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16th of November 2018


7 Men's Skin Care Mistakes & How To Fix - Skincare Routine For Men

That guy your age who looks much younger…

He’s not making these mistakes.

He’s not been making them for years.

And this isn’t just about looks…

#1 and #6 could kill you.

If taking care of your skin seems a little feminine to you – think of it as one more weapon to get what you want out of life. There’s a huge men’s skin care industry these days, and ignoring it isn’t manly. It’s just sloppy – and dangerous.

But even guys who DO take care of their skin could be getting it wrong in these ways… read on to find out if you’re one of them.

This post was brought to you by Tiege Hanley. My great friend Aaron Marino founded Tiege as a way to simplify men’s skincare. They deliver all the products you need to your doorstep every 30, 60, or 90 days, with clear instructions on exactly how much of what to use when.

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Click Here To Watch The Video – 7 Skincare Mistakes Men Make (And How To Fix Them!)

Now let’s get into the first of these 7 men’s skin care mistakes…

Mistake #1: Not Using Sunscreen

Only 14% of American men use sunscreen regularly (30% of women do). If you’re not one of them, a 2013 study from Annals of Internal Medicine has some bad news for you:

People who use sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher daily show 24 percent less skin aging. 

And if that’s not enough to convince you – an estimated 86% of melanoma and 90% of nonmelanoma skin cancer is caused by UV.


Click here to get SPF20 with Tiege.

For best protection from UV you need broad-spectrum sunscreen, which protects from both UVB and the more harmful UVA rays. Make sure it has an SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 50. Reapply every hour you’re in the sun, especially if you’re sweating or swimming.

Mistake #2: Not Moisturizing Enough

58% of men aged 18-24 and 63% aged 25-34 use a daily facial moisturizing product, according to a study by Mintel. In other words…

The average guy moisturizes. Don’t get left behind.

To find your skin type, check your T-zone (across your forehead and a straight line down your chin) at the end of the day. Then check below to find the right men’s skin care products for you.

Shiny = oily skin. You need light non-oily products. Matte = dry skin. You need a moisturizing cleanser and a rich or oil-based moisturizer. Medium = normal or combination skin. You need products that are in between.

In the morning use a moisturizer with SPF20+. At bedtime use one with anti-ageing ingredients, e.g. collagen and elastin (the natural proteins that give young skin its springiness), niacinamide, and peptides.

tiege hanley men's skin care

Tiege’s anti-aging system has you covered on all these fronts. Click here to see what’s in it.

Check the brand website before you buy a moisturizer. If they don’t list what’s in it and why it’s in there, it’s probably because it’s not that good for you.

Mistake #3: Not Dealing With Acne More than 40% of men in their 20s suffer from acne, say scientists at the University of Alabama. Yet most acne can be 100% cured.

It’s caused by your pores getting blocked with dirt and bacteria, which may have been building up in there for YEARS if you haven’t been taking care of your skin.

Make sure you wash your face daily and exfoliate a couple of times a week, and use an acne cream with salicylic acid once or twice a day, depending on how severe your acne is.

tiege acne system

Click here to get clear skin on autopilot with the Tiege Acne System.

For really serious cases see a skincare professional or esthetician who specializes in extractions – cleaning out your pores.

Finally, is your acne worse on one cheek? Try wiping your smartphone screen with alcohol every day…

Mistake #4: Letting Calluses And Blisters Form

Calluses from lifting will eventually tear, bleed and make it hard to work out until they heal. You need to either use chalk or wear gloves. Neither will necessarily prevent all calluses, but they will help.


To get rid of calluses, soak your hands in warm water until the calluses are puffy and white. Then shave them down with a pumice stone, emery board, or razor (it won’t hurt as long as you stick to the puffy white bits.)

Treat calluses on feet the same way. All you need to prevent blisters is slight skin thickening.

Heavy calluses DON’T prevent blisters – but make them more painful and harder to treat.

For blister prevention while running or hiking, wear nylon or moisture-wicking socks – two pairs if needed. Carry Band-Aids and apply them WHEN it STARTS to hurt. There are no prizes for waiting until your feet are shredded.

Try to avoid popping blisters, because it can set you up for infection. If you must, use a needle sterilized with rubbing alcohol. Leave bandages off at home so the blister can breathe and dry up faster.

Mistake #5: Dealing With Body Hair Wrong

Post-manscaping prickliness is caused by the sharp severed ends of your trimmed or shaved hairs. It’s worst for men with very thick body hair – if you have a little Wookiee in your DNA, try waxing instead.

wookiee body hair

The rest of you can reduce prickliness by following these rules.

Shave body hair in a hot shower to soften hairs, with the grain to avoid sharp angles, then moisturize to beat razor burn.

If that doesn’t work, go for trimming instead of shaving, and make the hairs long enough not to prickle. Experiment with clipper guards to find the right length.

Mistake #6: Using Products With Harmful Chemicals

Most men’s skincare products you’ll find in drugstores contain chemicals that will do MUCH worse than damage your skin. Synthetic fragrances that give you a rash are only the start. The real killer (literally) is a group of common preservatives called parabens.

Parabens are linked to testicular cancer and both female and male breast cancer, according to scientists at the University of Reading.

They can lower your testosterone and cause low sperm count or abnormal sperm. A Danish study found parabens in the urine and blood of healthy young men 2 hours after a lotion containing parabens was applied to the skin.

Look for a paraben-free men’s skin care product that uses natural plant-based ingredients.

Mistake #7: Not Having A Proper Shave Routine

Is shaving a rushed chore for you? Why not do it properly, make it an enjoyable masculine ritual, and say goodbye to those itchy red bumps? Here are my top tips for a perfect shave.

shave brush

Shave after a hot shower, when your pores are open and your skin is softer. Use a QUALITY shave cream, butter, or soap. Experiment with different brands and look for natural moisturizing ingredients like oatmeal extract, aloe vera, and green tea. Apply with a shaving brush. Give it time to enter the stubble (maybe brush your teeth while you wait) and then apply more. Try a safety razor. Shave with the grain, only one pass, with small short strokes and light pressure, rinsing off every time. Shave twice for the best shave. You can go against the grain the second time if needed. Make sure you use an aftershave to replenish the skin.

Avoid these 7 men’s skin care mistakes and you’ll look better, feel better, and maybe even live longer.

Tiege Hanley products were developed by world-class scientists using cutting-edge Korean peptide technology. Aaron knew he’d nailed it when a chemist told him, ‘Your scientist built you a Ferrari!’

Their men’s skin care products are the same quality as the biggest names in the market for a fraction of the price. Click here to find out which Tiege Hanley system is right for you and what’s included in each level. Don’t forget to enter promo code RMRSMISTAKES at checkout for a great discount on your first box!

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