re wearing them. They look attractive too and make great gifts for men.

Feetures socks are incredibly durable. You can wear them all the time, go running in them, and not get a single hole. They also have advanced moisture-wicking properties and look good enough to wear as dress socks, so you can jog to work in them and wear them all day without stinking up the office. They fit great too – you can really feel the arch support.

feetures best socks

Click here to check out Feetures and use code 10OFF for $10 off your first purchase.

Sheath was started by a veteran in Iraq. He had issues with the boys chafing on long marches, so he decided to create an isolation pouch – literally a package for your package in your underwear. You've got to check out Sheath – no other company is taking care of the boys like they are.

sheath underwear

Click here to check out Sheath and use code RMRS for a great discount.

If you're looking for pocket squares you want to check out The Dark Knot. The CEO, Rishi, is a great guy who’s got all the pocket squares and neckties that every man needs to start off with. His navy necktie should be in every man's wardrobe – and the pocket squares are beautiful classics.

The Dark Knot

Click here to check out The Dark Knot.

Anson Belt & Buckle’s unique micro-track system means you don't have to deal with any belt holes (and who doesn’t want an infinitely adjustable belt during the holidays?) Even better, they have stellar customer service. Father-son team Frank and Dave will take care of you no matter what happens.

anson belt summer

Click here to create your belt at Anson Belt.

These are great winter fragrances that smell warm and sweet but powerfully masculine as well. The Spicebomb Extreme is a little darker and more suited to colder weather or clubbing.

This is the most popular scent by John Varvatos, and with good reason. It’s a very nice, clean, woody citrus scent that will bring a welcome shot of sunshine to the holiday season. Plus it comes in a great-looking white wicker bottle.

john varvatos artisan pure

Click here to get Artisan Pure from Amazon.

The legendary perfumer Alberto Morillas has actually improved on the original Acqua di Gio Profumo, one of the best all-season all-occasion fragrances out there. The Special Blend is a little sweeter, more elegant, and has better staying power.

ALL the colognes Armani is putting out recently make excellent gifts for men.

Scentbird is great if you're trying to discover your signature scent. It’s a monthly subscription box that enables you to try lots of different colognes for a fraction of the price.

Speaking of fragrance – the body wash and shampoo you use will have an effect on how you smell throughout the day. You want to use something with natural ingredients that smells amazing.

Check out New Man Revolution for unique products that smell great – and 10x manlier than your regular drugstore stuff.

new man revolution shampoo kit

Click here to build your New Man Revolution kit.

Use code RMRSclub for 25% off when you join the club, or RMRS for 15% off when you make a one time purchase.

Most of you are using cartridge or disposable razors. OneBlade has put in a million dollars of research to create a unique razor that gives you the same type of shave as a straight razor but looks and handles better than a safety razor.

This is a simple and brilliant design. If a guy enjoys his shave and you want to get him something new to try, splash out on a OneBlade and he’ll be blown away.

Bonus: Boxes As Gifts For Men

Don't forget about man boxes. Boxes are a great way to make your environment a lot more stylish and to have a place where everything goes so you can find it. Check out the American Shine Company’s classic shoe shine boxes for a really good-looking example.

There are so many different types of cool boxes out there – for your watches, for your sunglasses, and more. You can get some of these custom made and they look absolutely beautiful.

Remember – what makes a good gift is thought, purpose, and meaning. When you give someone something they really appreciate, they’ll think of you every time they use it. That’s the power of a good gift.

Hopefully, you can use these ideas to give the perfect gift this holiday season.

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