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David Means Reads “Two Nurses, Smoking” 2020-05-26 06:00:00Deborah Treisman hosts the author David Means, who reads his story “Two Nurses, Smoking,” from the June 1, 2020, issue of The New Yorker,

Lionel Shriver Is Looking for Trouble 2020-05-25 06:00:00The author’s contrarianism has made her famous, but fiction is what she believes changes minds, Ariel Levy writes.

The Scholar Starting Brawls with the Enlightenment 2020-05-25 06:00:00James Wood on whether the cult of rationality has blinded us to the power of transcendence.

David Means on Small Talk and Love Stories 2020-05-25 06:00:00Cressida Leyshon interviews the author David Means about his short story “Two Nurses, Smoking,” from the June 1, 2020, issue of The New Yo

Wartime for Wodehouse 2020-05-25 06:00:00Rivka Galchen on P. G. Wodehouse, who paid dearly for his indomitable high spirits in internment camps, though not in the way one might have expected.

How Baseball Players Became Celebrities 2020-05-25 06:00:00Louis Menand on how Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth transformed America’s pastime by becoming a new kind of star.

Briefly Noted Book Reviews 2020-05-25 06:00:00“The Death of Jesus,” “A Children’s Bible,” “The Equivalents,” and “My Autobiography of Carson McCulle

Sunday Reading: First Encounters with Legendary Figures 2020-05-24 06:00:00From The New Yorker’s archive, stories by John Hersey, Charles Cooke, Harold Ross, A. J. Liebling, Susan Orlean, Janet Flanner, Hilton Als, Andy

A Brief History of the Codpiece, the P.P.E. 2020-05-23 17:24:15Dan Piepenbring reviews Michael Glover’s book “Thrust: A Spasmodic Pictorial History of the Codpiece in Art.”

Anatomy of a Book 2020-05-21 17:56:17Susannah Kemple introduces a short film by D. W. Young about the special language of antiquarian booksellers.

“Michael Kohlhaas,” the Book That Made the Novel 2020-05-20 07:16:12Dustin Illingworth writes about a new translation of Heinrich von Kleist’s “Michael Kohlhaas,” from from Michael Hofmann, which was

The Mysterious “Sweating Sickness” in Hilary Mantel’s “Wolf 2020-05-20 06:00:00Jia Tolentino writes about reading Hilary Mantel’s “Wolf Hall” trilogy and how a mysterious illness described in the books resonates

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Serge Linkès : « Joseph Kessel incarne la littérature populaire New! 2020-06-06 10:00:10Le maître d’œuvre de « La Pléiade » Kessel sur les qualités littéraires et la posté

Joseph Kessel entre dans « La Pléiade » : retour sur New! 2020-06-06 10:00:10L’infatigable auteur des « Cavaliers » et du « Lion », de « L’Armée des ombr

« Hollywood, ville mirage » : Joseph Kessel, homme de cinéma New! 2020-06-06 10:00:09La réédition de ce reportage de 1936 en Californie rappelle la riche relation de l’écrivain avec le 7e art.

Guillaume Apollinaire, Paul Valet : la chronique « poches » de New! 2020-06-06 06:00:05Le journal de bord des lectures en poche de Mathias Enard.

Alya Aglan, François Bott, Nick Hornby, Dominique Missika… New! 2020-06-06 02:15:07Romans, nouvelles, récits, histoire… 2020, vingt-troisième semaine.

« La Maison indigène », de Claro : ne pas laisser 2020-06-05 12:00:16Dans son nouveau livre, Claro débusque les ombres d’une bâtisse construite par son grand-père à Alger. Vibrant de sin

« Les Nouveaux Pouvoirs d’agir », de Vanessa Wisnia-Weill : donner 2020-06-05 02:00:13Dans son nouvel essai, la sociologue repense la notion de liberté, dans le but de réformer l’action publique, en combinant les app

« Etymologies. Pour survivre au chaos », d’Andrea Marcolongo : la 2020-06-05 02:00:12Conviction centrale de la philologue poète : les mots des humains donnent naissance à leur pensée, leur vie, leur réa

La pandémie de Covid-19, une extraordinaire matière à 2020-06-05 00:00:16Si elle a accentué les clivages chez les intellectuels critiques, la crise sanitaire due au coronavirus a aussi révélé le

« L’Exécrable » : Yves Laplace sarcle le mal à la 2020-06-04 12:00:16Avec son roman-maelström, autour de la figure de l’antisémite George Montandon, l’écrivain suisse n’épargn

« Affaires personnelles », d’Agata Tuszynska : roman choral pour « pogrom 2020-06-04 10:00:15L’écrivaine polonaise retrace, à partir de témoignages, la campagne antisémite officielle menée par le r&eacu

« Robinson de Guadix », de Jean-Baptiste Brenet : le premier 2020-06-04 10:00:14L’historien de la philosophie médiévale propose sa lecture d’un fascinant conte signé par un contemporain d’Ave


U.S. protests reading list: Three powerful recent books 2020-06-03 13:29:40Colson Whitehead, Desmond Cole and Tessa McWatt — these reads might be uncomfortable, but change doesn’t happen when we feel comfortable.

Toronto Star bestsellers for the week ending June 2020-06-03 13:09:35The books Canadians bought this week

Publishers sue Internet Archive over free ebooks 2020-06-02 14:18:09Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins Publishers, John Wiley & Sons and Penguin Random House have accused the non-profit of “wilful mass copyri

How prolific Canadian author Eric Walters published a 2020-06-02 06:00:00Eric Walters answers the call from teachers, students and librarians to help make sense of the coronarvius — and help a publisher in need

J.K Rowling invites children to help illustrate new 2020-06-01 15:04:55As of Wednesday morning, five chapters of “The Ickabog” were available at theickabog.com, where young readers are also being invited to he

Life-on-the-farm tale subverts clichés to create a terrifying 2020-05-30 06:00:00“Watershed,” Doreen Vanderstoop’s debut novel, is set in a time when pipelines bring water, not oil

Waubgeshig Rice: During COVID-19, my wife Sarah’s growing 2020-05-30 06:00:00‘Above all, the birth of an Anishinaabe baby in the midst of a pandemic is a triumph.’

‘The Quarantine Review’ hits virtual stores near you, 2020-05-28 05:00:00Talented friends and neighbours around Toronto produce a new literary journal which they hope won’t have a long run.

Toronto Star bestsellers for the week ending May 2020-05-27 13:22:07The books Canadians bought this week

Three books to take you on a cross-country 2020-05-26 17:34:00Start in Vancouver with Daniel Kalla’s 11th medical mystery, followed by a cross-country trip on 1970’s Abortion Caravan, ending in Newfou

Climate change novel ‘Greenwood’ wins Arthur Ellis Award 2020-05-25 13:07:11

Author Haruki Murakami DJs ‘Stay Home’ radio show 2020-05-23 15:13:09The common thread of the songs on the “Murakami Radio Stay Home Special”: smile, sunshine, rainbow, birthday memories and other happy side

The New York Review of Books

What Black America Means to Europe New! 2020-06-06 07:50:54Although police killings are a constant, gruesome feature of American life, to many Europeans this particular murder stands as confirmation of the inj

Cut the Carceral System Now New! 2020-06-06 03:00:52Even before this past week, carceral institutions have been in the news as the prison and jail boom of the past forty years has intensified the damage

In Hong Kong, Uncertainty Rules as Beijing Asserts 2020-06-05 03:00:17Hong Kong has long been haunted by the thought of its future. Many of its citizens worry that it will become just another mainland Chinese city. This

Democracy’s Red Line 2020-06-04 12:45:56The title of Masha Gessen’s polemic about the Trump presidency is Surviving Autocracy. What was a metaphor when Gessen wrote it—at least f

A Difficult Birth in Britain’s Stressed Health Service 2020-06-04 10:02:46It’s easy to blame all of this on Boris Johnson. But British society also bears part of the blame. One element is the soppy sentimentality that

How Police Became Paramilitaries 2020-06-03 11:06:55That beat cops so often look like troops is not just a problem of “optics.” There is, in fact, a “positive and statistically signifi

Viktor Orbán’s Masterplan to Make Hungary Greater Again 2020-06-03 03:00:51As Versailles was to Germany, so Trianon was to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In both treaties, the victors of World War I redrew the borders of t

Cyprian Ekwensi’s Lagos Noir 2020-06-02 03:00:17Around the time I decided to take writing seriously, my family moved to a new town. I remember filching a worn copy of People of the City from a books

Moving Backward: Hypocrisy and Human Rights 2020-06-01 03:00:38The United States, even as it pursued its neo-imperial ambitions, championed the human rights revolution that began after World War II. But today, for

My Quarantine: Cozy Mysteries 2020-05-31 03:00:37I first drifted into the Father Brown and Miss Fisher television series in 2018, while under the effects of pain medication and postsurgical malaise.

Painting a Knotty Landscape: An Interview with Yevgeniya 2020-05-30 03:00:23Marisa Mazria Katz: Your paintings feel very experiential, almost like walking through a landscape. And so much of your imagery seems to have been der

After George Floyd, a Nation in Search of 2020-05-29 11:26:58In the worst of ironies, outrage at the system has, at least for now, made the system more terrifying than ever. Across social media, peaceful pr


This List Of Books, Films And Podcasts About New! 2020-06-06 08:34:00We've compiled a list of places you can go to learn more about systemic racism — acknowledging that, while it's important to have information,

In 'A Burning,' Striving, Dreaming And Joking In New! 2020-06-06 08:00:29Megha Majumdar's new novel is set during the aftermath of a terror attack in India, and examines the intersecting lives of three people affected by t

Connie Schultz On Her Debut Novel And The New! 2020-06-06 08:00:00NPR's Scott Simon talks to author Connie Schultz about her debut novel, "The Daughters of Erietown."

Your Bookshelf May Be Part Of The Problem New! 2020-06-06 07:00:00Anti-racist reading lists are making the rounds right now — and they can be useful if people do the work of reading. But critic Juan Vidal sugge

Brit Bennett Set Her Novel 50 Years Ago 2020-06-05 16:13:00The Vanishing Half is about African American twins — one lives as a black woman, the other "passes" as white. Passing is "an act of self-crea

Remembering Award-Winning Author Robb Forman Dew 2020-06-05 13:42:16Dew, who died May 22, wrote intimately about family relationships in both fiction and nonfiction. She spoke to Terry Gross in 1994 about The Family He

Historian Eric Foner On The 'Unresolved Legacy Of 2020-06-05 13:42:16After the Civil War, the federal government promised former slaves equality and citizenship. Historian Eric Foner says the failed promises reverberate

John Ridley Finds Inspiration From Young Protesters Demanding 2020-06-05 05:07:00NPR's Steve Inskeep talks to screenwriter, show producer and novelist John Ridley about the unrest in America over the killing of George Floyd, a bla

Former Joint Chiefs Chairman Condemns Trump's Threat To 2020-06-04 20:00:00In rare remarks, retired Gen. Martin Dempsey rebuked the president's threat to use military troops against protesters as "dangerous," saying it wou

'This Is One Way To Dance' Explores A 2020-06-04 08:00:00Essayist Sejal Shah brings important, refreshing, and depressing observations about what it means to have dark skin and an "exotic" name, when the o

Publishers Sue Internet Archive For 'Mass Copyright Infringement' 2020-06-03 14:52:38The lawsuit filed this week in federal court alleges that the organization, which lends books online for free, amounts to a "piracy site" that has b

From Freddie Gray To George Floyd: Wes Moore 2020-06-03 14:24:00In Five Days, Moore chronicles the uprising that occurred in Baltimore following Gray's death. "We're basically reliving history right now," he sa

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