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La Palestine rejette le plan de paix américain 2019-06-22 14:34:00 Les autorités palestiniennes ont estimé que la paix commencerait avec l'arrêt du vol des terr

Une guerre contre l’Iran «pourrait coûter à Trump 2019-06-22 14:26:00 Rien ne va plus entre Téhéran et Washington et surtout après que, cette semaine, l'Iran a ab

«En France, il y a une haine des 2019-06-22 14:12:00 Sur le plateau de Cnews, le porte-parole jeunesse de La France insoumise a fustigé un article du Point qui

Après la guerre commerciale, la guerre des monnaies 2019-06-22 14:09:00 Le président des Etats-Unis a de nouveau mis en cause la politique de la Banque centrale européenne

Etats-Unis : des élus démocrates évoquent des «camps 2019-06-22 14:00:00 Après Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, une autre élue démocrate, a elle aussi qualifi&e

Pour le 32e samedi d'affilée, les Gilets jaunes 2019-06-22 06:50:00 Pour le 32e samedi d'affilée, les Gilets jaunes défilent dans toute la France. Un «blocage non-violent»

Gilets Jaunes: Par delà l’espace et le temps… 2019-06-22 06:48:00“Les Zapatistes du Chiapas ont montré que de petites collectivités autonomes et fédérées pouvaient cultiver l

Pourquoi Trump veut maintenant des pourparlers avec l’Iran 2019-06-22 06:46:00Contrairement au légendaire « Smoke on the Water » de Deep Purple : « Nous sommes tous venus à Montreux, sur les rives

Marche massive à Amman contre l'accord du siècle 2019-06-22 06:33:00 Des dizaines de milliers de Jordaniens ont manifesté vendredi au centre-ville d'Amman pour protester contr

«Je ne leur dois rien»: Castaner sur le 2019-06-22 01:45:00 Répondant au député Éric Ciotti qui a déclaré au ministre qu’il de

Le ministre burkinabè de la Défense critique le 2019-06-22 01:36:00 Le ministre burkinabè de la Défense s’étonne que l’opération Barkhane, for

L’Iran au menu d’une conversation téléphonique entre Trump 2019-06-22 01:33:00 Alors que les tensions sont à leur comble entre Téhéran et Washington, le chef d'État

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Advanced MagLev and UFOs? 2019-06-22 22:17:37So Ive been watching this show called Unidentified with a former government employee named Luis Elizondo. Interesting stuff. Theyve been showing video

Independence class ship photos in Seattle undergoing maintenance 2019-06-22 22:17:19Hello everyone! So I was on vacation in Seattle for the first time. Doing the whole touristy thing. When I came across this ship while doing th

The Two Week Later Thread on Trump and 2019-06-22 20:22:17Mark your calendars! Or if youre in Europe or on the metric system, your Fahrenheit or whatever you call it. Today is June 22. In two week

New US Navy Large Surface Combatant (CG) 2019-06-22 19:27:53Theres been a lot of talk about what the next US Navy Cruiser will look like. After several stalled attempts to replace the invaluable Ticonderoga Cla

Target list was leaked to Iran before US 2019-06-22 18:03:04The United States planned a military strike against Iran over its downing of a US Drone yesterday, but the attack had to be called-off because an Amer

Mount Wilson Ranch investigation tonight 2019-06-22 16:50:25Apparently Ghost Adventures did an investigation, and it airs tonight. They say that Bob Bigelow used to own it along with Skinwalker. As a paran

Series of earthquakes strike off Oregon coast Saturday 2019-06-22 16:34:16A series of earthquakes off the Oregon coast were recorded Saturday by the US Geologic Survey, with the strongest registering at 5.4 about 10 kilomete

Notre Dame barricades at the bridge across the 2019-06-22 16:28:34A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I walked along the Seine to Notre Dame Cathedral, or at least right up to the barricades. While we watched a car e

Iran Versus the United States 2019-06-22 16:17:44Who do you think will come out on top of a conflict with Iran if it comes to that alone and outside actors dont get involved? I dont see Iran has muc

Satanic baphomet on the cartoon network and at 2019-06-22 14:23:16There is no doubt that the is a modern day representation of baphomet. They did not even try to hide it. The worst part is that it was a show aimed a

Mars Rover Curiosity detects more methane 2019-06-22 13:14:37In a measurement taken on Wednesday, NASA's Curiosity rover discovered startlingly high amounts of methane in the Martian air, a gas that on Earth is

Don Lincoln of cnn on the tic tac 2019-06-22 12:35:31Straight to the juicy stuff The question that comes to mind is: Are these aliens? Sadly for anyone who is a fan of the television show The X-File


Highly Facetious Comics #6 2018-08-27 13:00:57  Joinmycult.org The post Highly Facetious Comics #6 appeared first on disinformation. [This is a short summary; please click the story headline

The Alzheimer’s Drug that Might Unlock Your Dreams 2018-08-24 14:00:11As excited as I get about the potentiality of psychedelic drugs, I get far more amped about pushing the boundaries of dreams as I’m not sure the

Did Marijuana Come from Outer Space? 2018-08-23 14:00:41Another way of putting that would be, is all weed space weed? According to some shamanic cultures, the answer is resoundingly yes. For the amount of t

Your Definitive Guide to Psychedelic Witchcraft Music From 2018-08-22 14:00:41Okay, I really wouldn’t call this a definitive guide, more like a list and a link to an article. Am I partially posting this because I got a PR

Did You Go Through Transformative Suffering In Your 2018-08-21 14:00:43Chaos Shamanism Episode 2 – Calamities (Saturn Comes Back Around) As a bit of an introduction to myself and the things which led to the discover

“SAUDADE” – Gabriel Hart Interview and Book Review 2018-08-21 11:00:04                        IN THIS EPISODE: This episode of Pragmagick revels in “SAUDA

Super Sonic Space Wizardry: This Week on the 2018-08-20 14:00:03Do you like podcasts that involve chatting with omni-dimensional creator gods and psychically exploring poltergeist phenomenon? Well, you’re in

Alan Moore Hates Twin Peaks: The Return 2018-08-16 14:00:41Who doesn’t want to feast on some tasty Alan Moore vs. David Lynch beef? Okay, really just a bit of a scathing critique. In my little microverse

You Know Guys, I’m Starting to Think that 2018-08-15 14:00:34I’ve stated publicly that I think last year’s tax plan was straight up worse than the Iraq war and probably a bigger threat to the stabili

New Research Shows that the College Free Speech 2018-08-14 14:00:12I’m just going to re-iterate again that if you honestly think the sometimes annoying nature of overly commercialized social justice culture

Elvis Presley, Proto-Cosplay AmeroQueer 2018-08-14 11:00:51“But I’m a Champion, so I turned tragedy to triumph Make music that’s fire, spit my soul through the wire.” -Kayne G_d extende

Highly Facetious Comics #5 2018-08-13 14:00:22Joinmycult.org The post Highly Facetious Comics #5 appeared first on disinformation. [This is a short summary; please click the story headline to rea

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