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10 Reasons You're Going Bald (Hair Loss Causes In Men)

Hair loss in men – It's an epidemic.

By age fifty, 85% of men will suffer from hair loss.

This can range from significantly thinning hair to full male-pattern baldness.

There are factors that are within our control, some that aren't.

Today, we're covering a few – and what you can do to keep as much hair as possible.

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Click Here To Watch The Video – Going BALD?! 10 Bad Habits That Destroy Your Hair (Hair Loss Causes) 

Hair Loss Habit 1. Overexercising

Yes, there is such a thing as working out TOO MUCH.

To keep exercise healthy, burning between 2,000 and 3,500 calories each week is ideal.

There are a few reasons for this.

man tired gym

Burning more than 3,500 calories a week can lead to serious issues – including temporary hair loss.

Research has shown that burning beyond 3,500 calories will decrease its health benefits – such as endorphin production – and leads to a higher risk of injury.

Exercise will just become a source of physical stress on the body. A 2017 study from the National Medical Library revealed a possible link between overexercise and hair loss in men.

Luckily for you, it's temporary. If you work to recalibrate your routine to be healthier, then expect to see your hair back. 

Hair Loss Habit 2. Using Steroids

A 2004 Diversion Control Division report revealed a startling statistic….

Over 1 million American adults openly reported using steroids. Over 500,000 students from 8th to 10th grade reported doing the same. Most guys know that steroids can be harmful, but did you know it can also cause hair loss in men?

steroid needle causes hair loss

To top off the potential dangers of Steroids, they can also cause hair loss.

Steroids boost the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body, which helps dramatically accelerate muscle growth.

However, DHT is also directly responsible for hair loss. It binds itself to the receptors in hair follicles, constricting them. This causes them to shrink and die out. It's even WORSE for men who are already genetically prone to balding.

In short: Don't take Steroids, gentlemen. 

Hair Loss Habit 3. Wearing Dirty Headwear

Unless hats are visibly dirty, guys can forget to wash them on a regular basis – and that's a mistake.

Like all garments, hats can accumulate dirt, dust, and bacteria through prolonged use. These are then transferred to the scalp – opening you up to all manner of irritation and scalp infections.

Certain infections – which we'll see in more detail below – are prone to causing temporary hair loss in men.

hats on display

Hats can make you look great, but failing to clean them can lead to scalp infections – which then lead to hair loss.

If you wear hats regularly, washing them together with your clothes should prevent the issue altogether. 

Hair Loss Habit 4.  Family History

This is one that most guys know about, but let's break down the facts and myths surrounding it…

First thing's first – fathers can also contribute to their children's hair loss.

Though the primary baldness gene is on the X chromosome – carried by the mother – determining a child's potential for balding relies on contributions from 287 genetic regions in total.

family day

Just because your mom's free of hair loss doesn't mean you are too. Your dad's genes figure in.

Hair loss generally depends on the sensitivity of the hair follicles to androgen – sex hormones that regulate bodily development in men.

High androgen levels encourage body hair growth while simultaneously causing baldness.

Researchers aren't sure why this happens, but the stronger the androgen – the more likely you are to lose hair. 

Hair Loss Habit 5. High Stress

There are three kinds of hair loss in men associated with mental stress:

Telogen Effluvium occurs when stress induces a prolonged “rest state” in the hair follicles. After a few months, continual degradation may see hair literally falling off during showers! Trichotillomania refers to the insatiable urge by some people to rip out hair from their heads and bodies as a coping mechanism against stress. Alopecia Areata is when the immune system reacts to high-stress levels by attacking hair follicles and destroying them. stress levels

Feeling high-stress levels will lead directly to one of several types of hair loss.

So, what are some ways men can mitigate their stress levels so this never happens?


A healthy exercise routine lowers cortisol – a stress hormone – and releases endorphins which help make you happier over time. Endorphins also act as natural painkillers.

Natural Supplements Lemon balm is highly regarded for its mint properties, which are proven to mitigate anxiety. Omega-3 fatty acids help reverse stress. A 2011 study published through the US National Library of Medicine found that med students that took these supplements showcased a 20% decrease in anxiety symptoms before an exam. Green tea contains polyphenol antioxidants – proven to lower stress symptoms.

Keeping those stress levels in check will help preserve that badass mane! 

Hair Loss Habit 6. The Wrong Hair Styles And Treatments

Hairstyles that pull your hair back tightly can cause Traction Alopecia – a kind of hair loss in men caused by excessive pressure on hair follicles.

These include tight ponytails and cornrows.

There are hair treatments that can damage the scalp such as hair relaxer treatments.

hair salon and barber shop

Avoid tight hairstyles and damaging hair treatments.

These treatments are common for men and women alike who have thick and curly hair. It works by penetrating the cortex layers of the hair shaft to loosen the natural curl.

It has the side effect of making hair brittle and easily breakable – in some cases, it can even burn the scalp!

Gentlemen, beware of treatments such as this! 

Hair Loss Habit 7. Smoking Excessively

Adding to the already-extensive list of problems that come with smoking, we have hair loss in men.

Smoke particles attack the hair papilla – the structure at the very base of the follicle – and damages the DNA directly.

It also causes an imbalance in the follicular protease & antiprotease, which controls how the skin reacts to hair follicles.

smoking and hair loss

Smoking can seriously mess with your hair follicles. As if you needed more reasons not to do it.

Finally, smoking can lead to fibrosis (scarring) over the hair follicles, which guarantees that they'll never grow again. 

Hair Loss Habit 8. Unhealthy Eating

A bad diet can lead to a number of health issues – One of them being Iron Deficiency Anaemia.

It happens when you don't eat enough iron-rich foods such as lentils and spinach.

Iron is crucial for carrying oxygen throughout the body and helping hair growth.

eggs have protein

Foods like eggs are great sources of protein, which is the primary nutrient in hair. Click here to learn more ways that diet affects attractiveness.

In general, which foods can you eat to keep your hair healthy?

Eggs are a good source of protein and biotin. Both of these nutrients promote healthy hair growth. Since hair follicles are made mostly of protein, it's essential. Berries are full of Vitamin C, which protects hair follicles against free radicals. Vitamin C helps to absorb iron from the foods you eat. Spinach – as mentioned above – is loaded with folate, iron, and Vitamins A and C. These all keep hair healthy – Vitamin A helps the skin glance produce sebum, which keeps the scalp moist. Sweet potatoes are a solid source of beta-carotene. Your body converts this into Vitamin A.

Stay on that diet – your head will thank you! 

Hair Loss Habit 9. Certain Medical Conditions And Treatments

Let's do a run-through on certain which conditions and treatments hinder hair growth:

Psoriasis is a common skin condition that often appears on the scalp. It happens when an overactive immune system builds additional skin cells, which results in patches of itchy and dry skin. Seborrheic Dermatitis creates scales of dry skin which are inflamed and painful to the touch. This occurs when sebum contains more triglycerides and cholesterol than normal, irritating the scalp. Depression affects over 40 million Americans each year. Unfortunately, it can also lead to more hair loss in men through mental stress. itchy scalp hair loss

There are plenty of conditions and treatments lead to hair loss. Luckily, most of them are temporary.

Fortunately, hair loss that results from these conditions is temporary. For these skin conditions, in particular, medicated shampoo often helps.

What about treatments?

Chemotherapy is known to lead to hair loss. It attacks cancer cells, but also other rapidly growing cells – like hair cells. Blood Thinners Amphetamines in the diet. Drugs which are meant to prevent arthritis. Thyroid treatments.

Hair loss in men caused by medications and treatments are known collectively as Telogen Effluvium. It can affect the entire scalp – beware! 

Hair Loss Habit 10. Bad Sleeping Habits

The National Sleep Foundation recommends between 7 and 9 hours of sleep for adults aged 18 through 64.

In the US, however, 40% of people get far less than the recommended amount of sleep.

How does this affect your mane?

An unhealthy sleep schedule can have adverse effects on hair growth.

Hair is very sensitive to changes in the body. If your sleep quality fluctuates, it can have some adverse effects.

Since sleeping helps regenerate cells, failing to achieve a healthy cycle mitigates healthy hair growth.

So, what can you do to improve the quality of your sleep?

Maximize white light (natural light) exposure during the day. This helps your sleep cycle by training your body to stay awake during the day. Minimize blue light (screens) exposure at night. Blue light is scientifically proven to reduce your production of melatonin, a hormone that helps you relax and fall asleep.

You get to sleep more AND help keep your hair. What's not to like?

In Summary – Hair Loss In Men

Let's recap the things we covered that can make you lose those amazing locks:

Losing more than 3,500 calories a week through overexercising. Using steroids. The bacteria in dirty headwear and subsequent skin infections. Family history – this can't be helped much. Stress leads to several types of hair loss. Hairstyles and treatments that strain your scalp. The adverse effects of smoking. Having a bad diet. Certain medical conditions and treatments. Not getting enough sleep.

While some cases like aging and genetics can't be helped, there are plenty of causes of hair loss in men that are preventable.

Take everything in moderation to give your scalp a break!

keeps hair loss in men

Click here to start a plan with Keeps and prevent hair loss later on.

This article is sponsored by Keeps, your solution to hair loss. The team at Keeps works to get you FDA-approved hair loss products for a price that can't be beaten. You may have tried them before, but not for this price…

For plans between $10 and $35 a month, you'll get a licensed physician to review your information and give a personal recommendation. It's shipped right to your door – discreetly, and all on your schedule. Why wait? Click here to preserve that mane and get your first month free.

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