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WHO Official Defends China, Says Everyone Is ‘Over-Focused’ New! 2020-04-02 16:50:25China's foreign ministry amplifies WHO official's pro-China remarks

China Lied About The Coronavirus, But Will Trump New! 2020-04-02 13:20:01Going soft?

‘Printing Money’: Chinese Manufacturers Are Profiting From Coronavirus New! 2020-04-02 13:00:04Chinese Manufacturers Are Profiting From Coronavirus Pandemic, Allegedly 'Cutting Corners'

Here’s A List Of The Strange Ways Countries New! 2020-04-02 11:52:54He suggested drinking the liquor after trips to the sauna

First Chinese City Bans Eating Cats And Dogs New! 2020-04-02 11:38:28Most Chinese citizens have said that they do not eat cats and dogs

Pakistan Overturns Convictions In Murder Of Wall Street New! 2020-04-02 10:07:38Sheikh belonged to the militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed

Japan’s Deputy Prime Minister Says The WHO Should 2020-04-01 18:57:01Savage

Chinese Journalists Keep Disappearing. This Congressman Wants Answers 2020-04-01 18:40:12Republican Indiana Rep. Jim Banks on Wednesday sent a letter to the U.S. State Department requesting an investigation into the disappearances of three

Hydroxychloroquine Shows Promise In Coronavirus Study 2020-04-01 16:35:21Researchers in China found that the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine was effective in treating patients with mild cases of COVID-19, the disease caused

Wildlife Is Taking Over Cities As People Stay 2020-04-01 13:52:46Here are some of the creatures that have taken advantage of the coronavirus lockdown

REPORT: US Intelligence Confirms China Falsified Coronavirus Death, 2020-04-01 12:00:48REPORT: US Intelligence Confirms China Downplayed Coronavirus Deaths, Cases

UK Experiences Their Deadliest Day From Coronavirus 2020-04-01 11:28:18'We know things will get worse before they get better.'


Canada – Macleans.ca

Get ready for a major federal stimulus program 2020-03-18 08:07:59Politics Insider for March 18: Three provinces ratchet up their response to the coronavirus, the feds consider sweeping powers as a 'last resort,' a

Could the school year be over because of 2020-03-17 19:51:02Parents, teachers and students are considering the possibility that class is out for the year. But that doesn't mean the kids have to stop learning.

Trudeau announces latest measures to fight COVID-19: Full 2020-03-17 12:23:31The Prime Minister responded to Ontario's state of emergency, reiterated that federal funds are available to Canadians abroad who need help getting h

Trudeau’s latest update on federal response to coronavirus: 2020-03-17 11:22:58Earlier this week, the PM announced that Canada is closing its borders to foreign travellers, with the exception of Americans, a measure to curb COVID

As coronavirus spreads, Canada turns inward 2020-03-17 07:56:59Politics Insider for March 17: The PM bans most non-residents outside the U.S. from entering Canada, Ontario takes more drastic measures on social dis

Coronavirus in Canada: These charts show how our 2020-03-16 19:13:47The greatest single-day increase in confirmed cases prompts stronger measures by political leaders and public-health officials The post Coronavirus in

Will coronavirus cancel the presidential primaries? 2020-03-16 15:58:19U.S. Politics Insider for March 16: Biden and Bernie held a debate in advance of primaries that may not even happen for a while The post Will coronavi

Justin Trudeau’s address to the nation on border 2020-03-16 15:06:47The Prime Minister said the border will be shut to non-residents, excluding Americans, in response to the coronavirus. Read his full speech here. The

Trudeau announces sweeping border closure as coronavirus spreads: 2020-03-16 12:40:29The PM spoke from his home in Ottawa during his 14-day self-isolation. Several cabinet ministers also spoke to reporters. The post Trudeau announces s

Coronavirus: The major breakdown at Canadian airports 2020-03-15 19:24:26Stephen Maher: Despite government policy, passengers landing over the weekend were not being adequately warned about the virus and the need to self is

This coronavirus chart shows what Canada is up 2020-03-14 18:51:02Inexplicably, the federal government is not publishing national infection numbers in a way that allows us to see the much-discussed curve. So we've d

Coronavirus in Canada: Should you shame friends into 2020-03-14 14:02:19Should you attend religious gatherings? Should children visit their grandparents? Should you go to a restaurant? An infectious disease specialist weig

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Chief medical officers are leading Canada through COVID-19 New! 2020-04-02 16:54:32The most visible chief medical officers during the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada have been women. They are helping Canadians understand the outbreak and

Ottawa overestimated cost of compensating First Nations children New! 2020-04-02 15:46:39The federal government overestimated the cost of complying with a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal order that it compensate First Nations children

'This has been a nightmare': Canadian passengers on New! 2020-04-02 14:07:36An ill-fated cruise that has had a COVID-19 outbreak and four deaths is finally coming to an end after politicians in Florida agreed to allow its

Honeybee farmers facing 'desperate situation' as bee imports New! 2020-04-02 09:00:00Canadian beekeepers buy thousands of queen bees and packages of bees every year to replace hives that died over the winter, but this year those b

Manitoba researchers say they may have found a 2020-04-02 06:00:00A group of Manitoba researchers say they’ve found a way to safely decontaminate and reuse medical masks that are normally thrown away after each

In the 1950s, Canada faced a terrifying epidemic. 2020-04-02 05:00:00While the current COVID-19 pandemic has drawn comparisons to the Spanish flu of 1918-20, which killed millions worldwide, polio represents a more rece

A death and a birth in the same 2020-04-02 04:02:00The Michilsen family of Hamilton is dealing with a family death and a newborn baby in the same week — but physical distancing means neither life

Long waits for COVID-19 test results reveal Canada's 2020-04-02 04:00:48Long waits for COVID-19 test results are due in part to a shortage of medical laboratory professionals in Canada, according to lab workers' associati

Coronavirus lockdown has forced us into an economic 2020-04-02 04:00:32From the trite to the sublime, the world is being coerced into a grudging socioeconomic beta test. Not all will make it to the final product release b

Canadians want to know how bad this could 2020-04-02 04:00:00In his recent public statements about the pandemic, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has taken to using the language of war — appropriate for descr

Health-care workers make up 1 in 10 known 2020-04-02 04:00:00There are now 229 lab-confirmed cases of Ontario health-care workers infected with COVID-19, CBC News has learned.

Should I microwave my mail? Your COVID-19 questions 2020-04-02 04:00:00We're breaking down what you need to know about the pandemic by answering your questions. You can send us your questions via email at COVID@cbc.ca an


: Politics

Internal audit of Scheer’s spending reveals party money New! 2020-04-02 16:24:27The money for schooling paid the difference between the cost of private parochial school in the Scheers' Regina home and that in Ottawa.

As more provinces, countries share coronavirus scenarios, Trudeau New! 2020-04-02 14:05:22Ontario and Alberta both vow to share their coronavirus projection models in the next few days.

Coronavirus: Premier Doug Ford says Ontario will release New! 2020-04-02 13:54:13"Not only doing that is unsafe -- you can say selfish -- because God forbid they get COVID-19 and all of a sudden they're touching items that people

Ottawa using simple eligibility rules to speed up New! 2020-04-02 13:43:36The coronavirus support package so far is valued at roughly $250 billion.

Champagne, NATO counterparts to meet over COVID-19 response New! 2020-04-02 12:33:50"The COVID-19 pandemic is a test for all of us and highlights the crucial role NATO continues to play," Champagne says in a statement.

COMMENTARY: Opposition politicians strive for relevance in the New! 2020-04-02 10:00:15Some opposition politicians have been avoiding partisan attacks during the COVID-19 crisis, but Mike Smyth says he expects that to change as the pande

Coronavirus: Ontarians required to identify themselves if charged New! 2020-04-02 09:46:43This includes identifying oneself to provincial offence officers such as police officers, First Nations constables, special constables and municipal b

Quebecers flouting coronavirus rules can expect hefty fines, New! 2020-04-02 09:31:21In Quebec, the number of COVID-19 cases has surpassed 5,000.

Coronavirus: Travel ban on foreign nationals, except from 2020-04-01 18:44:01Trudeau was pressed on why Canadians are being allowed to return amid coronavirus pandemic.

‘Our province has run out of time’: Nfld 2020-04-01 16:49:12Premier Dwight Ball tells Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that Newfoundland and Labrador would be unable to pay its bills without immediate federal assi

Should you wear a face mask? Coronavirus prompts 2020-03-31 15:18:14Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada's chief public heath officer, maintained that masks do little for healthy individuals.

B.C. premier to make televised address tonight on 2020-03-31 14:15:44John Horgan will be speaking directly to British Columbians amidst the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday evening

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Reservists will be ready to fight COVID-19 in 2020-04-02 04:00:00It will be about a week before the Canadian military has mobilized all the reservists needed to fight COVID-19 and there will be strict legal limitati

Ottawa nurse says pandemic panic has left her 2020-04-02 04:00:00Health care workers are already facing added stress and personal danger because of COVID-19. Now, one Ottawa nurse says fear of the disease has a

Canada and the U.S. are implementing the non-essential 2020-04-02 04:00:00An agreement to stem non-essential travel between Canada and the United States is being interpreted and applied very differently by the two countries,

Idled industrial plants seen as an untapped source 2020-04-02 04:00:00A grassroots lobby made up of family members of frontline health care workers in Quebec is driving a campaign to get protective equipment from idled i

Canadians want to know how bad this could 2020-04-02 04:00:00In his recent public statements about the pandemic, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has taken to using the language of war — appropriate for descr

What you need to know about the new 2020-04-01 17:59:10Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced Wednesday a plan to backstop much of the Canadian economy through wage subsidies to prop up struggling busines

Wear masks if you want — but keep 2020-04-01 16:33:56Canada's chief public health officer and health minister say medical-grade masks need to be reserved for the use of front-line health workers —

Like everything else in the pandemic plan, Morneau's 2020-04-01 16:06:59Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called the federal government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic "unprecedented" and "the largest eco

Ottawa 'likely did not have enough' protective gear 2020-04-01 14:55:35Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu said today Ottawa "likely did not have enough" personal protective gear in the national stockpile heading into t

Canadian suppliers won't have N95 masks ready for 2020-04-01 10:58:34The Trudeau government's announcement Tuesday that it is spending up to $2 billion to procure personal protective equipment — including more th

Trudeau to recall Parliament to unlock billions of 2020-04-01 10:04:46Calling it the "largest economic program in Canada's history," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today Parliament will be recalled to pass ne

Trudeau, Scheer, Singh among MPs to donate pay 2020-04-01 07:33:28Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh are among the MPs who are promising to donate an au


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Canada’s stock market collapse is like nothing we’ve 2020-03-19 18:08:43That doesn't mean the stock market should be shut down until Covid-19 panic has passed The post Canada’s stock market collapse is like nothing

The Dow fell below where it was when 2020-03-16 21:34:14Here's what Donald Trump tweeted about the stock market on its long march higher, plotted against the market's abrupt reversal, which has wiped out

Tim Hortons: Roll up your personal information to 2020-03-11 19:08:34As Tim Hortons launches its first entirely virtual Roll Up The Rim contest, a lot of Canadians aren't thrilled with the idea of handing over yet more

An autopsy on the death of the Bombardier 2020-03-11 14:15:38How the company’s ambitions for global domination fell apart, as told through five decades of annual reports The post An autopsy on the death of

Mark Carney heads to Ottawa 2020-03-10 15:30:26His stint as governor of the Bank of England is ending. Ottawa, here he comes—for some free time, and likely with a plan for a new path The post

The economics of the toilet paper panic—and why 2020-03-10 09:59:32Like the coronavirus, fear is contagious, and it's leading shoppers to do some crazy things The post The economics of the toilet paper panic—an

The coronavirus market crash leaves Alberta running on 2020-03-09 21:08:35The Jason Kenney government planned for sagging oil prices, not a full market meltdown. Will the premier now go cap-in-hand to Ottawa? The post The co

Canada needs a coronavirus stimulus plan. Here’s what 2020-03-09 20:47:03As the stock market crashes and oil prices plunge, experts agree fiscal stimulus is needed, but differ on how big it should be and what form it should

Do we really expect Canadian households to bail 2020-03-07 13:43:16Jason Kirby: Why the Bank of Canada's rate cut could lead to the return of out of control house prices and dangerously over-extended households The p


Japan’s SoftBank ends WeWork tender, but remains behind New! 2020-04-02 08:58:30The Japanese technology company called off its offering of up to $3 billion (U.S.) worth of shares in office-space rental venture office-space rental

Statistics Canada reports trade deficit narrowed in February New! 2020-04-02 08:53:23

Cenovus Energy suspends dividend, cuts capital spending plan, New! 2020-04-02 07:46:21

Canadian banks gear up for virtual AGMs to New! 2020-04-02 07:43:23

Why empty shelves don’t mean we’re out of 2020-04-02 06:00:05

Delivery drivers launch $150-million class action suit against 2020-04-02 05:00:00Pizza Nova denies allegations it misclassified its drivers as independent contractors instead of employees, and failed to pay minimum wage.

Foodora couriers now being asked to deliver medication 2020-04-02 05:00:00“We’re not medical personnel — it’s a bit bold for a company like Foodora to talk about how we should be providing our own equ

Canada is in for a massive economic shock 2020-04-02 05:00:00All five major banks predict a ‘V-shaped’ recovery, with economic growth likely to resume this summer.

Feds amplify stay-home message as cost of compensating 2020-04-02 04:00:04

Asian stocks mixed as economic toll of virus 2020-04-02 00:01:49The S&P 500 lost 4.4 per cent after the White House said anywhere from 100,000 to 240,000 Americans could die from COVID-19.

Duration of COVID-19 measures depends on obeying health 2020-04-01 21:39:32

DesRosiers says auto sales plunged 48% in March 2020-04-01 19:41:45


Scientific American: Health

Cats Can Get Coronavirus, Study Suggests--But Pet Owners 2020-04-01 15:30:00Scientists say it is unclear whether felines can spread the virus to people -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Antibiotic Resistance Could Lead to More COVID-19 Deaths 2020-04-01 12:00:00Secondary bacterial infections are part of the problem, and we need to ramp up research on new drugs to fight them -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.

Coronavirus Lockdowns Have Changed the Way Earth Moves 2020-04-01 11:30:00A reduction in seismic noise because of changes in human activity is a boon for geoscientists -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Scientists Fear Second Coronavirus Wave as China's Lockdowns 2020-04-01 11:30:00Other countries on lockdown will be watching for a resurgence of infections in Hubei province now that travel restrictions are lifting -- Read more on

Sleep Apnea Is Different for Women 2020-04-01 11:00:00The risky disorder often follows a different pattern in women that may get overlooked -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Separating HIIT Fact from Fiction 2020-04-01 10:30:00It’s easy to get lost in the hype around new workout devices or protocols that promise maximal results in minimal time -- Read more on Scientifi

NASA Moon Program and Hubble Telescope Successor Face 2020-04-01 06:45:00Space agencies must balance keeping staff safe and meeting launch deadlines -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Soylent vs. Huel--Can Powdered Meals Replace Food? 2020-03-31 15:30:00Meal replacement products like Soylent and Huel have gained a loyal following. But are these all-in-one powders and shakes really a more optimal way t

U.S. Clears More Than 5,000 Outpatient Centers as 2020-03-31 11:45:00Ambulatory surgery centers, normally restricted to day use, can now take noninfected patients from hospitals -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Social Media Posts and Online Searches Hold Vital 2020-03-30 15:00:00Such data offer valuable information and could help track the novel coronavirus—but they risk errors and raise privacy concerns -- Read more on

EPA to Ease Pollution Enforcement, Which Could Exacerbate 2020-03-30 14:15:00The agency says social distancing rules will limit companies’ abilities to comply with air pollution rules -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.co

To Flatten the COVID-19 Curve, Target the Subconscious 2020-03-30 12:00:00Getting people to comply with social distancing policies is basically an exercise in marketing -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

MedicineNet Daily News

How Does a Ventilator Help if You Have 2020-04-02 03:00:00Title: How Does a Ventilator Help if You Have COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease?Category: Health NewsCreated: 4/1/2020 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 4/

Dirty Air Might Raise Your Odds for Dementia 2020-04-02 03:00:00Title: Dirty Air Might Raise Your Odds for DementiaCategory: Health NewsCreated: 3/31/2020 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 4/1/2020 12:00:00 AM

Imported Masks, Other Medical Supplies Arriving in U.S. 2020-04-02 03:00:00Title: Imported Masks, Other Medical Supplies Arriving in U.S.Category: Health NewsCreated: 4/1/2020 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 4/1/2020 12:00:

FDA Approves Malaria Drugs to Treat COVID-19, Despite 2020-04-02 03:00:00Title: FDA Approves Malaria Drugs to Treat COVID-19, Despite Little Proof They WorkCategory: Health NewsCreated: 3/31/2020 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial R

'Fever Tracker' Suggests Social Distancing Is Already Working 2020-04-02 03:00:00Title: 'Fever Tracker' Suggests Social Distancing Is Already WorkingCategory: Health NewsCreated: 3/31/2020 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 4/1/20

Parents, Arm Your Kids Against COVID-19 With Good 2020-04-02 03:00:00Title: Parents, Arm Your Kids Against COVID-19 With Good Hand-Washing HabitsCategory: Health NewsCreated: 3/31/2020 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review:

The Science of Social Distancing 2020-04-02 03:00:00Title: The Science of Social DistancingCategory: Health NewsCreated: 4/1/2020 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 4/1/2020 12:00:00 AM

Face Mask and Respirator Use for Coronavirus 2020-04-02 03:00:00Title: Face Mask and Respirator Use for CoronavirusCategory: Health NewsCreated: 4/1/2020 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 4/1/2020 12:00:00 AM

Fitness Key to Long-Term Weight Loss Success 2020-04-02 03:00:00Title: Fitness Key to Long-Term Weight Loss SuccessCategory: Health NewsCreated: 3/31/2020 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 4/1/2020 12:00:00 AM

Do Saunas and High Temps Kill Coronavirus? 2020-04-02 03:00:00Title: Do Saunas and High Temps Kill Coronavirus?Category: Health NewsCreated: 4/1/2020 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 4/1/2020 12:00:00 AM

Certain Health Conditions Up Risks for Severe COVID-19 2020-04-02 03:00:00Title: Certain Health Conditions Up Risks for Severe COVID-19Category: Health NewsCreated: 4/1/2020 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 4/1/2020 12:00:0

Stay on Angiotensin ACE inhibitors and ARBs Drugs 2020-04-02 03:00:00Title: Stay on Angiotensin ACE inhibitors and ARBs Drugs During COVID-19Category: Health NewsCreated: 4/1/2020 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 4/1/2


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How to watch Tales from the Loop: stream New! 2020-04-02 16:39:13Small-town mystery series is sci-fi with a difference. Watch Tales from the Loop - stream every episode online no matter where in the world you are.

How to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians New! 2020-04-02 16:30:17Get ready for another large dose of drama. Watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians from anywhere in the world.

Resident Evil 3 PC performance: the Nvidia GeForce New! 2020-04-02 16:28:20Resident Evil 3 is a re-imagination of one of our favorite horror games, and it looks brand new. But, there's a heavy performance tax for those beaut

The Last of Us 2 release date, trailers, New! 2020-04-02 16:07:54It's only a few months until we get our hands on Naughty Dog's The Last of Us 2.

Working from home during a global pandemic: Q&A New! 2020-04-02 16:00:12We spoke with the president of TeamViewer Americas to learn more about how the company is dealing with the ongoing crisis.

Best Mac 2020: the best Macs to buy New! 2020-04-02 15:59:46We weigh the pros and cons of Apple's best Mac desktops and laptops, from Mac mini to the MacBook Pro.

Best rugged tablets of 2020: Water resistant, drop-proof New! 2020-04-02 15:50:39Want to know the best rugged tablet you can buy right now? We list the ultimate choices.

Apple sale: the 13-inch MacBook Air gets a New! 2020-04-02 15:46:23B&H Photo Video is discounting a number of Apple products which include a $200 price cut on the 13-inch MacBook Air.

Best touchscreen laptops 2020: the best touchscreen laptops New! 2020-04-02 15:43:48Phablets might be the biggest craze, but if you want to do more with your touchscreen, then a laptop is the smart buy and we've rounded up the best.

Best computer speakers 2020: the best audio systems New! 2020-04-02 15:23:04Whether you’re a gamer, music producer, movie maker, or Netflix binger, you’re going to want the best computer speakers and we’ve pi

Why the legacy of this crisis will be New! 2020-04-02 15:00:24Necessity could lay the groundwork for future opportunity.

FCC may open up new bandwidth for Wi-Fi New! 2020-04-02 14:55:39By opening the 6GHz band for unlicensed Wi-Fi use, new Wi-Fi 6E devices could take advantage of over 1,200MHz of additional bandwidth.


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Oprah Winfrey donates $10M to coronavirus relief, joining New! 2020-04-02 16:54:53Winfrey is donating $1 million to America’s Food Fund, which is aimed to help low-income families, the elderly, individuals facing job disruptio

Dolly Parton says coronavirus pandemic is a ‘lesson’ New! 2020-04-02 16:11:44"It’s the light, I believe, that’s gonna dissolve the situation," said the 'Jolene' singer in a video reminding her fans to stay posit

Chuck D says Flavor Flav’s Public Enemy ‘firing’ New! 2020-04-02 15:44:04'Believe half of what you hear and none of what you see,' wrote the Public Enemy MC in a statement on Wednesday.

‘Antiques Roadshow’ appraised Kanye West’s high school art New! 2020-04-02 15:06:28The selection of Kanye West's art that was shown on 'Antiques Roadshow' was created in 1995 when he was just 17 years old.

O.J. Simpson says ‘no doubt’ Carole Baskin of New! 2020-04-02 13:13:43'That lady’s husband is tiger sashimi right now,' O.J. Simpson said of Carole Baskin's ex-husband Don Lewis.

Shania Twain reveals how she’s dealing with the New! 2020-04-02 12:56:21In an interview with CKNW, Shania Twain says it's important to stay active and get some fresh air while social distancing.

‘Tiger King’ directors reveal Joe Exotic in isolation New! 2020-04-02 11:59:25Joe Exotic's husband Dillon Passage, 24, said the 'Tiger King' star, 57, has entered 'a COVID-19 isolation.'

Adam Schlesinger, Fountains of Wayne musician, dies of New! 2020-04-02 11:27:07The singer-songwriter was also known for composing music on films and TV shows like 'That Thing You Do!' starring Tom Hanks and Rachel Bloom's 'Cr

Watch ‘Big Brother Canada’ cast learn Season 8 New! 2020-04-02 10:36:26In an emotional farewell, all 12 remaining 'Big Brother Canada' houseguests said goodbye as they prepared to enter the real world again amid the nov

Drake, The Weeknd, J. Cole FaceTime with 11-year-old 2020-04-01 18:58:43Thanks to the power of the internet, Elijah Williams was able to meet three of his favourite artists a week before he died.

John Krasinski, Steve Carell reunite to bring ‘Some 2020-03-30 15:18:47'The Office' co-stars reunited on John Krasinski's newly-launched YouTube series over the weekend.

Scheana Shay says ‘Vanderpump Rules’ portrays her unfairly 2020-03-30 14:54:50'I think this season our show has gotten so far off from where it started out. It's kind of confusing,' Scheana Shay told Global News of the new ca

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Review: 'Slay the Dragon' examines gerrymandering's threat to New! 2020-04-02 17:43:57Documentary 'Slay the Dragon' follows activist Katie Fahey and others on their crusade to end the politically divisive process of gerrymandering.

Films that were set for SXSW will appear New! 2020-04-02 17:02:04Amazon Prime Video will stream films that would have been presented during this year's SXSW festival in Texas, which was canceled due to concerns abo

The best Adam Schlesinger songs you didn't know New! 2020-04-02 16:36:04Adam Schlesinger, who died April 1, wrote songs that were loved by many fans who never knew his name. Here's a sampling of his work in rock, film, TV

Please write a haiku / about coronavirus / New! 2020-04-02 16:35:51Alan Nakagawa is asking the public for haiku about life in the era of coronavirus. He's making a sound collage for the Orange County Museum of Art.

Commentary: Forget Trump's daily briefings. Watch these coronavirus New! 2020-04-02 16:12:23Donald Trump's White House reality show has received more attention, but Andrew Cuomo, Gavin Newsom and others offer a picture of getting things done

Column: Flesh-eating apocalyptic films and shows didn't prepare New! 2020-04-02 16:01:13Viruses, rage, zombies — those wildly popular films and shows about the apocalypse don't give a road map for this real-life crisis.

Company funds used for prostitutes, alleges ex-partner at New! 2020-04-02 15:56:25A former employee suing Paradigm Talent Agency says she was fired after bringing up questions about the business' accounting practices and says she i

Country star Sam Hunt on releasing his first New! 2020-04-02 15:46:50Sam Hunt will release his new album "Southside" into a musical environment that Lil Nas X, Blanco Brown and others would tell you Hunt helped shape.

Review: Creepy cult drama 'The Other Lamb' spins New! 2020-04-02 15:36:04Raffey Cassidy stars in this creepy English-language cult drama from the Polish director Malgorzata Szumowska.

Kathy Valentine's hair-raising memoir 'All I Ever Wanted' New! 2020-04-02 15:09:22Kathy Valentine's hair-raising memoir recounts life before, during and shortly after the Go-Go's ascended to become the darlings of the MTV generati

Getty to create $10-million COVID-19 relief fund for New! 2020-04-02 14:47:25J. Paul Getty Trust grants for L.A. arts organizations will range from $25,000 to $200,000. A separate artist fellowship grant will be repurposed to p

Chris Cuomo details 'freaky' night with coronavirus: 'Like New! 2020-04-02 14:06:30CNN anchor Chris Cuomo gave an update on his coronavirus experience as he broadcast his "Prime Time" show Wednesday in quarantine from his basement.


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Best Evidence Yet for Midsized Black Holes Found New! 2020-04-02 17:30:00At about 50,000 times the mass of the sun, this intermediate-mass black hole skirts the line between shrimp and giant.

Coronaviruses Often Start in Animals — Here’s How New! 2020-04-02 14:30:00Viruses must first blast through five or six barriers before they’re able to infect us and unleash havoc.

What Science Says About the Potential Health Benefits New! 2020-04-02 14:28:00Kombucha is often hailed as a healing elixir — but are the health claims too good to be true?

COVID-19: The Ethical Anguish of Rationing Medical Care New! 2020-04-02 14:00:00Around the world, physicians at overwhelmed hospitals may have to decide who will not get treated during the pandemic.

The Deadly Polio Epidemic and Why It Matters New! 2020-04-02 09:30:00Polio was nearly eradicated with the Salk vaccine in 1955. At the time, little was known about this mysterious disease that paralyzed and sometimes ki

Human Urine Could Help Astronauts Build Moon Bases 2020-04-02 01:00:00It’s not an April Fools’ gag. Scientists just tested and confirmed that urea, a main component of human pee, can be used as a valuable add

Mild Cases of COVID-19 May Have Helped Power 2020-04-01 17:37:00In a small study, patients with mild COVID-19 infections were at greatest risk of spreading the virus within the first five days of developing symptom

A Rainforest Flourished in Antarctica 90 Million Years 2020-04-01 16:26:00A remarkably well-preserved soil sample leads researchers to believe the frozen continent was once home to a swampy ecosystem.

Does Coronavirus Live on Surfaces — and What’s 2020-04-01 12:57:00Some experts say measures such as sanitizing your groceries are overkill. Just make sure to wash your hands instead.

An Ancient Tooth Is Revealing More About Our 2020-04-01 12:10:00Remains found in Spanish caves also have modern-like facial characteristics.

50 Best CBD Oils For Dogs 2020-04-01 12:00:00

This is How NASA Keeps COVID-19 — And 2020-04-01 11:41:00Intense quarantine, disinfection and inspection protocols are designed to keep astronauts from getting sick in orbit.

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Loss of Smell and Taste Reported as Early 2020-03-31 15:42:24Symptoms of COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, typically include a dry cough, fever and shortness of breath. But

Early Mars Had Multiple Water Sources, New Study 2020-03-31 13:48:26An analysis of two Martian meteorites — Northwest Africa (NWA) 7034 and Allan Hills (ALH) 84001 — shows that Mars likely received water fr

Newly-Synthesized Peptide Could Disarm SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus 2020-03-31 11:32:14Chemists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have chemically synthesized a new peptide (a short protein fragment) that can bind to part

Scientists Decode Genome of Sterlet Sturgeon 2020-03-31 10:48:59An international team of researchers from the United States and Europe has produced the first high-quality genomic sequence for the sterlet (Acipenser

ALMA Uses Cosmic Lens to Capture Disturbed Gas 2020-03-31 08:33:18By combining the power of strong gravitational lensing with the capability of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), a team of astro

Artificial Intelligence Identifies Potential Anti-COVID-19 Drugs 2020-03-30 13:29:40Scientists from Gero Pte. Ltd., Singapore, have used a deep neural network to search for host-target acting antivirals among experimental and approved

Some Patients Still Have SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus after Symptoms 2020-03-30 13:10:28Researchers at the Treatment Center of PLA General Hospital in Beijing, China, have found that half of the patients they treated for mild COVID-19 dis

TESS Discovers Its First Thick-Disk Exoplanet 2020-03-30 10:12:33Astronomers using NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) have spotted an Earth-sized planet orbiting LHS 1815, a star in the thick

Researchers Create First Ultrasound Biosensor 2020-03-30 08:52:15A team of scientists from Monash University and the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute has developed a new biosensor that can be used inside a body an

Hubble Snaps Stunning Image of NGC 4651 2020-03-30 04:47:56The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has captured a detailed image of a spiral galaxy called NGC 4651. NGC 4651 lies approximately 93 million light-yea

Study: Pangolins are Missing Link in Transmission of 2020-03-27 16:01:29Two recent studies concluded that snakes are the intermediate hosts of SARS-CoV-2, a novel coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease, and that four

Diet of Figueira Brava Neanderthals Was Rich in 2020-03-27 14:14:29An international team of archaeologists found that the Neanderthals who occupied Gruta da Figueira Brava in the Arrábida range, Portugal, betwe



Ford explores a ‘Cash For Clunkers’ stimulus plan, New! 2020-04-02 17:56:47 After March auto sales tanked due to the pandemic, Ford today became the first automaker to propose a government stimulus program for the auto indust

It’s finally happened: Electric bicycles and scooters legalized New! 2020-04-02 16:31:57 New York State has had a complicated relationship with electric bicycles and scooters, and nowhere has that relationship been rockier than in New Yor

General Motors and Honda will jointly develop two New! 2020-04-02 16:25:04 General Motors announced today that it will work with Honda to produce two next-generation EVs. Honda will develop the two models with unique interio

Tesla beats delivery expectations with over 88,000 cars New! 2020-04-02 16:17:25 Tesla has managed to beat delivery expectations by delivering over 88,000 cars during the first quarter of 2020. Here are all Tesla’s Q1 2020 n

Quick Charge Podcast: April 2, 2020 New! 2020-04-02 16:00:44 Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from Electrek. Quick Charge is available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn and ou

Tesla Cybertruck redesign April Fools’ joke is taken New! 2020-04-02 15:06:42 An April Fools joke about Tesla redesigning the Cybertruck is being taken seriously by media outlets and even Wall Street, but not without somewhat o

Sun Joe’s Electric 14.5A Pressure Washer is $70, New! 2020-04-02 13:22:44 Walmart offers the Sun Joe SPX2597 Electric 14.5A Pressure Washer for $69.99 shipped. As a comparison, it originally sold for $149 but trends ar

In preview of EV future, oil producers are New! 2020-04-02 13:11:49 With 3 billion people sheltering from the global pandemic, oil demand has plummeted. Crude storage locations are filling up. US drillers are shutting

First Tesla Model Y teardown: Here’s what we New! 2020-04-02 12:32:33 The first Tesla Model Y teardown is already happening and we are getting all the information gradually. Stay tuned for more details. more… The

Audi decides against all-electric version of its A8 New! 2020-04-02 11:53:25 BMW and Mercedes-Benz will both have pure-electric, large luxury sedans in the next year or two. Those models will join the Tesla Model S in the fiel

Lucid releases video of impressive 400-mile, real-world range New! 2020-04-02 11:13:06 Lucid released a video of an impressive 400-mile, real-world range test in a Lucid Air beta prototype electric car. more… The post Lucid relea

EGEB: Europe’s North Sea is getting a huge New! 2020-04-02 10:35:33 In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): A large floating offshore wind turbine project is under way in the North Sea. HSBC: Green stocks


How to share your Android phone’s mobile connection New! 2020-04-02 15:00:00Whether you’re working from your backyard, a park, or a bus, there are times when you need a Wi-Fi connection on your laptop and you’re ou

Update: Zoom issues fix for UNC vulnerability that New! 2020-04-02 12:52:00Update: After this story and others went live April 1, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan addressed Zoom security and other issues in a blog post. Part of the blog po

The new $35 Blink Mini indoor camera is New! 2020-04-02 12:33:00Coming later this month, the diminutive Blink Mini is set to compete with such budget security cams as the $20 Wyze Cam v2.

How to stop iPhone videos from turning into New! 2020-04-02 11:43:00If you’ve ever sent a video to an Android friend, it probably ended up as a blurry, unwatchable mess. Here’s how to stop that from happeni

Acer's Predator Triton 500 gets a 300Hz panel New! 2020-04-02 09:30:00Intel and Nvidia blitzed the technology world with the simultaneously launch of 10th-gen Core CPUs and GeForce RTX Super GPUs on Thursday, and now Ace

ATSC 3.0 could usher in a new kind New! 2020-04-02 08:00:00An ATSC 3.0 broadcaster aims to sell 80 over-the-air channels for under $50 per month.

Blurams Outdoor Pro review: an affordable outdoor security 2020-04-02 06:00:00With strong human detection and facial recognition that trumps bigger camera brands, the Blurams Outdoor Pro is a great (and affordable) security came

The Lenovo Legion 5i and 7i debut Nvidia 2020-04-02 03:16:00The new Lenovo Legion 5i and 7i laptops will be the first to feature Nvidia’s Advanced Optimus, a technology that manages G-Sync graphics dynami

Gigabyte retools Aero and Aorus laptop lines with 2020-04-02 03:05:00Gigabyte is retooling its Aero and Aorus laptop lines with the latest Intel Comet Lake H CPUs and Nvidia’s GeForce Super GPUs, and clearing up s

MSI's Creator 17 wins the miniLED display race, 2020-04-02 03:05:00In the race to introduce the first laptop with miniLEDs, MSI’s Creator 17 may have just beaten everyone. Meanwhile, MSI’s GS66 Stealt

The Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model debuts with 2020-04-02 03:05:00Razer has upgraded its premium Blade 15 with an Advanced Model (early 2020) that has all the newest toys.Announced Thursday, the Blade 15 Advanced Mod

Nvidia levels up GeForce gaming laptops: RTX Super 2020-04-02 03:01:00After months of speculation and leaks, Nvidia’s long-awaited GeForce RTX 2070 Super and 2080 Super GPUs are coming to laptops, launching Thursda



The High-Stakes Race to Build More Ventilators New! 2020-04-02 16:13:35The US is short of ventilators to help Covid-19 patients breathe. Ford, GM, and satellite-launch company Virgin Orbit are trying to fill the gap.

Trump Eases the Way for More Gas Guzzlers  2020-04-01 08:00:00The administration reversed Obama-era rules that set strict fuel-economy standards, setting up a fight with states including California.

The Cargo Industry’s Quest to Curb Carbon-Belching Ships 2020-04-01 06:00:00Container ships burn some of the dirtiest fuel there is and spew out huge amounts of greenhouse gas. But the business is poised for a dramatic shift.

Rivian Wants to Bring Electric Trucks to the 2020-04-01 06:00:00Can the automotive upstart break America’s addiction to carbon-spewing pickups and SUVs? With Amazon on its side, it might have a chance.

To Cut Carbon, Ditch Air Travel—and Get on 2020-04-01 06:00:00Some environmentally conscious people are trying to give up flying. For some trips, there's a great, cleaner alternative: It's called a train.

How Airlines Are Trying to Boost Efficiency and 2020-04-01 06:00:00Winglets. Better engines. Lighter materials. The industry is trying everything it can. But the best fix for the planet would be for us to stop flying

Build Cities for Bikes, Buses, and Feet—Not Cars 2020-04-01 06:00:00San Francisco's MTA boss Jeff Tumlin is one of a new breed of planner trying to kick cars out of the city. That's good for business, good for people

The Covid-19 Pandemic Aggravates Disputes Around Gig Work 2020-03-30 08:00:00Workers want more compensation and better protection against illness from companies that don't consider them employees.

Public Transit Cuts Hurt 'Essential' Workers Who Need 2020-03-30 07:00:00Bus and train systems are trimming schedules amid plummeting ridership and mounting losses. But riders are being forced to choose between health and f

A Hospital Train, DIY Face Shields, and More 2020-03-29 09:00:00The French repurpose a high-speed TGV to ferry coronavirus patients,  while engineers and automakers step up to help those on the medical front l

A Rest Stop Where Flying Cars Can Recharge 2020-03-29 09:00:00Beta Technologies' prototype helipad and base station for electric air taxis could also help route emergency supplies in a crisis.

BMW's i4 Electric Concept Comes With a Hans 2020-03-28 09:00:00To fill the aural vacuum left by the disappearance of the engine, BMW brought in a ringer. 

Automotive News Breaking

Tesla, behind new Model Y, sets Q1 sales New! 2020-04-02 17:46:31With healthy output and demand for the new Model Y, Tesla's first-quarter global deliveries rose 40 percent to 88,400, a record for the period and we

GM to co-develop EVs for Honda New! 2020-04-02 17:19:54Honda will design the interior and exterior for the two vehicles, which will use GM's global EV platform, be assembled at GM plants in North America

Off-lease wave will drive ‘fierce' competition among banks, New! 2020-04-02 14:29:00About 1.8 million consumers are scheduled to return their leased vehicles from March through July, according to J.D. Power. Aggressive retail inc

Uber to start shipping car disinfectant to drivers New! 2020-04-02 13:52:16An executive said the company received an initial batch of 30,000 bottles of cleaning spray and that select drivers could place an order in the app an

BYD 2019 profit sinks on waning car demand New! 2020-04-02 13:22:42BYD Co. reported a 42 percent drop in annual earnings, with the electric vehicle maker getting hit by an industrywide slump in the world’s bigge

Autoliv drops 2020 forecast, suspends dividend as pandemic New! 2020-04-02 10:47:02The Swedish airbag supplier also drew the remaining $600 million from an existing credit line to shore up its cash position, after tapping $

Ford expects talks with U.S. on cash for New! 2020-04-02 10:25:01Ford's discussions about cash for clunkers are internal for now but are eventually expected to involve the government, sales chief Mark LaNeve s

Daimler cuts pay for CEO, top executives; secures New! 2020-04-02 09:30:32CEO Ola Kallenius and members of Daimler's management board will take temporary 20 percent compensation cuts while high-level executives will se

CarMax posted record sales and earnings before pandemic New! 2020-04-02 09:30:20The used-vehicle retailer's fiscal year ended just before the coronavirus pandemic began wreaking havoc on the U.S. economy.

Tesla Model Y gets high marks from engineering New! 2020-04-02 07:56:23Unlike past Tesla offerings, early versions of the Model Y are rolling off the assembly line looking more like what you would expect from a company wi

Rod Campbell, promoter of Ford racing, dies at 2020-04-01 16:14:24Campbell and Co. was created nearly four decades ago to handle PR for Ford's racing unit and is still operating today.

Penske Dash short-term rental program halted after less 2020-04-01 16:11:25Penske Dash – which launched in D.C. and Arlington in the fall – joins a slew of mobility services that are facing financial ruin amid the


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Review: Disneynature doc 'Elephant' is gorgeous if much 2020-04-01 16:59:25Meghan Markle narrates 'Elephant,' the story of pachyderms in peril in this latest Disney wildlife documentary.

Review: Aged to perfection, Alexander Payne's 'Sideways' is 2020-04-01 16:58:40 Standout acting from Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Virginia Madsen and Sandra Oh and Alexander Payne's precise directing make 'Sideways' wor

'Vivarium' nails the feeling of social isolation. Its 2020-04-01 14:58:03Director Lorcan Finnegan and stars Imogen Poots and Jesse Eisenberg discuss "Vivarium's" eerie timeliness in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Rent or buy? A guide to watching movies 2020-04-01 12:17:16Many of us are new to the whole watching-movies-at-home thing. Let us be your guide for video on demand and streaming.

'Never Rarely Sometimes Always' and 15 more critics' 2020-03-31 21:00:50Times' critics Justin Chang and Kenneth Turan recommend "The Invisible Man," "Knives Out," "Parasite" and more as the best new releases to watc

'Bad Boys for Life' and 'Sonic the Hedgehog' 2020-03-31 21:00:20New video releases include "Bad Boys for Life," "Sonic the Hedgehog," "Succession's" Brian Cox in "Etruscan Smile" and the Yves St. Laurent d

Elpidio Valdés creator Juan Padrón was Cuba's Walt 2020-03-31 11:59:13Cuban artist Juan Padrón was a legend in his home country and his work, including 'Vampires in Havana,' crossed borders.

Markazi: Clippers' Patrick Patterson connects with fans through 2020-03-31 11:05:14Clippers forward Patrick Patterson, who is working toward becoming a film producer, is spending part of the shutdown hosting online movie nights.

Would Mister Rogers know how to make us 2020-03-29 12:22:57Joanne Rogers, the 92-year-old widow of the Fred Rogers, weighs in on what her husband might have said during the coronavirus pandemic.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson back in L.A. 2020-03-28 16:34:30Tom Hanks tweets that he and wife Rita Wilson have returned to Los Angeles after being treated for coronavirus infections in Australia.

Film Comment magazine on 'indefinite hiatus' as layoffs 2020-03-27 21:05:42Unable to operate its theaters, the long-running NYC film organization laid off staff and shut down its print publication as a response to coronavirus

Review: Ellen Page's documentary examines 'environmental racism' in 2020-03-27 03:01:15In 'There's Something in the Water,' the actress interviews women of color on the front lines of environmental activism in their communities.

Movie News

SXSW and Amazon Team Up for Streaming Virtual New! 2020-04-02 17:41:26After the cancellation of SXSW 2020, Amazon has stepped up to host a collection of movies that were scheduled to showcase at the event.

Shazam! Director Shares Behind-The-Scenes Secrets, Photos and Video New! 2020-04-02 17:14:59David F. Sandberg dives deep into his superhero epic Shazam during a recent live stream.

Uncharted Movie Got Shut Down on First Day New! 2020-04-02 16:34:19Star Tom Holland explains what happened with the Uncharted movie, which was recently delayed yet again.

A Quiet Place 2 Gets a New Fall New! 2020-04-02 16:18:14John Krasinski's highly-anticipated A Quiet Place: Part II is now set to arrive in the fall following its recent delay.

The Best of Rumsfield Video Reminds Us Why New! 2020-04-02 16:03:33Tom Hanks is the star of The 'Burbs, but Bruce Dern steals every scene he's in as the outlandish Vietnam veteran Lt. Mark Rumsfield.

New Tiger King Theories Have Carole Baskin Further New! 2020-04-02 15:18:56The popularity of Tiger King has many reconsidering the fact that Netflix star Carole Baskin fed her husband to the tigers.

Surprise 501st Legion Clone Trooper Star Wars Lego New! 2020-04-02 15:01:12The iconic Star Wars 501st Legion is set to be immortalized in a new LEGO set arriving this summer.

Top Gun 2: Maverick Has Been Delayed Until New! 2020-04-02 14:31:56The highly anticipated sequel was originally set to open in theaters on June 24, but will now land at the end of the year.

Movie Theater Owners Set Up Multi-Million Dollar Relief New! 2020-04-02 14:19:40The National Association of Theater Owners has set up a $2.4 million fund to help theater employees, with more relief on the way.

Minions 2: The Rise of Gru Gets Delayed New! 2020-04-02 12:25:25Universal Pictures has pushed back several key releases including Minions: The Rise of Gru.

This Bad Boys for Life Scene Was Pitched New! 2020-04-02 11:58:09The special features that come with the Bad Boys for Life digital release have revealed that Will Smith began pitching the right ideas quite some time

San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Is Still Happening as New! 2020-04-02 11:48:27It has now been announced that San Diego Comic-Con will go ahead as planned.


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Alberta Halts Environmental Reporting Rules For Energy Companies New! 2020-04-02 16:47:04EDMONTON — Alberta has suspended environmental reporting requirements for industry under emergency powers the province has enacted due to t

Doug Ford Apologizes For Not Returning Calls On New! 2020-04-02 16:00:08Ontario Premier Doug Ford is pleading with Ontarians to stop calling and texting his personal cellphone, because he said he’s getting hundreds o

Now Isn’t The Time To Question Chinese Figures New! 2020-04-02 15:54:54OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says there will be time for accountability later, after classified U.S. intelligence reportedly concluded

Simple Yoga Poses To Help Calm Your Anxiety New! 2020-04-02 15:54:08In these unfamiliar times of social distancing and self-isolation, many of us are frequently feeling anxious about the unknown.Having some simple yoga

'Don't Rush' Challenge Has Black Women Throwing At-Home New! 2020-04-02 15:27:58Black women are leading the latest pandemic beauty trend, proving that not even COVID-19 quarantines can’t get in the way of a well-deserved lad

Scheer Spent Party Cash On Clothes, Minivan, Internal New! 2020-04-02 15:26:09OTTAWA — An internal audit of outgoing Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s expenses has found he spent $18,000 a year of party money

Ontario To Release ‘Stark’ COVID-19 Scenarios Friday New! 2020-04-02 15:02:58TORONTO — Ontario Premier Doug Ford says the province will release data Friday showing how many Ontarians could die from COVID-19 in various sce

Canadian Restaurants Hit By COVID-19 Downturn Morph Into New! 2020-04-02 14:43:12Toilet paper with your takeout or sacks of flour with your dozen of delivered cookies might become the new normal as Canadians continue the weather th

More Men Than Woman Have Died Of COVID-19. New! 2020-04-02 14:09:31More men than women are dying from COVID-19. So why is it that men take it less seriously?There are likely medical explanations why a large number of

New York Faces Crushing Caseload Of COVID-19 Infections New! 2020-04-02 13:58:31NEW YORK — New York authorities rushed to bring in an army of medical volunteers Wednesday as the statewide death toll from the coronavirus doub

Spain Salutes Hospital Cleaning Staff During COVID-19 Pandemic New! 2020-04-02 12:07:09Doctors and nurses have been getting plenty of praise in recent weeks, but they’re not the only ones keeping people safe during the COVID-19 pan

My Son Has Autism. Here's The Routine We New! 2020-04-02 11:42:46As told to HuffPost Canada Parents editor Valerie Howes.When school shutdowns were announced at the start the COVID-19 outbreak, we knew it would be e


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Doing Your Nails at Home? 6 Pro Tips 2020-04-01 17:19:41Your expert-approved guide to nailing the perfect DIY manicure and pedicure. The post Doing Your Nails at Home? 6 Pro Tips to Get Them Right appeared

Florence Pugh’s Instagram Cooking Videos Are the Cheer 2020-04-01 16:41:34Turns out Florence Pugh, star of Midsommar and Little Women, has a talent for cheeky cooking tutorials, which she streams to her 1.2m Instagram follow

Kylie Jenner is Now Producing Hand Sanitizer for 2020-04-01 16:17:29Kylie Jenner is continuing to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic, with the announcement today that she and mom Kris Jenner have teamed up with Coty to p

Vestiaire Collective Launches Celebrity Wardrobe Sale for COVID-19 2020-04-01 13:05:57You can shop pieces from Kate Moss' wardrobe for a good cause. The post Vestiaire Collective Launches Celebrity Wardrobe Sale for COVID-19 Relief ap

10 Workout Classes You Can Live-Stream From Your 2020-04-01 12:45:28From Tracy Anderson to ClassPass to Barry's Bootcamp, these live-streamed workouts might be just what you need to stay motivated during self-isolatio

16 Tops for Anyone Who is Tired of 2020-04-01 09:18:56Upgrade the home-quarantine uniform. The post 16 Tops for Anyone Who is Tired of Wearing Sweaters appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

23 of Meghan Markle’s Best Looks as a 2020-03-31 18:23:31The #MeghanMarkleEffect was real. The post 23 of Meghan Markle’s Best Looks as a Royal appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

12 Bold Earrings to Rock on Your Next 2020-03-31 17:00:25From tassels to pearls. The post 12 Bold Earrings to Rock on Your Next Conference Call appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

FASHION Cover Star Krow Kian Celebrates International Trans 2020-03-31 16:30:15"There is still a long way to go, but each day it's getting closer." The post FASHION Cover Star Krow Kian Celebrates International Trans Day of V

Here’s How Schitt’s Creek’s Stars Are Raising Money 2020-03-31 16:00:35The Schitt's Creek cast has launched a fundraiser on GoFundMe.org, with proceeds to be distributed between Food Banks Canada and Feeding America. The

Rihanna Confirms Fenty Skincare is Happening 2020-03-31 14:56:56A little good news for your Tuesday. The post Rihanna Confirms Fenty Skincare is Happening appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

Ariana Grande is Embracing Her Natural Hair During 2020-03-31 13:30:58Welcome to the club. The post Ariana Grande is Embracing Her Natural Hair During Lockdown appeared first on FASHION Magazine.


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How To Look TALL and LEAN | Modern 2020-03-17 07:55:29The post How To Look TALL and LEAN | Modern Men’s Style Guide appeared first on Real Men Real Style. Related posts:10 Alpha Male Status Symbols

Kingsman Vs. James Bond | Ultimate Style Battle: 2020-03-15 07:55:20The post Kingsman Vs. James Bond | Ultimate Style Battle: Who Dresses Better? appeared first on Real Men Real Style. Related posts:2015 Holiday Gift

Compliments For Women | Get Her Attention With 2020-03-14 07:55:44The post Compliments For Women | Get Her Attention With These Simple Phrases appeared first on Real Men Real Style. Related posts:Confidence In Men:

10 Alpha Male Status Symbols (How To Project 2020-03-12 07:55:30The post 10 Alpha Male Status Symbols (How To Project Power & Authority) appeared first on Real Men Real Style. Related posts:Gen X vs Gen Y &nda

Style Expert Reacts To Ryan Gosling: 10 Lessons 2020-03-08 07:55:24The post Style Expert Reacts To Ryan Gosling: 10 Lessons From Crazy Stupid Love appeared first on Real Men Real Style. Related posts:Guide Social Dre

Top 10 EVERYDAY Men’s Colognes (2020 VERSATILE Fragrances) 2020-03-07 07:55:05The post Top 10 EVERYDAY Men’s Colognes (2020 VERSATILE Fragrances) appeared first on Real Men Real Style. Related posts:10 Colognes Women

Quality Suits On Amazon | How To Buy 2020-03-03 07:55:50The post Quality Suits On Amazon | How To Buy A Suit Online appeared first on Real Men Real Style. Related posts:Start The New Year Right: 2020 Cloth

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These Abs Exercises Make Core Work Fun (We 2020-04-01 18:25:17Holding a plank or banging out dozens of crunches gets monotonous. These variations make for a more fun abs routine (we swear)—while getting the

7 Jump Rope Workouts to Blast Fat and 2020-04-01 15:00:00Forget any association you had with jump ropes and gym class. The jump rope is a powerful workout tool. It builds cardio fitness, balance, agilit

Trainers Secret: Two Easy At-Home Moves To Fuel 2020-03-31 09:20:12GRIT BXNG trainer Evan Betts demonstrates two easy moves you can do at home to work your core and balance like a pro. Betts’ secret to getting t

Exclusive: Trainer Jill Barger Shares Three Do-At-Home Moves 2020-03-31 08:57:12Feel the burn! GRIT BXNG trainer and NBA dancer Jill Barger demonstrates three of her favorite do-at-home moves that will have you training just like

Chef Michael Chernow’s Kitchen Essentials 2020-03-31 06:28:19Chef and Restauranteur Michael Chernow rose to prominence with popular NYC foodie staples’ The Meatball Shop and Seamore’s. When it comes

How A Trainer Trains: Jill Barger 2020-03-30 13:00:44As a GRIT BXNG Trainer and NBA Dancer for the Brooklyn Nets, Jill Barger knows the importance of keeping in tip top shape at all times, even when the

How A Trainer Trains At Home: Evan Betts 2020-03-30 11:45:15No access to the gym? No problem.  GRIT BXNG trainer Evan Betts shares some of his favorite moves you can do from the comfort of your home while

How Lamorne Morris Got Action Hero-Ready For ‘Bloodshot’ 2020-03-27 10:08:41Lamorne Morris was looking for an excuse to get in shape when he snagged the role of eccentric coder Wilfred Wigans in Bloodshot, starring alongside V

All About Krill Oil 2020-03-27 09:48:52Men’s Journal sat down with Dr. Graham Wood, Chief Scientific Officer from Neptune Wellness Solutions to discuss the various benefits of Krill O

How to Stay Healthy (and Sane) While You 2020-03-26 15:25:53If you’re fortunate enough not to have coronavirus in your home, lucky you. No one’ll fault you for throwing on the television, heating up

A Look Inside Laird Hamilton's Wellness Practices 2020-03-25 17:30:35It’s impossible not to be inspired when listening to Laird Hamilton speak about his wellness journey and obvious deep-rooted passion for healthy

How Supplements Can Support All Types of Adventure 2020-03-25 11:50:58This article was produced in partnership with U.S. Doctor’s Clinical.


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Apex Legends' brings back duos and Kings Canyon New! 2020-04-02 17:08:00The next Apex Legends event is about to get underway and while that might only last for a few weeks, Respawn is bringing back a couple of key features

NASA's iconic 'worm' logo will adorn the Falcon New! 2020-04-02 16:10:56When Space X's Crew Dragon craft carries its first complement of astronauts to the International Space Station later this year, it will do so wi

Amazon will stream SXSW Film Festival selections for New! 2020-04-02 16:00:03SXSW was cancelled this year due to COVID-19, but that isn't stopping organizers from offering a taste of what the Austin event would have offered. T

Sony indefinitely delays ‘The Last of Us Part New! 2020-04-02 15:00:00Naughty Dog has just about finished work on The Last Of Us Part II. It's taking care of the last few bugs and then the long-awaited sequel sho

Twitch is making games viewers and streamers can New! 2020-04-02 14:45:00Gaming on Twitch is largely a one-way affair. You can join a Marbles on Stream race or play a slightly delayed Jackbox Party Pack game, but the servi

Amazon's latest Blink camera costs just $35 New! 2020-04-02 14:30:48Amazon's Blink is known for making affordable, easy-to-install cameras like the XT2. Its latest camera continues the trend. At $35, the Bli

‘Fallout 76’ will be free on Steam if New! 2020-04-02 13:55:40Bethesda’s Fallout 76 was met with a tepid response, but people are still playing it. More gamers will likely join the open-world multiplayer ti

The comic industry would rather grind to a New! 2020-04-02 13:30:13Wednesday is usually New Comic Book Day but, with everyone on lockdown due to coronavirus, this week’s selection was a little light. The main di

New York finally legalizes e-bikes and e-scooters statewide New! 2020-04-02 13:14:13Electric bikes and scooters are finally legal in New York. The state’s tentative budget agreement for fiscal year 2020 includes language that au

My love/hate relationship with streaming movies early at New! 2020-04-02 13:00:25The Invisible Man is one of the best thrillers of the last few years -- and it was also the last film I had the privilege of seeing in theaters before

Google invests $6.5 million to fight coronavirus-related misinformation New! 2020-04-02 12:16:00When it comes to a potentially deadly respiratory disease like COVID-19, accurate and reliable information can be the difference between life and deat

Roland's Zenbeats music production app is currently free New! 2020-04-02 12:15:00All sorts of companies have been giving away their apps for free or offering extensive free trials so that everyone stuck inside during the coronaviru



Former Raptor Patrick Patterson has gone from setting New! 2020-04-02 17:43:03The Clippers forward, who is hoping to open a production company, is inviting fans to join him for Friday movie nights.

Extension talk for Raptors’ Ujiri and Nurse is New! 2020-04-02 16:31:53The team continues to plan for life after the pandemic but basketball, Raptors president says, “is not kind of where our minds are at right now.

Tokyo Olympics postponement adds workload, costs and cash New! 2020-04-02 15:12:43The estimations for how much it will cost to postpone the Games have started at $2 billion (U.S.) and gone much higher. Japanese taxpayers are expecte

Former Astros manager A.J. Hinch, GM Jeff Luhnow New! 2020-04-02 13:13:51The suspensions stemming from the sign stealing scandal end “following the completion of the 2020 World Series,” according to a statement

Ed Farmer, White Sox broadcaster, former pitcher, dies New! 2020-04-02 12:52:51The White Sox said he died Wednesday night in Los Angeles following complications from an illness.

South American soccer players seek full pay amid New! 2020-04-02 12:40:51In Brazil and Argentina, players aren’t budging during the league shutdown despite forced cuts to staffing and wages in other leagues around the

Rugby in crisis as unions engage in ‘unprecedented New! 2020-04-02 12:24:59The coronavirus pandemic has left rugby on its knees over the last two weeks, with the prospect of more pain to come because of the uncertainty over w

Ottawa Senators announce temporary layoffs, salary reductions due New! 2020-04-02 11:58:50Eugene Melnyk’s company Capital Sports & Entertainment said in a release Thursday that its full-time workforce will be reduced effective Sun

Ex-ski coach Bertrand Charest, jailed for sex abuse, New! 2020-04-02 10:55:58Bertrand Charest, 54, was initially convicted in 2017 and sentenced to 12 years behind bars for various sex crimes against young skiers under his care

NHL notches an assist with free Future Goals 2020-04-02 00:18:53The Future Goals Hockey Scholar program, accessible at futuregoals.nhl.com, links universal STEM skills to the sport in a variety of ways.

Call to arms: compressed schedule could mean more 2020-04-01 22:50:11Major League Baseball and the players association have talked about a compressed schedule to get in as many games as possible.

Browns’ Denzel Ward to pay bills for 21 2020-04-01 21:37:40Ward will pay a big expense for 21 people who are out of work due to the global health crisis, his Make Them Know Your Name foundation announced Wedne

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Vancouver's J.T. Miller hoping for chance to finish 2020-04-01 18:21:02J.T. Miller hasn't thought twice about having the best statistical season of his career stopped in its tracks. The frustration of seeing the Vancouve

Tennis shutdown, pause on life 'straight out of 2020-04-01 17:00:36With Wimbledon cancelled for the first time since World War II because of the coronavirus pandemic, Canada's Vasek Pospisil says he would be thrilled

Masai Ujiri says NBA season can be salvaged 2020-04-01 16:01:57Masai Ujiri would love to see the remainder of the NBA season salvaged somehow. But the Toronto Raptors president said, amid the global COVID-19 pande

Canada's youth sports machine has ground to complete 2020-04-01 15:24:06The coronavirus pandemic has altered the evening and weekend routines of millions of Canadian families. There are no more trips to the rink, no more p

Senators confirm 4 new cases of COVID-19 within 2020-04-01 15:04:24The team announced Wednesday that the people in question travelled with the team to California before the NHL suspended its season March 12 because of

Queen's Plate horse race postponed over coronavirus concerns 2020-04-01 14:40:37Add the 2020 Queen's Plate to the list of sports events to have either been cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Simone Biles on 2021 Olympic participation: 'Nothing is 2020-04-01 12:30:42Four-time Olympic champion Simone Biles has finally broken her silence on the year long postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and when asked if she

Wimbledon cancelled due to public concerns over coronavirus 2020-04-01 11:24:55Wimbledon was cancelled on Wednesday because of the coronavirus pandemic, the first time since World War II that the oldest Grand Slam tennis tourname

The best of NHLers self-isolating: Atlantic Division 2020-04-01 10:27:00Today we shift over to the Atlantic Division to find out who you don't want to be sitting behind on the bus after he ate chicken wings. 

Olympic Games Replay: Canada's pool party in Rio 2020-04-01 08:42:08As the planet deals with the pandemic and the crisis involving the spread of COVID-19, the world of sport watches and waits alongside the global popul

Coronavirus: Here's what's happening in the sports world 2020-04-01 06:44:20Stay up to date on the latest on how the coronavirus outbreak is affecting sports around the globe.

Own the Podium funding remains intact for Canadian 2020-04-01 04:00:00National sports federations recalculating their budgets after the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics can count on a continued level of funding from Ow


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Libra Horoscope 3 Apr 2020 New! 2020-04-02 23:29:52AstroSage.com, Try to improve your health and overall personality for a better life. Those who were unnecessarily blowing their money till now should

Aquarius Horoscope 3 Apr 2020 New! 2020-04-02 23:29:52AstroSage.com, Your charming behaviour will attract attention. Investment concerning your residence will be profitable. Spend some relaxed moments w

Taurus Horoscope 3 Apr 2020 New! 2020-04-02 23:29:52AstroSage.com, Pleasure trips and social get-togethers will keep you relaxed and happy. Investment in stocks and mutual funds recommended for long-t

Sagittarius Horoscope 3 Apr 2020 New! 2020-04-02 23:29:52AstroSage.com, Some physical changes that you do today will definitely enhance your looks. Businessmen today may incur losses in their trade. Also, y

Gemini Horoscope 3 Apr 2020 New! 2020-04-02 23:29:52AstroSage.com, You may control your weight by exercising. Today, avoid lending your money to those relatives who have not yet returned the previous a

Aries Horoscope 3 Apr 2020 New! 2020-04-02 23:29:52AstroSage.com, Don't rush onto decision on a momentary impulse it may harm the interest of your children. Your money comes to your work only when yo

Cancer Horoscope 3 Apr 2020 New! 2020-04-02 23:29:52AstroSage.com, Try to get out of your office early for some recreation. The money you had saved up from a long time can come to use today. However, t

Scorpio Horoscope 3 Apr 2020 New! 2020-04-02 23:29:52AstroSage.com, You may get rid of your tension. Today, investing in land or any property can be fatal for you. Avoid making such decisions as much as

Leo Horoscope 3 Apr 2020 New! 2020-04-02 23:29:52AstroSage.com, Don't get nervous and lose your confidence as you meet some high profile persons. It is as essential for good health as capital for b

Capricorn Horoscope 3 Apr 2020 New! 2020-04-02 23:29:52AstroSage.com, Expectant mother should take especial care while walking on floor and if possible don?t stand with a friend while he is smoking as it

Virgo Horoscope 3 Apr 2020 New! 2020-04-02 23:29:52AstroSage.com, Health of spouse needs proper care and attention. You will possess a considerable amount of money today, and with it there will be pea

Pisces Horoscope 3 Apr 2020 New! 2020-04-02 23:29:52AstroSage.com, Blessings of a saintly person will give peace of mind. If you work or study by staying away from home, then learn to stay away from su


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