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22nd of July 2018


Dan Lok - How To Make BIG Money From A SMALL YouTube Channel

make BIG money from small influenceYou want to have a huge impact.

You want to make big money.


So what’s the problem?

Your email list is tiny.

You’ve got 10 YouTube subscribers, including your mom.

You’re selling something really niche.

Can you EVER grow as big as you want to?


My friend Dan Lok is living proof.

That’s right, gentlemen. You can have a huge impact with small numbers, and Dan should know. He’s a multi-millionaire known as the KING of high-ticket sales.

Dan spoke in Atlanta at my Menfluential event and he rocked the stage.  Today I’ll let you in on his 5 secrets to using a small audience to grow very big financially.

Click Here To Watch The Video – Make Money Now

Click Here To Watch The Video – Big Money From A Small Audience

This first secret might be bad news to a lot of you. If you have a business based on social media… you DON’T have a business. Here’s why.

dan lokDan Lok Secret #1: Social Media Is A Platform – Not A Business

Dan views YouTube as a platform – not a business. It’s okay to make some money from Adsense – but it’s a platform to get your message, your brand, and your product out there. Even if you’re making substantial revenue from it – it’s not a business. Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are platforms – not a business.

But keep reading. We’ll get into how you can TURN them into a business with secret #5.

Dan Lok Secret #2: Monetize Now – Not Later

If you’re not making money with the subscribers you’ve got – having more subscribers won’t solve the problem. If you’re making a decent amount of money with this amount of subscribers with your business model – then it makes sense to double or triple that, if you can.

But don’t buy the illusion of, ‘Someday if I get big enough then the money will come.’ What if it doesn’t come? Then you’re screwed – because you spent two, three, five years building that. Don’t treat it like a lottery ticket, saying ‘Once I get to half a million followers everything will work out.’ What if it doesn’t?


Make sure you’re making money all the way. Start doing so now. If you close some big deal later on (a lucrative brand contacts you, some big joint venture opportunity comes up), great. If not, you’ll be OK as long as you start making money now.

Dan Lok Secret #3: Solve Problems For Profit

Entrepreneurs are problem-solvers. You’re NOT paid for your time. You’re NOT paid for the work that you do. And unless you’re so big people are paying you for endorsement deals – you’re NOT paid for your content.

You’re paid to solve problems. Here’s the key – clients are not buying their way into something, they’re buying their way out of something.

They have a problem. They’re investing their spending money to buy this so they get out of this situation. So think a little deeper about all the problems that you can solve. If you’re teaching men’s style, what are you really selling? Confidence. Success. Attraction. Whatever it is – the emotions are what you’re selling, not the style.

Are you committed to communicating that in your message? Are you just saying ‘here’s what looks good’ or are you communicating what happens after you look good? Are you giving them a very clear picture of what will happen after they do business with you – and of the pain they can experience if they DON’T take action?

You’ve got to show them the hell and show them the heaven. Your product or service is the bridge in between.

Ask yourself: Does this group have a “bleeding neck”? A bleeding neck problem means the solution is not a luxury – it is a must-have. Sell a must-have. If your thing is a mere luxury, you’d better repackage it in a way that communicates that this is a must-have.

Are your prospects experiencing pain, urgency, or irrational passion? Are they suffering from this problem in a very acute way – do they HAVE to have it solved NOW? If they have a bleeding neck problem, of course they’ll take action… if they can afford it. Which brings us to the next secret.

Dan Lok Secret #4: Sell To P.W.M. – Players With Money

When Dan was building his YouTube channel, a lot of people asked him for advice. He just sent them to a page with a price for his advice – $3000/hour. It eliminated 99% of people – and then 50-60 people would actually pay that. This saved him a lot of time. It separated the freeloaders and cheapos from the potential clients.

WHO you sell to is as important as WHAT you sell. Sell to P.W.M. – players with money. Don’t waste time selling to people with no money. You’ll end up bending over backwards to give them discounts and they’ll still complain. Players with money will appreciate your time and expertise.

two-men-shake-handsDan Lok Secret #5: Think High Touch, Not High Tech

We have all the technology in social media – but at the end of the day business is about people and you still can’t beat a face-to-face connection. We’re NOT in the YouTube business. We’re NOT in the VIDEO business. We’re in the PEOPLE business. Never forget that. It’s people doing business with people.

Social media is a good way to reach out and get attention – but use social media to get face-to-face with people, or at least on the phone. Dan makes all his money on the phone. Here’s how.

When people watch his videos, download his free pdfs, or attend his webinars – after the content there’s an application form. He’s converting attention into leads. After people fill in the form Dan’s team get on the phone with them and offer them his service. Simple as that.

All the millions of dollars he makes come from using free stuff, videos, or webinars to get people on the telephone. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Pretty good information, right? But you know what impressed me more than the information Dan talked about? It was the transformation that I saw in his students.

15 of his students showed up at Menfluential. I spoke with them in person, and they all said, ‘I went through Dan’s high ticket closer program and I absolutely loved it – it was life-changing. I am using that information to make an extra $1000 a week.’

It’s amazing, gentlemen. When you can pick up a skill set you realize, ‘I’m not beholden to just one stream of income – I can start to bring in my own money and I can put myself in a stronger position.’ And that’s what I love about what Dan teaches.  If you want to learn more about Dan’s program – click here to go to

And if that’s not enough – if you want to take this to the next level – come out to Atlanta, Georgia, and meet me and tons of other great guys at Menfluential. It’s the premier event in the men’s lifestyle space. If you want to get to know Aaron Marino, Raphael Schneider, Jose Zuniga, or Thomas Frank – they’ll all be there. Click here to see how Menfluential will help you become the man you know yourself to be.

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